Getting my 5th tattoo in Hongdae! 1


Hi guys at present i am in Apgujeong Rodeo it’s like 11 a.M i am truely on my strategy to meet my friend from the States who’s traveling in Korea We’re gonna clutch coffee first after which go consume lunch around on account that I began I started intermittent fasting so i can destroy my speedy at 1 p.M I saw her in January after I visited new york so it hasn’t been that long nevertheless it’s at all times just right to look your associates from again residence We’re gonna go to a manufact coffee So that’s the place the cafe is Queen mama market from like the first to third floor they have got like little stores and then on the fourth flooring they’ve the cafe Danielle’s by no means been there and she or he wanted to assess it out so here we are Oh, it is so inexperienced here so many flora yellow the door’s cool hey hi Danielle Funky looking cacti She’s a photographer She’s gonna be taking mad photos of me in these days excited For brunch we are at at tea collective it is a situation that i have been trying to come back for a while and it’s tremendous aesthetically, ASHthetically entertaining within Avocado toast Avocado juice for me with honey that is exciting The Farm hi We’re in Sangsu today i am gonna use this my friend to Joan after which we’re gonna go get tattoos it is gonna be Joan’s first time getting tatted and i’m gonna get one too sure spontaneous however yeah, i’ve been wanting one so Yeah, we’re surely going back to the position the place I got my first and 2d tattoos executed so i am so excited for you thank you for being right here No don’t be apprehensive i am variety of frightened you’ll be able to be ok i hope it would not damage but I’ve by no means gotten colour earlier than so oh yeah, i need the color it can be gonna be so lovable Yeah, stay tuned guys right, we’re now in front of the tattoo place contemporary ootd bag i’m gonna get one here So what number tattoo is that this for you five fifth? 5 I do want 5 more Are you both Scorpios? Yeah, and you guys are like equal personality style yeah It feels like we’re in an interview And our birthdays are three days apart you are in November too? Both in 1991 oh my gosh each reside in Gangbuk that is bizarre yeah yeah, that’ll appear cute yes Does it harm? That was fast too She’s seeking to She’s posing for the camera She’s at all times capable invariably ready I am not able to see very long time no see tender Monster because it’s actual they usually’re generally rotting lovable folks particularly wear this round? It looks higher on digicam certainly than in real life in the replicate it appears so bizarre but in camera it looks quality i do know I imply, better than in real life appear in here So random yellow It appears lovable on you it can be yellow First bingsu of the summer season identical Thanks Joan coronary heart cheers (‘green Eats Gom’ – average korean restaurant) good day Oh, we don’t have got to take off our footwear thank goodness i’m gonna get bibimbap cause i like bibimbap i need bibimbap this is my fried eggs Ader Error This room’s the wrong way up Oh it’s investigate this out guys it is a gallery Selfie there may be yellow You seem excellent here with the entire blue Yellow yellow smells powerful although i’m striking that in my vlog i am like bumping into the whole lot I can not be an idol ever To the cleaning soap retailer back here again smells amazing smells so just right handiest dad Oh my gosh How much is it She would Too dangerous it can be no longer for sale No someone dropped a valuable potato I suppose sad for that character No terrible candy potato You pose always precisely like this ajumma (korean for married woman) that’s me Barbie Wow they’ve a UNICEF Barbie okay guys, ending the vlog at Joan’s condo rationale we filmed whatever today together at her house So stay tuned for that and that i needed to pick up my stuff so Yeah Bye guys See you soon

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