[click_to_tweet tweet=”Modern the day sure present day the day ok digicam rolling it is completed it is over finito three months of tour is over the rationale ” quote=”skullssales.com”]I didn’t post the vlog last week is on account that i poisoned my stomach that’s the outcomes of numerous stress while journeying around the world anyway i’m back house for two months straight no indicates so i can focus on constructing my new bikes yeah simply revel in being again dwelling follow new tricks observe with another riders so a variety of exciting matters coming up in subsequent two months in these days is surely the day I point out brand new the day proper today’s the day contemporary the day we’re gonna flip this brand-new KTM 250 Duke into a stunt bike but considering the fact that I can not tune along we’ve got my master right here grasp clothier grasp engineer master mechanic Dennis is engaged on the pc and not say gonna help me to start to tune the 250 do rock’n’roll appear what is step one to make a stone bike make a stunt bike take everything down what you don’t want cool updates on the brand new bike is the tank created from metal and earlier one was out of plastics that one might be a lot less difficult to tune and make a first-rate sun seeps i will do the high chair methods can’t wait to reduce this tank wrenching makes hungry so Greek lunchtime rhythm boys quality within the recent years I was riding with a front plate and that i removed a entrance light this yr i’m thinking to depart the entrance light on the bike or what do you say should I get rid of it or must I go away it on drop the comments below the pie to not piss himself really the cooling water run out it should be a smooth job but it surely’s once more a soiled job abs we are not looking for that so goodbye no ought to see the velocity you have got to suppose the speed 250 Duke is dismantled we take all of the components down that we don’t want now bike is capable to do some measurements and strengthen some prototypes on phase proper and yeah the time used to be flying it faster that we thought proper all right so yeah I need to return to the apply spot and begin there where I left three months ago that means no hander time I ought to be taught this trick so let’s go down rather quick to the stone spot and rock’n’roll damn no handers man I still couldn’t manipulate to learn them in the recent years but I informed to myself this is the 12 months I need to study it so for the latest few months i’m focusing on my foot brake game in view that I come from a scooter stunt riding there’s no foot brake at present I wish to do one full circle without a hands before the sundown so let’s do it so shut so close I care it i have it what is getting dark however we do not go dwelling man until i’ve this damn no it can be darkish i don’t see nothing anymore and off of no-hander circles i’ve been trying to hours I got the circle let’s consider ninety% just about one circle nearly i cannot quit i’m gonna are attempting proceed to check out this week next week unless i have it earlier than we finish this vlog this bike i’m gonna retire quickly it can be my trusty KTM 200 Duke it adopted me all over the world around 4 continents gave me the great recollections of my existence i’m gonna say quickly goodbye my KTM 200 Duke but now revel in my favourite reminiscences high-quality instances proper it can be darkish as you will discover time to percent up go residence and if you want to see plenty of extra crazy loopy brilliant stuff world wide with my KTM 200 uke examine my Instagram account link within the description of the video see you in the subsequent rockin vlog except then rock’n’roll

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