Get Ready With Me // Gym Edition


Get able With Me // health club version by way of Victoria x rave whoa hello guys it’s Victoria X rave right here welcome good day every one come on it today i’m gonna do a get competent with me gymnasium edition i am gonna show you the way I get ready for the health club basically you understand I get up within the morning whoa-ohh like that and then I get a shower and then i’m you know get ready and Chad Chad just right morning excellent morning Chad Danni I do my make-up why the fuck does my face look like a bit of paper I already put basis on at present considering a little behold i’m breaking out like fairly bad I didn’t want to see you that way that is mother I gotta fix this I’ve had extreme zits for the period of my existence so i love put makeup on in my movies i have makeup on loads and i put makeup on earlier than i’m going to the health club and i do know loads individuals be like you shouldn’t do that it is dangerous on your skin however like i like i stated i’ve like pimples susceptible skin so I like to duvet that up i am going to show you guys how i put on my gymnasium makeup which sounds ridiculous ok I get it I get it shush your mouth humans oh you look more do you’ve gotten a black like are you loss of life it’s it gives me extra self belief for the day i am now not as optimistic as guys suppose so in any case I fill in my eyebrows I put a bit of little bit of I fill in a bit bit of my eyelashes but my blush is like this stuff that I new simply uses like average on the dermis Physicians formulation I honestly hate doing this section however i like learn is called tightlining and i simply discovered it not too long ago so like I need to do it at all times that’s what I’ve heard ever I discovered whatever new i am like i am doing this at all times so like I do however I surely hate it and my eyes are fairly touchy but an extra factor is is living in l. A. And going to the gym like every day seeing individuals is like I continually run into people that i know or that be aware of who i’m and i admire to just no longer appear like I prefer to no longer look like I died and got here back to lifestyles mm-hmm k however I do not ever I do by no means dude undoubtedly certainly not i am sorry for ever i don’t ever sleep with make-up on I continuously wash my face twice a day k i do not do the whole thing wrong this most thing good you are not looking for make up you opt for you opt for you I certainly do not know what i am doing I identical to to consider that I do do what i need I are not looking for okay you see what a difference that makes just hanging on a bit bit of eyeliner on like the within every person’s continuously like do a makeup tutorial i am like no I don’t know tips on how to do make-up like perhaps i’m going to curl my lashes perhaps I won’t I in reality bought a girl my eyelashes I virtually pulled about this thing in the event that they get caught in it does that happen to any person else it will get caught in it and it can be like and i’m like no eyebrows now how am I supposed to elevate my eyebrow boys anything they’re no longer filled in you died i’m simply kidding I is not going to do this I had a question though it is it weird to love perform a little a bit you guys love it so I would flip off I suppose like nobody ever responds in a good option to that’s the Oh me no I see no it is not supposed to do that I don’t know i don’t virtually be aware of the principles so in the event that they do would inform me that that’d be first-rate blah blah blah whoa oh and by the way this video is subsidized by using Poshmark can see right here i’ll be displaying you the clothes that i am promoting my athletic put on i’ll are attempting them on for you and which you could buy them a little bit bit late stay tuned for this type of factor wow that appears terrible preserve on just many times we’ve got a just right brow day commonly you had been fairly unhealthy wide day I suppose like in these days it’s only a bad face day it can be similar to you get up and you are like fuck face but don’t appear terrific and then what I do is I take a bit of little bit of this i do not realize it’s close like translucent like powder or anything and then I just variety of like set it a little bit bit like I wish to suppose that i am citing it like more thing i’m doing whatever when I try this but truthfully i am more commonly not doing it in any respect this is hoping i don’t pull like five eyelashes okay did not pour any eyelashes ok that is for the opposite one watch your boy oh okay success it’s gonna be a hello guys it’s gonna be a whats up i’m gonna placed on slightly bit of blush to place some colour again in my face my makeups broken due to the fact I drop all of it however it’s okay you just pat pat pat smile after which i admire to position on like just a little bit like might be some chopstick or lip gloss or some style of tinted lip balm I don’t have any over here so i’m going to to find anything some thing so that is how I prefer to my gym makeup to every their down ok let’s proceed on okay so the following element is to position on gymnasium garments at present is a fat day and all ladies will understand what I imply through this it is one of those days we were simply no longer as lean as you need to appear it can be ok occurs to everyone and that is today for me so i am gonna put on this giant