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Decoro la mia amica goth! {Decora Challenge} | Kotora 🐯                                                         Excellent tiger morning, I am Kotora Welcome to a new video What are we going to do at present? Today I’ll do a brand new entry of my project! (image of the assignment will show up here) This challenge is set decora trend, that I more often than not incorporate in my day-to-day outfits one of the most entries is “dressing up a buddy in a record outfit” (the 8th) So there may be my pal Nunzia! (Nancysenpai on Ig and a) We will not show her now rationale she’s without make up and doesn’t need to lose her popularity *she laughs* So we will not show her I can’t wait! Now I’ll show you my outfit! My Simpsons sweatshirt and i matched with yellow components (I stated purple lol) purple is constantly in my intellect lol For who would not comprehend, Nancy is the ultimate goth woman in love with creepy and Halloween themed stuff it would be fun to see her in my own sort, cause it’s very distinctive from her average self we’re like the moon and the solar XD Now she’s striking garments on I’ll lagging slightly How are you? It has been a while since I posted my final video I had a variety of mental breakdown purpose I did not just like the best of my digital camera and everything so i ended however I will not quit join my challenge! And use the hashtag “decorachallenge” so I can see the pictures at: listed below are my weapons equipped *^* Hairclips and hairbands! That is the outfit I select for provide a perfect decora kei experience! Let the makeover! Obviously right here is my loved assistant Simbino (Simba) are you Simbino? Do you want to be dressed too? I will take your tongue, I’m going to take your tongue Say “hello” to YouTube! Your stare is extra then phrases.


Nunzia did not see herself yet, but she’s so lovely *battle* Decora and purple stuff *paradise* we will document her reaction! The replicate of the truth! “Without eyeliner it is so strange” but you do have eyeliner I intended the black one ;P oh yeah. You have got a style of mania for black xD nevertheless what do you believe? Do you love it? Yep, I just like the hairclips essentially the most Do you just like the coiffure too? Oh, that’s good! Now we will be able to go around to scare people *cough* today you are more “full” than me, I think common ahah i will put on some hairclips too we will do a capturing for the photographic exhibition in a con called Alecomics for those who manipulate to be there go and spot 🙂 investigate our turin neighbors too! (hyperlink within the description) after I come to a decision to file a video it rains (Obv) Nothing and no person will discontinue us! How is the record lady’ existence? I suppose very young ahah yes, love it I suppose I’m your sister ahah A record woman eats, the whole lot is ordinary Yellow stocking yay Please, tell me if that is the excellent hairdryer Pastel blue *^* this is the right aesthetic.


Hello, there! We determined to move the arcade for taking our photos! Aren’t we cute? You’re going to see a couple of images here, here and here! I will upload it rapid than typical intent it’s funnier i am a genius ‘reason I forgot to file the ending a part of the video XD I simply want to remind to offer a thumb up and comment in case you appreciated this video! And of direction subscribe to my channel! Remember to click on on the bell to acquire notifications for different videos about cosplay, anime and manga and harajuku trend! That is all, a tiger bye from the one you love Kotora!

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