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Adventures in DRESS Shopping with DAD πŸ€”


Adventures in DRESS Shopping with DAD πŸ€”

>> How did it go, Abby? >> excellent. >> was once it fun? Did you be taught a lot of stuff from Mary Kay? >> Yeah. >> I am right here at the gown store with Abby, and I don’t have any clue what size of costume she is. Now that is lovely. That’s Abby, that’s an Abby gown. Are you able to put on sandals with nylons? That’s talent right there. That is skill. [Captions by Judy V. At Y Translator] howdy Passengers! Kevin here. We have become in a position to take Abby to her Harp Camp.


This is the Utah Suzuki Harp Institute. It’s at Utah State school. Abby’s going for the first time, and she is tremendous excited. >> Getting the harp into the auto is like the toughest part of enjoying the harp. >> it can be a good factor it is not this like huge Hero 6 duvet in all places it. >> we now have acquired this Dad. We’ve bought this. You’ve gotten got this. [Music] In we go. [Music] >> We determined your spot. So, we’re on the campus now of Utah State institution, and this position has a particular location in my coronary heart due to the fact that that is where Ruby and that i met. I used to be going to an institution here. I used to be a civil engineering pupil. Ruby got here. She started in accounting pupil.


We met in our student housing and in our local church congregation, fell in love, and the rest is history. But this place looks fully distinctive than what I recall. I mean they’ve made a number of changes here, and that I hate to assert this, that is my alma mater. I spent 4 and half years right here, and I am misplaced. >> How’s it feel? It simply looks beautiful excellent to me. Does it consider okay to you? >> yes, it’s ok. [Music] >> it’s lunchtime. Abby had her morning. How did it go, Abby? >> just right. >> used to be it enjoyable? Did you be taught a variety of stuff from Mary Kay? >> Yeah.


She’s such a strong teacher. >> particularly funny. >> And it is really first-class that Abby has an excellent perspective about finding out. >> You competent? Let’s go verify it out. [Music] What about these, Abby? Do you need some drippy pizza socks? >> Eve would prefer these. >> What? Unicorn socks. Are they hotdogs? >> Yeah. Hotdog unicorns? [Music] There. Yes. [Music] we’ll have got to come get a blanket earlier than we go. You could take it at residence. Time for workforce graphics.


In three, attractive smiles. Today is Russell’s birthday, and we are not able to be there to rejoice in it with him. So, we are going to go do our own party for Russell’s birthday. We’ll take an image. We’ll ship it to him. I am hoping that is the right situation. We’re going to go get some cupcakes. [Music] k, what type did we get Abby? >> White chocolate cheesecake, anything it is called, after which chocolate ganache.


>> sure. Completely satisfied birthday, Russell. >> blissful Birthday. >> it is late. It’s like 10:30 p.M. And we’re going to go to the opposite aspect of Campus. >> We’re going to roller blade back. >> it’s the one solution to travel. [Music] That building is the place I went to school, correct there. That’s the engineering constructing. That’s where I grew to become a civil engineer extraordinaire. Proper up right here is the place Ruby turfed it rough on her butt once we had been dating and she was a student.


>> Dad. >> do not die. >> I won’t. >> k. Welcome to day 4. It is lunchtime and I finished by way of to decide on up the Hoelleins Bonnie Hoellein and their youngsters, they usually want to come out to lunch with us. And then I was once met with a bit of surprise. Seem who’s here. There may be Abby. There’s Cody and there’s Russell! >> And this is Boston! >> And Boston’s means back there too. So Russell decided to return residence with Aunt Bonnie.


They went up to visit Russell on his birthday, and introduced Russell again so they are able to have a sleepover for a pair nights together with his cousin Cody. What fun. I like sporting events. I am sporting activities fanatic. And today is the arena Cup semi-ultimate game between England and Croatia. Guys. We will Buffalo Wild Wings. Let’s go. >> Yeah. >> have you had any chips and queso? >> I am no longer making an attempt any proper now. >> Why no longer? England scored in like the first seven minutes of the healthy. Wow! Oh, seem who joined us. >> Daddy, we obtained lemonade. >> Can get the kids to eat? All they want to do is play numerous games. >> that is high-quality with me. So long as we will. >> that’s right! >> Watch the sport. >> i know. Good, I suppose it’s excellent in view that it just continues everybody distracted.


We’re here at our final night before we head residence, and it’s been so much enjoyable. However then I simply obtained this fun little tid nugget dropped on me. For Abby’s recital the next day, she has to put on like a exceptional gown, like a church gown. And guess who forgot their church dress? >> I did. >> Yeah, you probably did. And in order that implies that your dad’s being put instant, and he has to go and do whatever that each dad is scared of doing. And that searching for a gown. Thank you. Ok. What size are you? What? You gotta throw me a bone. What– you do not know what dimension you are? I’m here at the gown store with Abby, and that I haven’t any clue what measurement of gown she is. >> well… >> well what? >> 12, she’s a 12 in the– In a little one’s 12. >> Oh, she’s 12.


You are a 12. >> right right here. They received lots of 12s. >> Um, we want whatever extra stylish. They ha– Oh, Now, this is a rather beautiful dress. But you want a cardigan to head with it. [Music] If we pull this off, I am going to rejoice tonight. [Music] let’s examine. Oh… No. I’m no longer into this like lace cowgirl theme. >> that’s k. I can not be in contact to you the way disappointed I am that dress did not seem good. But, and I am no fashionista, however I’m telling you even I would inform that used to be a terrible look. I imply… Definitely no longer for a harp recital. And I am surely liking this the more I look at it. [Music] ok, we located one that could work. However it’s going to require leggings and new shoes. You acquired finished yet? >> I simply acquired in. >> Are you completed yet? >> No. >> Are you accomplished but? >> no longer even close. >> Are you done but? >> Dad? >> ## you ok? >> damn! I am doing this left-handed.


You are back. Oh, let me see. Now, that is lovable. That’s Abby. That is an Abby gown. >> Do you like it? >> Yeah. >> You adore it lots? Okay, let’s choose nylons that work, after which we ought to get you some flat footwear as you cannot wear sandals with nylons, child. Even your dad is aware of that. >> I desire there were … Like every day at church. >> can you wear sandals with nylons? Remark down beneath. [Music] Yeah. I love these. These are beautiful. [Music] however don’t you get like stinky feet for those who wear socks, or shoes without socks. I’d feel you might. >> No, you sincerely do not. >> you don’t? >>, You sure about that? >> it is the item with girls, we do not get smelly feet. >> Yeah. Tell that to your mom. That is correct Ruby. I said it. Bomb dropped. Sure! Thank you kid’s position for making my lifestyle’s less complicated tonight. Okay, we’re going to get some– >> this isn’t a backed video.


>> this is not a backed video. [Music] you’re mainly questioning how Abby’s gown became out. You ready for this, today? [Music] Abby! Are you excited? You are like proper within the center of the stage. Anxious? >> No. >> I’m happy with you. You could have worked difficult. She’s worked so difficult to be a just right harp participant, and she is right here. Okay. I think I was once born to be on the stage. [Music] And that is a wrap! It can be seen tremendous fun. Thanks Utah Suzuki Harp Institute for an extraordinary harp camp. Abby and that i had a blast. We can not wait to return again in two years. Good job, Abby! You are all executed. That used to be quite first rate. I recorded a bunch of it. I admire your eyebrows. She gets them from me. That’s talent proper there. That’s talent. Ok, let’s get your harp loaded up. We obtained to move. [Music].

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