[click_to_tweet tweet=”Oh my god i am loopy so tough am i able to stop don’t do this at all ever let’s do this good day everyone its Carol and latest video goes to be particularly exclusive in view that i’ll be speakme in English” quote=”skullssales.com”] if you don’t know me hello my title is Carol i am Brazilian and that’s my shitty pronunciation sorry so in state-of-the-art video i’ll do the ordinary to graph makeup mission first I need to say that the identify of this undertaking is relatively stupid due to the fact what even is natural you understand and forgot persons i’m just going to do their common make-up i’m just going to put this title so this video shall be without problems found i do not even comprehend find out how to converse Oh what else i can say i’m going to take a look at to do a particular maker from a lady that i do not even comprehend her title just her channel it can be from the channel it’s Black Friday I really love her I think she’s very quality and beautiful and i like very so much her channel and that i consider that her makeups really difficult i don’t even know the way she do the library due to the fact it can be freaking tough anyway let’s do this i know is not perpetually a spinet good this is lovable I must take place of work make-up first in view that I nonetheless have a bit bit of make-up in my face from today one utility later I want a guy simply died seem it’s red to compare my face so i attempted to mix my groundwork with white physique paint and it’s not work can i try it again so this time I mix just a little bit of body paint with my groundwork and it failed to work as good because of my eyebrows so i’m not gonna quilt my eyebrows this time so i’m going to work with that i am gonna fly moisturizer to my dermis other early life primers since here in Brazil we simply have those math primers and my dermis may be very dry so i exploit a moisturizer rather let it dry i’m gonna duvet my eyebrows just going to apply a yellow concealer k now i will follow my groundwork am I going to combine with anything it doesn’t work I would not have a particularly wide groundwork as makes use of the widest foundation that i’ve is this one ivory quantity three from Mary Kay but for my skin it’s not so faded so I shouldn’t have a white atmosphere powder so i will use this factor it is cornstarch yep we do we can and it really works now i’m gonna do my eyes come nearer i’m gonna follow a eyeshadow primer so i’m gonna play a white eyeshadow in every single place my eyelid now i’m gonna practice a black eyeshadow over right here okay i will do my eyebrows first i am gonna use a black eyeshadow however I would not have much to do i’m just gonna attempt to let it thinners and it’s oh my god ok that is the first-class i can do at any time when my little one nevermind just lay away however that was gay it is now not precisely like must this but I shouldn’t have so much space when you consider that I still have my eyebrows I think I went somewhat bit crazy with black eyeshadow however I consider it can be okay next now i’m gonna ply my eyelashes and be right again k eyelashes on so it appears like I used to be crying i’m going to try to fix this I do not need any first-class math i shadow or face powder or whatever so i’ll use this that I at all times used to come back through in my face blush no highlight i don’t suppose so but i’ve this one that’s white so i’ll use this one now i am gonna fly mascara we’re just right names okay now in the end i will use a pure black lipstick I have to ought to take my piercing off ha now I seem man I think i am done oh i have just a few matters this i do not believe that is God but you recognize i’m going to use what i’ve okay what else i have this one who i take advantage of always i don’t feel that is God however you know how am i able to do and i have another no longer going to exhibit us but is that this one significant is that this what else do i’ve this go correct half of and a half a couple of rings and this one i really like that it I should not have anything else oh my god that is exceptional so this is the finished appear whether you guys believe they look good I do not know if I quite lift god however I like it this video will not be speculated to be offensive in any respect so please do not be a jerk on the feedback that is simply be fun for me to try anything distinct and i fairly love goth culture anyway i hope you guys liked it should you did please provide it a thumbs love this is really hard to claim this a further overlook subscribe to my channel thanks so much for looking at and that i see you next time bye first I wish to say that the title of this task a bit of is this make-up is a multitude if a dip is if it is it’s kind of you guys have no thought this video two hours lengthy say

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