Happy New Year 2019 from Funny Foxy 1

What’s that delicious smell? Gingerbread cookies, Christmas tree… Right! Coming soon a brand new year! The place are you hiding? It can be our Christmas toys 🙂 What do you wish to have, my sweety fox? The Christmas lights Do you need to jump there, do not you? She is particularly curious. Baby! My youngster! You have been scared, weren’t you? Good, that is interested in these days. My baby 🙂 I must prepare presents for my foxy tails. To cut all labels, price tags, and eliminate different useless applications which they can consume. So this is the ball. This can be a chunk toy. This is the toy for tasty treats. This is the fish. The chew fish. This is the squirrel. And the great toy for foxes is the badger! These are grants that my foxes will to find underneath the Christmas tree. I am hoping they adore it 🙂 I desire you all a completely satisfied New yr! Hope I’m going to see you subsequent 12 months. Let the Christmas and New year will carry you well being, just right success, household concord and warmness honest associates and partners! I want you to recognize and Love of loved ones and close expensive folks, pleased and colorful events and the entire Very great! Wishes all a joyful New 12 months!


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