DemonsRowTV-MC 101(Becoming a Prospect For A Motorcycle Club)

So that you bought you a dope bike but you tired of riding with the aid of your self so that you want to join a motorbike club We get into it. On this episode of Demons Row television. Whats up y’all, Its Winn Dixie, with Raven Dixie Line. And also you at the moment are tuned in to Demons Row tv. Welcome to Demons Row tv that is the Holy Grail Of MC tradition. We get into everything MC related motorcycle membership related and the topic had been going to speak about today is prospecting for a bike membership Now the primary bit of advice that ima give you is that if you’re going to become a member of a membership hang around whether or not that is a part of their process or now not cling around plenty of golf equipment do have clung around but some don’t cling round get to grasp individuals be trained them watch their moves they are going to be looking at yours but be trained them and see if this membership is what you want to signify colors what they journey should you trip a harley don’t join a membership where each person rides a street bike or vice versa you understand what i mean! Become a member of a club that represents your form so that’s the first thing I would say is to hang around and the rationale why i say that is considering so many men and women join clubs after which the couple months out.


A year out. You don’t even wanna be down anymore and then you definately jump to yet another club considering you dont even like 1/2 the persons in your membership you do not like their sort so take that point to hold around for you don’t just leap in to prospecting determine if the membership is correct for you thats my first tip humans have asked me in the event you dont recognize people in golf equipment how do you get worried with the entire culture and what i say is i started realizing people my cousin used to be in it so it used to be simpler for me however should you dont be aware of someone i’d say Go to a motorcycle rally, go to bike routine something’s happening MC associated and when you go there the membership that you sort of wanna deal with run up on one of the crucial individuals and simply say pay attention im interested by joining the club what do i gotta who do i gotta talk to to guide me in the correct path they will be extra then willing to want you to come to the table and get to know who you are so that you would prospect so that is like some of the easiest constituents of it adequate so you discover a club that you like and so they give you your prospect vest and clearly your vest is not gonna have the center patch on it with the clubs insignia so essentially what your gonna do is whatever it takes for 6 months to a year depending on the membership to earn that patch and it is a best feeling whilst you get it so dont ever suppose do not ever let your ego make you think love it’s now not worth it cuz it is it can be a exceptional feeling when you sooner or later get that patch an you get permitted into that brotherhood i imply thats the best way i felt nevertheless it relies on your club you know however thats how you wanna feel you wanna believe like you reached the biggest purpose of your life that’s one of the most predominant components about prospecting now what you’ll be able to be doing in prospecting is alot of bartending serving to brothers if brother gets stuck on the avenue you wanna be the first one to be like yea ill come down sick support the brother youll serve drinks youll barbecue you understand you can basically just support out i mean if your in the incorrect membership you’ll be lighting fixtures cigarettes and washing bikes and im now not gonna say the flawed club however simply if your in a membership that’s critical like there gonna slave you to get in there you understand some golf equipment do do that like theyll make you go to the fullest extant on the end of the day be a man your a person first no one would tell you to do some s#!T that they wouldnt do they self so its upon you how you wanna move now one principal thing to me like i said earlier than you need to join a membership that fits the sort of character you’re dont attempt to join an oulaw club in case your not that variety of individual since you’re going to be exposed you’ll get put ready where your gonna need to prove that your that style of man or woman and im not announcing that you just have got to commit crimes police any police watchin i’m no longer saying that im just announcing you must be reduce from that material to symbolize an outlaw membership so dont join an outlaw club if your no longer relatively bout that existence and you simply wanna have fun and experience become a member of a 99 and revel in driving and the enjoyable ingredients of being a MC thats one primary tip that in poor health offer you dont ever contain yourself in some thing that your gonna consider like your over your head one more factor im gonna let you know is if your prospecting and you start noticing things concerning the club that you simply dont like get out of it like dont attempt to get absolutely patched in a membership that your now not occupied with anymore due to the fact that it simply its a waste of time your wasting the brothers time and your wasting your time so like i mentioned be a man first and when your prospecting your additionally observing what they do and certainly one of my essential matters too about potentialities is hold your mouth shut be taught how to close the f#!Okay up and watch whats going on dont speak so much like MCs see that and there like they can read you do not put your hand do not put your playing cards on the desk hold some mystery to yourself dont let everyone know who you are from the door hold your mouth shut maintain your eyes open and make certain you already know what your entering thats the main thing about prospecting to me cuz and please dont be like a joker do not talk to brothers ancient ladys like if a brothers old woman comes as much as you and says hi there and stuff like that thats cool but dont take too much time you know talkin to them you dont wanna get into those style of issues you recognize what i mean thats not a most important thing in clubs that goes down however i imply i assume in case your within the unsuitable membership it does go down and nobodys tolerating that should you see property of steer clear of that dont you should be extra friendly jokey none of that hold it one hundred so your gonna wanna provide highest effort exhibit your membership that your down for them exhibit that MC that you journey perpetually be in the market whenever a brother wishes you you wanna be the primary one on the scene when its church first one there when it is a event first one there then the brothers recognize s#!T bro he down like he’s at all times capable that’s what you want to do MCs tell me in the feedback a prospect story whatever humorous whatever critical simply i want the neighborhood to really increase and grow collectively and instruct each different i want to gain knowledge of im now not the a hundred percentage best MC in a younger man so I haven’t been driving 50 years like a few of these dudes in the feedback you understand what I imply And investigate out my sister Raven Dixie Line she’s doing her thing you recognize what I mean support her and MCs tell me in the feedback what did I omit i know there’s one million matters involving being a prospect so I can’t quit the whole thing you mother@#$%was received some brief attention spans so thank you for tuning in that is Demons Row television The Holy Grail Of MC tradition!!!

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