Puppet: After we escaped Black Hallow, we ran into Michael Myers within the wooded area who commenced to chase us It was once horrible! Irrespective of how fast you ran or where you hid He was perpetually there bendy: Wow! I am comfortable you all made it out safely! Puppet: Yea that is horrifying! *flexible Yawns* Puppet: well I’ll permit you to go to sleep now bendy. Have a just right night Oh! Adequate….. Have a good night time then! FNAF Puppet: irrespective of how quick you ran or the place you hid, he was continuously there….. Flexible: I gotta lose this weight!, my butt’s too gigantic! Come on bendy! You are able to do it! Come on flexible! Boris watches “bendy vs cunning” video. *Boris barking to bendy* bendy: What…. What’s wrong boris? There is….. There may be whatever fundamental you need to exhibit me? And it’s about me? Adequate, adequate I”m coming Oh, this higher be just right! I used to be getting an excellent booty figure out! O.K. Now what’s happening? What on this planet! Oh that is one of those YouTube videos Boris…..


It’s false! Now do me a prefer and get my weights I want to work my biceps thank you Boris! All right, time for push ups! 1…2……Three…..4…….5……6 Woah! What used to be that noise? And what’s taking Boris see you later? This is not like him at all! I believe I better go investigate on him I’ve this creepy feeling No!…. It cannot be! Not Michael Myers! No! Oh, no! Keep away from me! Keep away! Cunning: Can any individual support me out? Miffy: it can be proven there in front of you cunning.


Hit it now! Foxy: this is rather hard! Grasp Chief: Oh for the love of!… Spiderman: fine shot grasp Chief! Grasp Chief: Thanks! Freddy: We’re going to play musical chairs now, it is very convenient to play Puppet: that is right! All you ought to do is stroll round in a circle of the chairs whilst the song plays when the music stops, you speedily clutch a chair who ever would not have a chair is out Bonnie: Piece of cake! I am going to beat you all, watch! Chica: now not on your success Bonnie, you just wait and notice! Toad: clearly I will win, simply watch! Little Jesse: move Bonnie! This is my chair! Bonnie: No it is not! It can be mine Little Jesse, again off! Toad: Circus child, your head is so massive, get outta my method! Circus baby: My head is just too gigantic!? Look who’s speakme…..


You appear like humpty dumpty! Master Chief: Ummm guys?… There is like four different chairs for you still to get. Ughhhh… Let’s transfer on…. Flexible: i want somwhere to cover! No! That’s a foul notion! I desire a weapon to fight him with! Yeah! That’s what I want. Adequate, I found a flashlight That’s good! There is nothing else right here I will be able to use Huh! What was that!? I don’t feel i am by myself down here I must find an additional exit there’s gotta be one right here Wait a minute! Who is that!? Boris? Is that you? Oh, my gosh! Keep on a minute, let me reduce these ropes off. I’m so glad I discovered you There you go all right…. Michael Myers did this? Oh, no! We gotta get outta here rapid! Come on Boris! Oh! Get faraway from us! Run Boris! Come on, let’s rise up the steps Boris aid me! He’s got me! Oh! Thank you!… You saved me flexible: yes your correct, it can be over on the grounds that he is lifeless now hello! Where’d he go!? Boris he disappeared! ……. That implies he’s going to come again and get us! Oh.. Oh thank goodness!…. It used to be just a nightmare it’s not real! Or is it? No….


It is only a dangerous dream i am nontoxic right here on my bed all on my own…. Nothing evil is here i’m nontoxic…… I am too sacred to get out of bed what if something is beneath there….. .





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