Bike golf equipment that permit police to emerge as contributors. We get into it. On this episode of Demons Row television Welcome to Demons Row television. The Holy Grail of MC tradition. Were going to get into a fast clip from Ravin Dixie Line My sister Winn Dixie just interviewed shark from the Iron Order MC. After which correct after that have been going to have a rant from Hollywood from Insane Throttle. After which after that ill give you my ideas Demons Row television First well with the MC Yea good I’ve continually rode bikes I’ve ridden bikes all my existence Winn Dixie I constantly had a love for motorcycles I’ve continually been concerned with it i don’t recognize a number of years ago i acquired involved with a motorcycle membership called the Iron order which is legislation Abiding club that we have now chapters all over the place the nation and had been full of military individuals particularly a number of navy persons we’ve some law enforcement in the club we now have got ummm lawyers good we best obtained one good we bought two so that you handiest obtained 2 attorneys yea we acquired 2 attorneys but now we have some medical professionals a number of doctors however regularly its just commonplace folks you already know So what made you make the decision to join a club? To go from an independant rider to being part of an institution good i acquired some associates in im from kentucky and that i received some neighbors there that were concerned within the membership scene they usually knew that i rode really somewhat and we’d ride collectively they usually had there cuts on and it appeared beautiful cool after which i started asking some questions on it and then from there they invited me to experience with them and go to a few events and go to a few routine there you go that used to be the interview with a Shark and that’s the future because it appears of MCs on the other aspect and yea have been questioning why we received various issues in the MC community all clubs alot of them have there legal professionals in there you comprehend it dont matter if there 1 percenter ninety nine percenter i’ve a hindrance with you goin out on freakin a interview like you did and looking to painting Iron Order as a law abiding yea it simply gets my go because you may have a homicide down in Florida of a Black Piston you’ve a murder in Colorada of a Mongol you guys and once more within the description link verify out Izods emails that came straight for him have been hes conspiring to intent this hindrance and that hindrance and where your present international vice chairman says well you recognize ill put it in a way you could learn screw em they aint gonna come back at em purpose they understand they wont call the law enforcement officials and that i feel that uhhh yea thats the whole mentality and does Iron order have some excellent guys in it well yea probably really i did a interview with some guys in Wisconsin they were particularly cool guys but i can tell you that’s possibly factor 5 percent of what Iron order is and whats even worse is that they put Izod out on unhealthy he went and converted and went to iron legacy did the identical factor with the mail order golf equipment and crap and subsequent thing there part of that legislation abiding alliance with Ryan Erlacher So Yea so you guys acquired the popularity you deserve and the reason why you obtained that repute is all you need to do is take heed to this current interview simply given by your attorney and one of the questions i have is that if your reppin your club Why the hell you ain’t for your freakin cut man? I don’t get it you understand your sitting there speakme about Iron order as a minimum be on your Iron Order cut however you are aware of it is what it’s you want to claim the normal club identify or values but I’m sorry to say natural golf equipment didn’t have LEO in em k I read probably the most stuff that used to be put to your internet site you realize pondering of the 50s and 60s that were common again the 50s and 60s the law enforcement officials hated bikers good enough it used to be no longer cool to be a freakin biker it was not cool to be in a club they hated us they hated bikers with a passion like they do in these days so for you to say good day it don’t subject what a man or woman does for a living You’re crazy man! You fairly are, how will you know what how can you trust someone who’s loyalty is to something else however your own club that is one factor i never understood about clubs letting LEOs in there stuff how are you going to trust them? You already know if some thing goes down the first thing there gonna do just isn’t most effective pull out that badge but there gonna facet with there boys in blue there not gonna care about you there no longer gonna care about your membership there just doin it you recognize what honestly cops simply do it so they are able to look cool so they can consider like a person considering the fact that there missing Cojones ok any one who needs to be a cop they want that vigor shuttle and so they lack cojones so that they need a badge or they have to act like there anything there now not ok so you noticeable the interview you visible the photos and i wanna understand how you guys think let me recognize in the comments let me understand when you’ve got police in your club or when you think its okay to have police in your membership each person’s grown up one of a kind the way i grew up it could in no way occur and the club i’m in it might by no means happen but my thing is in case you did enable police for your membership wheres there loyalty gonna be at how they gonna be loyal to your club as quickly as that badge comes out for anything that yet another brother did what are they gonna do they gonna soak up for you really i dont consider that there not gonna danger there job and they cant there no longer presupposed to be round felons so what if a person on your club does some shit they gonna disown you they cant be loyal to you being a police officer and my main factor is how would you sit down there and profile people or lock men and women up all day your job is to only lock folks up so your sitting there locking humans up all day and you then see bikers and you then like they gang members or some thing after which your gonna clockout go house after which throw on a vest bounce on a motorcycle and now your cool thats now not cool brother but im no longer throwing a shot at Shark or Iron Order MC since i dont be aware of them i’m from the east coast and i’m going to under no circumstances take photographs at brothers i do not know considering they might be good brothers you realize what im sayin but at the end of the day my opinion police will have to now not be allowed to your membership the attorney now thats good money a legal professionals just right money i don’t got no attorneys in my membership that i know of but that’ll be good purpose he would get brothers off and to Iron order in case you acquired prime lawyers like that why are you no longer on this Mongols case why you no longer getting other brothers off like we ought to unite as a MC culture if we obtained these style of men and women within the tradition lets look out for brothers you know what i imply however my principal thing is like i said you can not bounce and throw a vest on and then get accredited in this group there’s brothers that died for this there is brothers that lose there family like its just a disrespect to every body and these legislation enforcement clubs like like you throw on a 3 piece patch so that you wanna look like us however you wanna be cops even as you n!%#$ is harassed i don’t care what membership it is i don’t have whatever individual against someone that you may live your life the way in which you want to live your lifestyle’s i don’t have something private in opposition to cops I received one cop in my entire life that I was once cool with my boy Jay he used to get us in the yankee games without spending a dime i f#!Okay, wit him and that’s the one cop i ever been cool with i don’t like police and in case you’re staring at this exhibit and your police i f#!K with you you my n!##@ however should you now not one of the police that watch this shit f#!Okay, you your consistently giving tickets you know what i am saying your always stopped us for some bullshit and you understand what im sayin this is Demons Row television man we going to hold it hood on here Mcs tell me in the feedback the way you believe I know some could disagree some may have a father a brother an individual who’s in law enforcement so they might grow up exclusive and consider in a different way that is no knock on any of yall this is simply my personal opinion and you’ve tuned in to Demons Row I like subscribe and comment I recognize everyone Have a goodnight all!!!

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