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Skeleton Lake | 100 Wonders | Atlas Obscura

skullssales get your skulls [click_to_tweet tweet=”Roopkund Lake in India is sixteen thousand feet above sea level a glacial lake, and it is overflowing with skeletal remains” quote=”skullssales.com”] but the real amazing thing about skeleton lake is what killed the people that are there So in 1942 this Indian forest ranger stumbles across Roopkund Lake and…

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Bones of skull-skullssales

skullssales get your skulls [click_to_tweet tweet=”OK so were looking at the top of the skull” quote=”skullssales.com”], and we can see clearly, the frontal bone the two parietal bones. The frontal bone is separated from the parietal bones by the coronal suture. the two parietal bones are separated by the sagittal suture. Underneath the parietals is…

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