Dogs and Tattoos 1

Am I competent to styles yours? There may be simply ice left It was once excellent What are your doing? I am filming simply kidding it’s been… 14 minutes large speedy Vlogg, how are you feeling? It feels just proper And he’s going out to smoke now where? There sort of mildly awkward however.. It feels just right A cat oh my god So beautiful It had a toy, or a mouse I’m not definite however it had whatever in it is mouth something red It used to be most of the time a ball I recall it was a ball these crops..? In Dongdaemun? Definite DDP definite Dried vegetation Buuutiful bouquets Oh it is clover!!! I desire a slacker (smackers = “master” ish) What was once it is mentioned? Smackert It seems like a swim cap Now you might be like that cat It used to be my slacker.

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