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How it’s Made – Raw Gemstone Jewelry – Ringcrush

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How it’s Made – Raw Gemstone Jewelry – Ringcrush

How exactly is Ringcrush raw gemstone jewellery made? I’m going to tell you, but it surely’s a secret… Shhh… First, we source the finest gem excellent rough gem stones from in all places in the world. Australian opals, Brazilian amethyst and aquamarine, emeralds, diamonds and rubies and sapphires. . . Most of our gems, like our Australian Opals, come instantly from the miners, So, you know you are getting the exceptional rate possible. Next, we further hand kind and decide on the best the exceptional of the first-class uncooked gemstones for our jewellery. Then we use these stones for concept together with the trendy traits to create a hundred% designated designs you won’t in finding anywhere else. A few of our raw steel some usual metalsmithing techniques like sawing, filing, hammering, and an excessive temperature flame which we use to gently push and pull molten sterling silver to create a beautiful unique texture. In different designs we use a specified electrical system where we use conductive copper particles which can be painted around the difficult gemstone, this creates a conductive surface which enables us to run electrical energy by way of the whole jewellery piece, which slowly builds up a fantastic steel structure and precise healthy sample around the difficult gemstone.






This aesthetic is targeted to the Ringcrush company. And quality of all, all our Ringcrush jewelry is handmade in Atlanta, Georgia by using a small team of females. Each and every piece is made with great materials, is low cost, lovingly handcrafted, and is one in every of a variety, identical to you. If you wish to determine us out, you can see us on Etsy, Amazon Handmade, At Ringcrush.Com, and at many pop-americaaround Atlanta and Boutiques international. Thanks for observing.

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