Do Button Down Shirts Go Well With Khaki Pants?

Though “khaki” is a term for a specific shade of light
brown, it’s also commonly used to describe twilled cotton pants that
bear shades of brown from tan to beige. So many girls are asking now, do
button down shirts go well with khaki pants? In that I say Yes. You
just need a little guide. Keep these few tips about shade in mind to
rock this pairing perfectly well.

Brighten Up

you’re sporting a bright blue top, steer clear of pale khakis, which
will literally pale in comparison. Khakis in a deeper shade not only
stand up to the boldness of a bright blue, but the contrast is much more
eye-catching with two strong shades juxtaposed. Try turquoise or
cerulean paired with khakis that bear a bit of tan.

Lighten Up

light-blue top blends best with a pale pair of khakis; with a
deeper-color pair of pants, it might be washed out. Pair a top in cool
cornflower with a beige pair of khakis. Ground the look with a
flesh-colored or gray tank beneath your button-down top, or add a sweet
sliver of color with a light-pink camisole.

In the Navy

your button-down is a deep shade of blue, you’ll want to go equally as
tough with your khakis, so try a dark pair for a style that’s sharp and
subdued. If you’re tempted to add a bit of color, try a rich red, green
or purple shirt, letting it peek out from the top of your button-down

Accessory Assembly

A blue shirt
and khakis may look clean-cut, but don’t be afraid to mess it up a bit.
Get playful with a printed pair of sneakers or some fun flats. Add
colorful rings and a watch or bracelet for a little extra zing. For a
classy touch, slip on some silver or gold jewelry, and a neutral pair of

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