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Drawing the Skull


Good enough. I wish to factor whatever out about drawing positions i’ve mounted my area and my drawing floor so i will see each without having to move very much and that’s primary. You do not need to dam your view of what you are trying to attract You have to be ready to seem at it on the whole And you need to make it as convenient as viable to look back and forth So, if you have your drawing floor pointing sideways, correct at your field, that works very well rather than seeking to seem OVER the table or having to bend and look across the desk which doesn’t work so well we’re going to appear on the skull now which is an ovoid form with a bit of of a cylindrical aspect to it So, as I did with an earlier drawing, i’m going to start off with an ovoid form Go each approaches with my arm in order that i will counteract the truth that some of my muscle groups are superior than others This time i will enhance one of the vital shadow first The brightest field of the skull is right here where the sunshine is placing it from above and the facet And the skull curves out towards us so the sunshine rays need to go straight They can’t curve around and that’s the shadow subject So, this may occasionally, for me, characterize the again of the skull Coming toward the entrance and then down here, there’s a bit of of a cylindrical shape, the jaw So, i will convey some shadow down here.


I’ll stop at this point and assess my proportions So, let me go correct to the cranium this time The widest part is via the attention sockets is that this extensive if I put my fingers around it And that’s the highest of the cranium. I now have my finger on the prime of the skull and the other one (finger) is right round the place the enamel are So the width through the eyes is the same as from the top of the cranium to the teeth So this is right about the place the enamel will end up in my drawing there is the width — the top of the skull to the enamel Now, i’m going to become aware of that the shape is just a little bit special from the ovoid we drew with the Styrofoam head mannequin there is an higher jaw, a cheekbone, an eye socket, A brow the top of the skull So, i’m going to add a few of those points The brightest part is right right here So I don’t need a heavy dark define in fact, I think i would like close to no define in any respect i have an extraordinarily gentle facet — gentle, thin there is some light spilling on the again of the skull So this must be beautiful gentle and then the skull form of curves around here correct reverse the attention sockets is where the again of the cranium ends and there’s a little knot And that brings me to the jawbone Which angles down and that is form of a cylindrical form So, you could consider of this as a colossal ellipse down right here and then an upper and slash jaw with the enamel right here Come down on the part of the ellipse Now, this had a number of mild on it as well so i will lighten up i don’t need to have a heavy, dark outline PAUSE PAUSE I do need to get some darker shadows going So now i will appear at the ovoid part of the skull up right here The darkest shadow I see wraps around here which again makes sense don’t forget the rounded shapes transfer continuous curve the light is touring in straight lines, all correct, so It can’t go over here but considering it is a curve, there’s a gentle transition from dark to mild So i’ll experiment with unique procedures For getting a few of that gradual transition To a gentle facet for the shadow And over here i have this cylindrical field So on a cylinder i’d comprehend i might have dark shadow right here just a bit previous The widest a part of the cylinder — the section that’s closest to me after which have a gradual transition So i’ll observe what I learn about having mild and shadow on the cylinder here As I did up here on the ovoid form So with a purpose to provide me variety of a common proposal of the place to position the sunshine and the shadow on the skull after which, of path, there may be all of the features i would on the whole wish to incorporate.


Skull On Fire




So let’s examine if we are able to put them in and think of them as smaller versions of these general shapes. For illustration, The nose, right? It is variety of like a cylinder but now not an up and down cylinder it is tilted and projecting out from this part of the cranium So, let’s look at an ellipse or an ovoid here So, then we will have the aspect of the cylinder come back this fashion So now if we apply what we learn about mild and shadow we all know that this part of the cylinder must be shaded in this case the cylinder is open so there is going to honestly be some shadow within Which would go in there This cylinder goes right into a reverse ovoid in the eye socket here So that you may believe of a reverse ovoid as the inside of a bowl Or a cave there is yet another reverse ovoid here The cheekbones are kind of just like the front surfaces of a field So we’ve gentle striking them except they turn Now these cheekbones are not up and down; correctly, they’re tipped just a little so they do need slightly little bit of a Shadow don’t forget when we drew the left aspect of the box? PAUSE PAUSE And the underside just like the underside of the box wishes somewhat of a shadow this is where your cheekbone turns from the entrance of your face to the aspect there’s additionally a flip here So now i will be able to put in somewhat bit of the details that I see of light and Shadow PAUSE PAUSE PAUSE PAUSE and then down here we’ve bought some enamel that create slightly bit of complexity in the mild and shadow i’m just going to attract an impression of that PAUSE finally, I would need to distinguish the jaws there is a space between the upper jaw and The curb jaw PAUSE PAUSE So there’s probably the most fundamentals of PAUSE PAUSE So here we are able to see how realizing the basic pattern of sunshine and shadow On the ovoid or the cylinder can aid us to see The more difficult skull but the cranium nonetheless has some aspects of those normal types

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