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Brazilian does Normal to Goth makeup challenge

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Brazilian does Normal to Goth makeup challenge

Oh my god i am crazy so difficult am i able to stop do not do that in any respect ever let’s do that [Music] [Music] hey every person its Carol and modern video is going to be rather exceptional when you consider that i’m going to be talking in English if you don’t know me hello my name is Carol i am Brazilian and that is my shitty pronunciation sorry so in state-of-the-art video i will do the usual to graph make-up mission first I need to say that the title of this project is quite silly considering that what even is traditional you already know and forgot folks i’m just going to do their typical make-up i am just going to put this title so this video will be without problems discovered i don’t even recognize easy methods to communicate Oh what else i can say i go to check out to do a specific maker from a lady that i don’t even know her title simply her channel it’s from the channel it is Black Friday I relatively love her I think she’s very fine and beautiful and i love very much her channel and i think that her makeups fairly rough i do not even know the way she do the library considering it can be freaking hard anyway let’s do that i know is not always a spinet well this is adorable I have got to take office makeup first because I nonetheless have a little bit little bit of makeup in my face from today one utility later I desire a man just died seem it’s pink to match my face so i attempted to mix my foundation with white physique paint and it’s not work am i able to try it once more so this time I mix just a bit bit of physique paint with my groundwork and it didn’t work as good seeing that of my eyebrows so i am not gonna cover my eyebrows this time so i’ll work with that i am gonna fly moisturizer to my epidermis different adolescence primers since here in Brazil we simply have those math primers and my dermis is very dry so i take advantage of a moisturizer as an alternative let it dry i’m gonna duvet my eyebrows just going to apply a yellow concealer ok now i will follow my foundation am I going to mix with anything it doesn’t work I don’t have a fairly large groundwork as uses the widest basis that i have is that this one ivory quantity three from Mary Kay however for my epidermis it’s no longer so faded so I do not need a white environment powder so i’m going to use this thing it can be cornstarch yep we do we are able to and it works now i’m gonna do my eyes come closer i am gonna practice a eyeshadow primer so i’m gonna play a white eyeshadow everywhere my eyelid now i am gonna follow a black eyeshadow over here okay i’ll do my eyebrows first i am gonna use a black eyeshadow but I wouldn’t have so much to do i’m simply gonna attempt to let it thinners and it is oh my god [Music] okay that’s the quality i will be able to do every time my youngster [Music] nevermind [Music] just lay away but that was once gay it is now not exactly like should this however I don’t have much house given that I nonetheless have my eyebrows I think I went somewhat bit loopy with black eyeshadow but I feel it can be k subsequent now i am gonna ply my eyelashes and be right back ok eyelashes on so it looks like I was once crying i go to check out to repair this I wouldn’t have any exceptional math i shadow or face powder or something so i’ll use this that I continuously used to return by way of in my face blush no highlight i don’t consider so however i have this one that’s white so i’ll use this one now i’m gonna fly mascara we’re excellent names k now finally i’ll use a pure black lipstick I must need to take my piercing off ha now I look man I suppose i am finished oh i have a couple of matters this i don’t believe this is God however you realize i’ll use what i have ok what else i have this one that i take advantage of always i do not believe that is God but you understand how am i able to do and i’ve one other now not going to exhibit us however is that this one massive is this what else do i have this go proper half and a half of a number of rings and this one i like that it I would not have whatever else oh my god this is superb so this is the completed appear whether you guys think they appear good I do not know if I relatively carry god however I like it this video just isn’t alleged to be offensive in any way so please do not be a jerk on the feedback this is just be fun for me to try whatever different and i really love goth tradition anyway i’m hoping you guys preferred it in case you did please provide it a thumbs love this is relatively rough to assert this one more forget subscribe to my channel thanks so much for observing and that i see you subsequent time bye [Music] first I want to say that the name of this mission somewhat is that this make-up is a multitude if a dip is whether it is it is a bit you guys have no thought this video two hours long say

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