Dyeing my girlfriend’s hair PINK

Dyeing my female friend’s hair pink by way of Victoria X Rave and Flower simply wants one factor it is k if it can be wish to good fortune we’re simply doing one dread proper I acquired carried away like a video a scalp massage oh my god love you oh my god my boss is gonna kill me sorry oh my god why is style of this like coffee night time so I do my hair sorry howdy guys it is like forex proper right here it can be like 100 degrees external now i’m gonna go external and diamond my new pals howdy okay let’s go she is getting my beer all appear at this jet gang we’re in Echo Park la right now Echo Lake Park I’ve come so many movies here we’re gonna be dyeing her hair together with your ear hair dye correct now in the event you guys need to get this it can be all vegan and usual and blah blah you get it in the links below and you get a reduction that’s how do you wish to have your hair dyed simply be like me insane guys i’m sweating find it irresistible’s like dripping sweat proper now what about like all of the little cool things you’ve gotten in here oh that is completely okay bitch go right over them and i am gonna oh yeah it is like with dreadlocks it is like what’s it seem like contact this here like like like I battle like guys are like scared to like they do not know the way to seem seem i’m going to give it like a hair massager something they’ll be like scared to cut my dreadlocks the next day find out how to take care of them like tiny youngster palms yeah the sort of excellent scalp therapeutic massage you guys should do this sometime o.K. So we just finished doing her hair it’s now not fairly my female friend by the way I forgot to assert that but look at this lovely masterpiece and play like several again within the again that is what she’s a murals guys seem at this go follow her i’ll put her channel in description she simply started doing YouTube and thank you guys so much for watching this excellent medical problems on my life best persons like YouTube movies to be an break out from their fact



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