Hi all people Avelina De Moray right here, welme/’ target=’_blank’ rel=’nofollow’ title=’come‘>come again to my channel i’m in Hollywood with Von, we have been right here for two weeks it is been quite a lot of fun i’m almost to head off to the kill stone warehouse to opt for up some chocolates and then I proposal you would me/’ target=’_blank’ rel=’nofollow’ title=’come‘>come with me Halloween looking so ever the 2 weeks had been right here i’ve been to some exceptional areas and i have been filming what are you finding considering that we shouldn’t have this shit in Australia so I just proposal you guys might in finding it intriguing and if you’re not in america and do not relatively have fun Halloween as much as they do right here I proposal you would enjoy observing it too so me/’ target=’_blank’ rel=’nofollow’ title=’come‘>come with me you see what I first-class and the next video I placed on my channel will generally be a Halloween whole so i will be able to clearly show you the whole thing that I purchased given that there is a number of it i’m in LA now we have just been here for a day and i have made slightly discontinue Michaels and i’m so excited I proposal God rattling i’m just gonna put my cellphone on and film a video for you i know a lot of my followers like myself are in Australia so this might simply blow your Australian mind the whole shot is prepared with Halloween stuff love it’s if we’re in September it can be no longer even like there may be so many adorable matters I comprehend now why like the entire American youtubers say like they buy the condo to chill you know all yr round when Halloween me/’ target=’_blank’ rel=’nofollow’ title=’come‘>comes ok so i am actually seeing everything for the primary time i really like this what’s it do you believe air what it’s I just wanted the which is in beware that would be fine nonetheless one just picked up such a skeletons stick with love but i’m gonna desire a higher suitcase i’m freaking out I cannot seem cash anyway he is got a handful of stuff oh you probably did grow up a skeleton I believe we’re just gonna ought to like purchase a colossal field and ship some shit arm i’m making a youtube video i am so excited that is some excellent shit Wow but horrible i do not exactly understand what it’s but miniature decoration Wow seem at that got here together with your thing that may be particularly nice excellent identity percentage off oh my god $loopy I found whatever for my bestie Lisa tarantulas oh my god Freyja springs to mind i know she loves these little hats they’re cute that is beautiful oh it is a little bit fancy looking these footwear preserve sailor angel wing that’s beautiful inexpensive looking terrible soon my are attempting that flawed that jewelry make rather best too i love them they are somewhat bit of glitz i’m gonna want a basket crazy animals there i might actually do not know what to pick up first that is lovable I believe steel with like that yeah it can be lovely breakable is not it i love that I failed to say gentle opera just yes I change that is super breakable there i don’t believe that might final the shuttle already dead rats little bit right here huge spiders this man’s cool pump it go max my god it doesn’t finish you will discover why folks get so into it it is simply a lot creativity doorbell rings oh my god I have no idea what to buy I imply one of those pickles were instead of buying something i’m going to purchase nothing magic sufferer Shawn is poisonous without doubt wow that’s a giant skull not open Lanson name from the girl that is excellent Wow there’s a lovely guy ok it is in it however it is over right here as well $27 Skol canvas yeah it can be you like that that’s gonna attraction about it uh-huh jewellery dish wow that is some when you consider that pumpkins just while you consider it can be coming to an finish this seems to be just like the safest stuff the more like I wish to do Halloween however i don’t need to be too frightening about it yeah I didn’t understand they’d have like a regularly occurring Halloween part that is surely what do you obtained now chains what are they for ok good now i am gonna seize a basket and definitely purchase some shit yeah that is Raleigh ok so not a basket let’s do it charlie okay we will have gotten a bit carried away Oh Charlie is the troll I can’t wait to exhibit you guys i will show you when I get house I failed to consider it was once feasible we just put some extra stuff excellent what is this i am simply going through some stuff that I purchased at Michaels she continues our Halloween fun and these are tremendous fucking lovable however i’ll get to my factor i am showing you one boy boy a colossal fucking toad how the hell are we gonna fit that in our suitcase you are unusual I suppose we’re being beautiful functional I imply me/’ target=’_blank’ rel=’nofollow’ title=’come‘>come on like a three kilo I child you fucking now not this shit is heavy that’s proper here head of Frankenstein everyday you get the via head you

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