t-shirt to the gymnasium which I under no circumstances do but a whole new Victoria is a whole new Victoria I already attract about too much attention so like so are attempting to not be such an awareness whore however for actual although i’m particularly seeking to be less like that not all attention is excellent attention I’ve realized that you simply realize it’s now not gonna appeal to the right sort of persons it can be my existence so truthfully so good just right excellent deal with in a burlap sack this it’s gonna be it can be gonna be dripping wet okay for sure about it it can be not gonna be attractive however i don’t care Oh hurry extra cuz we all know that i’m not looking to attract mate anymore and it is variety of liberating so take a seem at me now i’m a faucet i am a leaky faucet ok so this video is backed by Poshmark which i’ve finished a video with Poshmark before it is an app the place you can promote things and i’m gonna be selling my gymnasium garments so i’m gonna are trying them on for you and allow you to see what which you could purchase only a few of them and i’m going to put my manage under download the app and then put your manage within the feedback and you’ll find right here style of like what I wish to have for sale once I’m selling i’m gonna show you what i am selling these are more commonly all lovely new i don’t fairly put on them very much these are my key professional shorts they are still new with tags and it’s going to fit me they’re too small i’m gonna nonetheless mannequin them for you of course and i’ve my gold’s fitness center uh hot pink pants these i like however I just do not in to love Capri match I have no idea why it just makes me believe like i am expecting a flood or some thing in it can be simply not my v i am just i’m attempting not to like you already know appear too far one day i am now not trying to anticipate whatever after which I acquired this this male if this is a guy’s t-shirt so guys in the market i will have something for you it is a man’s measurement small gold’s gymnasium t-shirt I in no way surely wore this when you consider that it just did not fit me like I suggestion I used to be going to oh that is only a butterfly cape i’m selling this I simply desired to inform you guys that pre-warn by means of Victoria x-ray Wow what a bargain excellent for the gymnasium excellent for pretending to move to the fitness center I mean you go way off leaded garments some humans will certainly not comprehend you do not determine fun fun tip I hate that i’m modeling these on my fat day but you realize what you get the photo you get the concept me all significant you’ll without doubt stand out with these within the gymnasium that is nothing to do with the fitness center but i don’t care why you requested for you sell your butterfly Cape the fuck is wrong with you that you would be able to be a butterfly – those are just some matters you could get on my gosh mark well that’s my fitness center exercise for the day just kidding go to Poshmark do that i’m gonna show you what i am certainly gonna wear to the gym in these days so I acquired this outfit from Victoria’s Secret and it can be rather cool pleasant and stuff fairly just right prime it is just a bit sue like I don’t know believe like my boobs gonna pop out once I’m doing my burpees or whatever you know I mean so love it’s really cool set however i do not like the highest as much as backside so i’m gonna mismatch i’m gonna wear this with this top and if I get too sizzling which i know that i will it can be gonna take this off it I just have black beneath so this is what i will label Jim brilliant you and that is gonna fit um outfit first in these days so i’m carrying this i am gonna put on some black footwear i am gonna wear these sneakers that is what i am wearing at present let’s go to the kitchen now come on let’s go so correct earlier than i go to the fitness center I get some pre-workout I didn’t have espresso or anything else I simply desired to check out it out considering that they’re type of low-priced and simply variety of I have no idea like simple and normal that is unsweetened black tea I don’t know if it will be and how I are aware of it won’t be for definite however I figured it can be in a bottle i will be able to take it with me to the health club so that’s 15 milligrams of caffeine and this has this has eighty milligrams i am now not sure what’s to take you have got to drink extra for this i’m simply going to take this one plenty of instances I don’t devour before i go to the health club I perform a little bit of an intermittent speedy but so yeah so i will take that watch where you go i’m walking here these partitions put that in there put a booklet in there in case I wish to learn the zurab those are those are dinosaur tattoos temporary tattoos if you wish to purchase them up with the link beneath delivery those out I just trot along to the gym and that’s how I get ready for the gymnasium I are aware of it’s it is so exciting in case you guys don’t like this video they don’t know you’ll be able to tell me about it i’m certain thank you so much for watching guys i love you so much steaks or tress drill when you have any questions or something remark under turning your notifications subscribe it makes you provide it a like can we stand up to a thousand likes on this k bye

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