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Back to School Shop Till You Drop

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Back to School Shop Till You Drop

[Captions by Mary V. At Y Translator] >> Russell, do you wish to have to head on a date with me at present? >> Yey! It is my flip to go to back to college looking. [laughing] >> It appears handsome on you too. >> It feels so good! Three, 2, 1. [camera shot] [laughing] just right morning passengers. I bought my lavatory glowing smooth. Things are looking particularly first-class. The youngsters are presupposed to be doing chores with me this morning. Shari are you? >> I am doing chores but it’s enjoyable chores. >> What’s fun? >> Organizing. >> I do must do a little bit of organizing. >> mom! >> What? >> look. >> The rug’s been [inaudible] too in many instances. >> Ohhh. Oh, no! >> Ripped. >> ‘purpose it says… >> [inaudible] different color than white though. >> No I like the white. >> What? I want like a gray or like a turquoise can be enjoyable. >> you do not want to compete colours. But, I’d get white.


>> grey. >> possibly gray. Because seem, you will have a bog down right here. Might be you will have to get a rug that is cream-coloured. >> No. It’s the colour of our walls. >> What colour of rug will have to we get for Shari’s lavatory? >> Turquoise! >> Please tell her that that might be manner an excessive amount of. >> No it could now not! >> the children are imagined to be serving to me, and I looked out the window, and what did I see? Three sons and daughters take part in chess on the patio.


Good this appears great. Do you guys love your new outside? >> Yeah. >> I have no idea how one can play chess. Is that this chess? Who taught you easy methods to do with chess? >> Dad. >> My pal. >> Dad taught you too? >> She taught me. >> Wow. Russell do you wish to have to head on a date with me today? >> What? >> Yey. >> you want to move on a date and go get some back-to-school clothes? >> Yeah! >> you’re the only one left who would not have new fall garments. Must we go out for some? >> Yeah. Will we go after I play this sport? >> yes. And have you ever brushed your enamel? Have you contacted your hair? Have you ever washed your face? Have you ever made your bed? Have you ever been lazy this morning? >> whilst they’re enjoying this game, I’m going to go get equipped. And then when they’re done, I will play. Then we will go. >> k. Sounds excellent to me. I’m going to take Russell and get some back-to-school clothes.


We ought to do an outdoor tour given that our backyards all carried out, and we customarily reside out right here now. We spend much less time within the condo and lots of time external. Which is so clean. It feels like we simply added a colossal room to our apartment, ‘intent I imply, that’s kind of clearly what we did. Used to be we simply became our outside into a new residing field. So, stay tuned for that. Make certain you’re subscribed so you do not pass over it, and let’s go do our very last trip again to institution shopping. >> I made the volleyball team! >> you probably did?! >> Yeah! And it was once in my unsolicited mail.


I used to be checking my electronic mail opening, I was like, it can be no longer there, it’s not there, I didn’t make it. However then I was like, I should as a rule determine junk mail, and I’m like yeah! >> just right job! Oh, my gosh I am so pleased with you. >> Me too. >> So so unique for Shari. Are you guys taking part in on any physical activities groups this autumn? What is your recreation? Thanks. Are you okay now? Thanks Russell. Russell wasn’t very certain about how he felt that Eve had to come on our date collectively. Russell do you mind that Eve got here with us on your date? Are you ok now? Perhaps somewhat food to your stomach got you feeling better? Let’s go to find some boots, okay? You wish to have me wipe that lipstick off. >> What lipstick? Oh, yours. >> When Chad was once Russell’s age, >> Oooh these are some great ones. >> pink? >> yes.


>> crimson ones? >> sure. >> I um requested the lady to help me to find some after which she gave me these. >> What about brown though? Considering the browns not going to show any dust. Crimson would show tons of grime. >> No, I adore it. >> you need the purple ones? When Chad was Russell’s age, we got him a pair of fairly best cowboy boots, and he wore them for like a yr and a half considering the fact that I bought them like particularly, really giant, and now they may be sitting on high of my dad’s ledge, and he puts little trinkets in it, and notes and memorabilia, and my dad said that he wants a row of boots of all of the grandkids. So, I saw that Porter and Cooper obtained some boots, and I know that Bonnie acquired her boys some boots, so it’s surely Russell’s flip.


Russell, this over right here appears like they’ve come in your dimension. Seem how fine these are. These are so lovely. And the boots he can also put on as a church shoe. So then we don’t ought to get new church shoes too. That is why I like cowboy boots when you consider that that you could wear them in the filth, that you can wear them working, taking part in, shine them up and put on them to church. These purple ones are so cute. Are you sure you don’t want the red one’s Eve? >> i love purple. >> These are the type of massive. >> They think massive? >> Let me see. Walk over to me. They do seem lovely huge. >> I think like that is cool.


>> Yeah. >> ok. So your dimension is 12. >> yes. >> that means that you would be able to decide upon over right here on the aisle. >> Uhm I’ll be trying on these. >> those are wild. [laughing] >> Yep. These are too small for you Russell. Those are the hardest hiking. >> Ow. >> Yep. >> Oh yeah. >> those are too giant. Correct? >> Aw. >> Are those too big? >> Yey! This one matches I believe. >> Is it too significant? >> Nope. >> Oh and you already know what? I really like that colour. It is acquired brown, crimson and purple.


>> It does fit perfectly. Oh, seem on the backside. >> Oh that’s adorable. Do you like this one with the color? >> Yeah and it suits my size. Russell come here. Let me see. It is on the improper foot. You gotta put it on the other foot. No wonder you’re having a hard time getting your ft in.


>> mom these are my dimension. >> Woohoo! Do the joyful dance. >> it’s so almost be becoming. >> Are they just a bit big? >> a little bit enormous. >> that is just right. We would like them slightly huge considering you’re growing so speedy. Oh, these are pleasant boot. I like that one. >> Oh yeah! [inaudible] that is tremendous smooth. >> Oh that is soft. Can try it on? >> certain. >> Ahhhh, It feels excellent.


>> That looks good-looking on you too. >> And it feels so good! Ahhhhh! >> okay, what else do you see that you like? Do you have to put your head within the hood? I adore it. Do you? >> Is it too large? >> No! I suppose it can be ideal. K. That you could take it off.


Get it in there. >> Wait I’m no longer in there. >> Ahh! No, I am no longer. >> How do I– Ahh! >> Ohh! >> I used to be no longer considering it was going to go– okay, get in there. >> 3, 2, 1. >> look at the digital camera. It’s proper right here. The digital camera’s right there. >> three, 2, 1. Russell. I believe they may be ready. >> Whoa! >> Let me have one! >> You get this.


>> Yey! >> mother you get this. >> thanks Russell. [laughing] And I really like these. Are your toes as sore as mine? >> Yeah. >> My feet are quite sore. I like online browsing better than going into the retailers, proper? Do you? Have you learnt why I got her into the store with the entire youngsters this yr? >> seeing that you wanted to spend time with us. >> Oh my gosh! You are so right. It’s considering the fact that I desired to spend time with you. And it’s a lot more highly-priced in the mall. I am telling you that it is ordering on-line with those 30% coupons that are quite cool. However it’s considering that I need to spend time with you. Are you aware you’re cherished? Yeah? You do? You definite of it? K.


I love you. > I really like you too. We hope that you simply guys have a quite pleasant week going again to university for those of you who’re establishing this week. I know there are a variety of you who are back in institution. So, excellent luck. Get out of here. Get back in the automobile..


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