Dyeing Daddy’s Hair Blue…  w/ VeeOneEye


Dyeing Daddy’s Hair Blue w/ VeeOneEye by Victoria X Rave & VeeOneEye hi guys Victoria X Rave here and i’ve a little announcement i’m pregnant Shh baby that is what I want to tell you in any case i am gonna dye VeeOneEye’s hair now dye VeeOneEye I the place are you I thought I was pregnant oh that is good let’s do it let’s die my gown so we’re gonna dye his dredge right now i’m utilizing generation generation hair dye you guys can click the link under to get 30% off in case you use my code this is the fine hair dye because it’s a vegan does not how many unhealthy chemical compounds like most other hair dyes correct Jason yeah i am additionally vegan he is additionally at vegan i am additionally a vegan however we’re gonna do blue in his we already bleached the roots you have got to kind of bleach it collectively the spoil colour seem appear at that vibrancy very well so he wants all this achieved except for the ends and this hair colour is Euro turquoise turquoise turquoise why do you say it like that oh the cos nails yeah so the procedure to that is relatively just splatter dobbs comes these satisfactory pouches particularly recommend ten out of ten and it doesn’t drip too which is first-rate due to the fact that we should not have some thing to clean it up with rapes no very very unwell all set I used to be also Halloween so on a leopard he’s totally naked once more do you adore my outfit i’m just gonna buy that this shirt yeah how so much of that yeah looking to die yeah i don’t I bought a shirt on my birthday and that i instructed my dad and mom about it they usually had been particularly fairly sad the memes at NASA after I die I endorse leaving these things in overnight but Jason at all times Washington about rather I see however you don’t care no you do not care watch me for from Chora journal feel about each we are going to tell you what whilst you spoil it is there audio yeah Oh is there anything you need to assert wow that meat is so a lot better thanks Dyeing Daddy’s Hair Blue by way of Victoria X Rave all correct so we got all his dreads dyeing are like – its beard no better that’s it you are enjoying this an excessive amount of he’s a physician that’s a drug vendor have the cash now we wait after which the reader in stop and we’ll exhibit you that after fee oh my gosh how blue you get no Jason i am not that variety of woman am I finished with this yeah you’re performed you done completed you finished did it we did it each your palms bended no because of work inside of out excellent and that’s what that you can anticipate these so much for observing this video go ahead and provides a thumbs up and go away a thumbs up and you want 30% again go links below your ear here to let me know what your favorite hair dye colour is done the feedback let me comprehend you already know why guys bye okay bye Dyeing Daddy’s Hair Blue by using Victoria X Rave

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