Confederate Flags In Motorcycle Clubs

Rocks  confederate flags in motorcycle golf equipment we get into it on this episode Demons Row tv. Oh, yeah, we Ghostin baby!!! Welcome the Demons Row television! The Holy Grail of MC culture has been we duvet the whole thing motorcycle club involved now at present, we’re going to talk about child Rock now. It is good famous that he’s been going for walks around Getting shut down from shows.


Um, quite a lot of disorders involving him with the accomplice flag. He was using on his motorcycle you realize with the confederate flag helmet and he is doing indicates with the flag in the heritage and there is a lot of individuals that believe hurt and disrespected by it and he is from Detroit. He is now not from the south in order that culture isn’t even his, so I fairly do not recognize his angle. Well, I style of do. I think he’s simply I consider he is trying to select up the white crowd For his music further in order that they fairly back him given that once you contain race people suppose like oh, yeah he is one among ours. So I think that’s a part of his marketing strategy.


And I consider it is sort of fucked as much as market your track the hurt and slavery the shit that humans have gone by means of after which you already know Their ancestors went by means of and the damage that lie at the back of that so basically What I need to let you know first and important is to please my ghost recognize each other due to the fact that all people have different opinions and exclusive upbringings and i don’t want you guys to leap within the feedback to start Black this white that and like cuz I that occurred within the different video. I did about Killer Mike and What I was speaking about with Killer Mike if you haven’t seen it.


I’ma link it down um, I was once speaking in regards to the Hells Angels and white gang privilege and it acquired very very Disrespectful on there and darkish it bought relatively darkish for Demons Row to assert that’s dark It obtained really darkish So all i’m saying is appreciate each and every different and let’s let’s let’s let’s let’s be guys and open these Conversations up and let’s be open-minded about it now you could have two trains of proposal you have your individuals which are from the South that fairly recognize that flag and it approach whatever to them and then you’ve gotten your men and women of culture your African americans that have a deep hurt from that and it’s a massive disrespect to them.


But in addition I hear that in the South There are blacks that have a pleasure in that flag so that you guys let me recognize within the feedback and some other brothers from the south? No one, that’s no longer from the south considering you don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about If you are from the south, let me be aware of in the comments. will you have a Pry toward that flag me I’m from the East Coast So I really don’t fully grasp child Rock being from Detroit being from an entire nother stroll of life where he gets this and within the in the song enterprise persons will do some thing to sell some files for those that don’t know Let’s get into truely what? The accomplice flag is and it is the Stars and Bars flag was adopted on March 4th.


1861 in the first transitory national capital of Montgomery Alabama and raised over the Dome at the first accomplice capital Marshal also designed the accomplice military uniform. So that is dating back to 1861, so we received brothers bike golf equipment. Sporting is something from 1861 like this is how a ways How long has been that now we have been dealing with these forms of disorders in our neighborhood? K, some polls had been taken on this limitation about the accomplice flag So we’re going to get into a couple of comments and you then guys tell me within the feedback how you suppose about what was stated it is an image of delight and Southern heritage The flag has simply as much that means to those that were raised in the south of the American flag My loved ones have been in the south form of 40 years and a 1/2 household on each side of the civil And I do know just as many black folks as I do white that hold that flag with satisfaction.


Here is one other one, it’s the flag of the rebels people who rebelled towards the USA government for bikers. This is what it stands for It method they’re rebels’ it’s easy as that So let’s get into how this whole child Rock thing ties inside an MC culture but that is what this is about and notice over the whole thing. We’re normally going to put that about them Are we not higher than this? Will we fairly have got to regularly think back to the like 50s and the 60s and the way we were once? Back within the days like are we quite that racist do we rather have to be that primitive of thinkers as a community? I suppose we will have to be approach bigger than this. It can be so it can be daring shit like who gives a fuck? What colour or what nation they’re from like particularly? Like there’s dirty individuals in each faith race creed membership, adore it doesn’t subject if the brothers are solid brother and he is going to have your again that is all I give a fuck about. I’m gentle-skinned as fuck. However I’m Spanish. So what you’re going to hate me seeing that I am Spanish I am someone that could keep the lifestyles within the tight trouble So you don’t want that that individual round you wish to have the type of person that is the equal colour as you however might no longer have your again.


I don’t hear As a group as the world Why are not able to we get previous racism I still like I see in the workplace so many areas this just is something race you are and fuck everybody else I don’t Get it why is it just seeing that a man or woman was once born or their roots hint again to the same nation as You it makes you that bonded to them i do not get it people get backstabbed by using their possess loved ones daily So why you so caught up in that? Let’s let’s be larger than that now i do not see it cuz I’m on the east coast you don’t see too much of that accomplice flag and swastikas and stuff like that like the Nazi shit and all you don’t see none of that out right here, however you already know down south that shit is actual. So, yeah, so y’all let me know within the feedback Experiences like folks that you maybe that that fly it or do you fly it? Let me know why you fly it and hear.


I do not receive anything in opposition to any individual fly anything that is America and at the finish of the day you have got rights, however You want to fly something that degrades other people like Why why don’t you represent yourself? And what you’re about just like the person said in probably the most feedback that I read what you fly the American flag if you happen to so proud to be an American.


Why don’t you fly that whenever you fly an eagle or something? I am a fan so fuck the Eagles Welcome to Demons Row tv! The Holy Grail of MC tradition! Like share it for your social networks if your feeling what we’re doing to get the word available in the market unfold the word Demons Row is here! To save lots of each person! Have a just right night yall!

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