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What’s up each person welcome back to my channel! I am Avelina De Moray, & thank you for joining me! If you have not already guessed from brand new thumbmail, the video I will be doing for you today is a little bit haul on a jewellery corporation referred to as Wonderland MC. Now if you are part of the goth subculture or the alternative scene you have quite often seen these things floating around on facebook or Instagram the lovely lady that runs the manufacturer is on fireplace with collaborations!! Actually every influencer that i will think of has finished some variety of collabing image shoot for them including the butcher toddlers Black Friday and now me so simply to speak I’ve taken some relatively pleasant pics of the objects that she sent me and that i want to show you them at present so let’s get into it obviously the first one is the person who i’m carrying it’s like blingy but a little bit little bit of cruelty whilst whilst you can’t make a decision if you want to be a enormous Princess Pea which could aside be there so confidently this is focusing but it surely’s obtained a lovely silver pentagram and that is all crystal it is received some little droplets right here it is just normally beautiful it’s particularly busy so make certain when you are carrying it you pair it with whatever that’s rather simple thus why I chose an item that has a simple neckline and is of an exceptional material that is just a stunning pink velvet i tried to put on this a few times with objects that had prints on it and it simply it was too much it used to be too busy k the next item that form of fits this are these one for jewelry and i’ll get a detailed-up shot of them because on the front of them is a bit dangerous now if you’re no longer into carrying heavy rings these are for you I do get sensitive earlobes i’ll put them in for a image shoot however they’re certainly now not ones that I might put on all day simply as a result of the burden of them I seem to have very sensitive ears are you able to see the little bat my hair in the best way your pentagram with just a little baton it is just beautiful k the opposite objects i will film some footage of me carrying them however i’m simply going to exhibit you them maintain speaking about them and i’ll put up the pictures so you’ll find what they appear like these are cute as soon as I noticed them i’m like yeah this is for me so we now have obtained silver spikes inverted crosses and chunk me on it it is a wee little combo of all matters that i like now these are a lot lighter I could put on these all day daily look at that I’ve done it again it can be nonetheless acquired the clear plastic safety on the back I continually try this do you don’t forget when I bought those pentagram rings and i will them for like a good year and what is the announcing Oh bubbly after which anyone messaged me and mentioned for those who like spikes and vampires these rings okay yep now when I used to be us to head to the internet site and choose a number of objects I think i hope i am now not making this up that she was once transitioning right into a bilingual website so do you might have some memories of finding it a bit hard to navigate just in view that that it used to be in one more language but having said that I was once just watching on the pics I knew what I liked and all of it worked out first-rate when the 9mc actually have a substantial style of genres that they cater to she’s acquired some objects which are really darkish and a Colt II and then she goes more ethereal and delusion base and she or he’s a go-to steampunk part so I chose items that surely I appreciated but it surely’s totally valued at going to our websites and checking out the subcategories given that there may be simply so many and you’re sure to seek out something that you simply like so this subsequent one is a lovely necklace and i like the jewel on the front there it can be probably the most stunning blue color light blue colour and i like this since it molds to your body so it can be all sort of separate portions so while you put it on it sits particularly comfortable and i wish to put on this one as a excessive choker as i’m going to show you however the necklace is particularly long so you might put on it down cut back that’s how you need to wear it the following one I chose because of its simplicity is that this one here i am now not certain if she names her pieces for the reason that she with no trouble has so many I assume it might be hard to come up with names for all of them however i will to find the links if they’re still to be had to the ones that I chosen in case you wish to have to grab your self one of those and it is received this lovely little pointed die Monty stubby thing sort of like an arrow I just appreciated it it sits particularly good if i can show you i’ll exhibit put the pictures up nevertheless it just caught my eye it was once very specific to a number of the other stuff that she has on there and i will distantly each day once I was in Hollywood just lately now this next item i will exhibit you is not going to make any feel except I put it on but I saw it on anybody else and i’m like you realize what i’m now not a girl this is variety of Goldy bronze i’m no longer a Goldy bronze character however i will make an exception for this and that i did say that the lovely ona that I used to be going to put on this within the video clip that my band will movie for our duvet of this corrosion i’m still gonna try this it can be just taking POI oh yeah that’s fairly excellent and she despatched me the matching earrings as well so these are the same because the rings that i’m wearing they simply would not have the back on them in order that matches quite well i will show you some pictures of how that looks it is relatively interesting and which you could put the straps different approaches to sort of create your own seem however a bit of bit of warning once more this is relatively busy so simply wear it below some thing undeniable and easy so you aren’t getting too busy now leaving the exceptional for final this is by means of a ways my favourite piece he is kind of obtained a gypsy golf vibe to it it is so sparkly there is simply a lot detail in it and each time I seem at it I style of to find anything new i’m like wow I did not comprehend there’s slightly sigil of Lucifer with his little cash there is pentagrams the element of that is simply impeccable hook there’s even a goat see totally forgot the goat however I consider she makes these as one-of-a-style and i did first see Black Friday where strong my jaw drops I win it’s attractive and that i suppose that may be a rather fine touch as well the place you could comprehend that the piece that you’re ordering is real specific i am definite she also does make replicas if you noticed a picture of mine and fell in love with it i am certain she would make it for you – any such sinner message the element in this is once more it’s tremendous busy so I in my view would just pair it with an outfit that’s tremendous easy and make this be the announcement piece thank you so much for looking at i’m hoping you’ve gotten loved this video and probably seen some thing that you simply appreciated as well I continually enjoy introducing my viewers to new brands notably once they ask extra like myself they usually might no longer be finding out so please remark down under for those who like this video which used to be your favourite piece are you going to go to the website and buy anything else let me recognize what you bought for those who did please add me on Instagram if you haven’t already i am very energetic on that so if you want a glimpse of what i am doing on a day to day groundwork Instagram is the situation to be i’ll see you guys soon bye



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