Improbable implausible incredible response on my modern-day learn how to vlog guys I see your love burning tires and completely satisfied i can instruct you easy methods to correctly do it but I ought to wait now that my 250 Duke constituents for my new stunt bike are being made so I made a speedy speedy trip to Thailand with little one so we’re gonna support out launch the brand new 390 Duke here in Thailand and Reba where are we right now we’re gonna mix the next three days in one vlog so the plan is to launch the Duke construct up the demo stunt bike for the exhibit and meet a particularly fascinating moto personality that I met on Instagram so we have a rather cool plan and it can be gonna be pleasing matters and benefit from the vlog guys breasts long long past let’s go build the bikes in order that looks handy yeah and it looks performed this bike appears close to all considering the fact that we simply have 5 parts a fast job like handiest like one hour the boys already made the constituents without me i’ll just do some changes after which we’re ready to walk and what are the ingredients we hooked up the KTM vigor constituents crash cage it’s the black perhaps it is difficult to peer destroy unit double brakes and this it’s a bit bit better disc it’s more aggressive better sprocket a longer chain so it is less complicated to make the wheelies and we installed also meet us game drive tires so the 2nd spoil so this is gonna be the following thing what we’re gonna do the boys are working on my bike so i am gonna use this time to show you one in every of my favourite KTM bike retail outlets on the earth and it is in Bangkok so they have got quite a lot of bike so i am gonna exhibit you all the KTM bikes that have follow me Mike is in a position one final element we ought to remove the quantity plate full I do not want it so i don’t wanna ruin it so let’s take it house and we’re equipped rapid forward to the following day today is a free day so i am gonna meet up with my biker pal that I meet on social media and we’re gonna go together with the bikes enjoy Bangkok so it will have to be pleasing day yeah unluckily mariebee has extreme jetlag so she’s laying within the inn resting so KTM helped me out considering that i am now one man down they determined two boys they wanted to aid me to film the vlog so let’s go meet them howdy what’s up guys drunk so these those are the elements they may be gonna aid me out to head so i am hoping no crashes too late final time I crashed right you aid me out him to head to the health center that’s gonna be ok okay so experience so let’s go on off from my GoPro pictures to the authentic pictures we’re ready to journey my bike a friend simply got here and it’s time to meet honey she’s the normal so trip with me right yes so we gonna ride in these days so we’ve got one more recent meat on it so we have now two ladies we’re gonna enjoy Bangkok so let’s go right ok Czech woman pockets I don’t know how one can experience the bike here in Bangkok in time for Thai meals with my women let’s go delicious my son community a sound our my depict our butternut I disregard i’m vlogging with out a souls sorry guys for this second so an MP’s leaving so she wishes to remain right here with honey we’re gonna continue on account that we’re gonna instruct some thing on it we go to a local sponsor of the proper but you already know some stunt riders so let’s go see them and see what money can do with the BMW i’m shaking that used to be a lot adrenaline I suppose like like oh that’s the one rush information he is going perpetually full throttle by means of the traffic so if an individual would have but we’re knowledge is non-sporting events let’s revel in this mother man i do not get the M i will not do any further burdens i’m going to get my knee to the furnace i am swearing but i’ve a recreation for you you know guys nevertheless it’s probably the most detrimental recreation it can be so known as to gradual race final time I lose again Totten Mejia in Colombia and let’s examine if i will win towards honor this time so on you are equipped for probably the most unsafe race okay we do not need a winner here in Bangkok well honey lose I lose that will you pay me beer I pay you a beer overview on it historical bitch that you may exhibit me a trick so let’s examine what Annie as within the sleep she is not a fake biker shake she has some tips in the sleeve just right job on it i’m happy with you my again once more i do not need to die anymore and we’re right here on the occasion the final chapter of this event the chapter is to connoisseur races with formative years so revel in their van pop Salinas later on first-rate if we provide away are you joking up t-shirt with my signature let’s transfer I forget to suit the ending of the vlog as you’ll discover i am back in my auto garage correct right here at my bike’s where I consider the nice and yeah because of Annie thanks for inviting me to ride by way of the crazy site visitors of Bangkok subsequent time we do a fab trick all of the cities so one can go a little bit turbo and due to KTM for inviting me again amazing potent occasion we had a lot enjoyable with my ribbon and it was once rather sizzling which i like no longer like right here again home it is freezing in Slovenia now I have got to finish off my 250 Duke we’re gonna shoot it with Dominik a groovy block with the few missing portions and then the bike is equipped to be offered so be equipped guys subsequent week we’re gonna show you my brand new 2018 stunt bike and yes if you did not see our largest video challenge that we simply dropped on my youtube channel go check it out see you next time subscribe and share thanks for the love except then rock on



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