Get Your Chic Boyfriend Shirts at the Equipment Shop

Equipment signature clothing is world known for its timeless and
innocative collection of luxe fabrics and silks with unexpected details
and feminine riffs on men’s shirting. Shop Equipment Shop today and experience men’s wear turn into women’s wear with elegance and class.

Today’s young fashionistas may think the hot trends of the boyfriend
shirts, jeans, and jackets are all new, but what they don’t know is they
started and have been around since the 70s, and just gone through a
number of reboots. Menswear became popular in the 70s when women wanted
to show their strength and demand their rights for equality. It all
began when Serge Azria introduced the Equipment line of oversized men’s
shirt for women at the Equipment shop. It was then that the men’s
button-down shirt that was transformed into a woman’s shirt became a
huge hit.

Even if the boyfriend shirt has been around
for quite some time now, there are a few pointers to keep in mind when
wearing them, so you don’t look like a walking androgynous fashion
disaster. The key is to know how to complement them with feminine
clothing elements. Here are a few tips on how to pull it off:


The easiest way to complete a chic look is to pair them with leggings
or jeggings. To give it a nice twist, roll up your sleeves, put on a
hipster belt, and finish it off with a pair of sexy stilettos.

– Go with shirts that have nice colors and prints to make your look chic and trendy.

A boyfriend shirt can also be perfectly matched with a nice flowing
floral skirt. Wear it with a cool pair of wedges or flats and you’re
ready for a casual day around town.

– For a groovy retro look,
tuck your boyfriend shirt in a pair of cropped pants, leave a few top
buttons open, and accessorize your ensemble with funky bracelets or a
hip necklace.


– Avoid pairing
your boyfriend shirt with baggy pants, or people might not tell you
apart from your boyfriend. Your shirt has to be long enough to cover
your booty, so if it goes beyond that, it will give you an awkward and
silly look. Make sure it’s not so big that it falls off your shoulders.

Since Equipment started this trend back in the 70s, what better place to shop for boyfriend shirts than at an Equipment shop? If you’re looking for these shirts that exude simplicity and glamour at reasonable prices, you can get them at the Equipment shop nearest youComputer Technology Articles, or go online and choose from their wide selection of shirts and tops at

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