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[click_to_tweet tweet=”OK so were looking at the top of the skull” quote=””], and we can see clearly, the frontal bone the two parietal bones. The frontal bone is separated from the parietal bones by the coronal suture. the two parietal bones are separated by the sagittal suture. Underneath the parietals is the occipital bone separated by the lambdoid suture. Side, we see the temporal bone. The zygomatic bone here around the eye. The maxilla bone its the top part above the jaw. The jaw itself is the mandible. This little protrusion is the vomer bone. We have two nasal bones here. We open up the skull itself. and look on the inside, you can se your ethmoid bone sticking out right here in the middle, you have this what I kind of think looks like a butterfly shaped bone called the sphenoid bone. .