Hello, Rockers, it was a crazy week in Italy on EICMA however now we’re back in my Motogarao, we’re trying out new materials we are constructing my stunt bikes and as if that is no longer adequate we bought a name from Thailand and we’re flying there in a few days. I will do a demo exhibit with the 390 Duke for the countrywide launch in Bangkok and for the reason that we are just two final minute alterations, that is no hindrance for us.


So, let’s start and rocknroll! As you’ll find I already set up some materials on the Duke and the plan for today is the coach with the 390 and coach for the Bangkok launch and 2nd, I wish to show you find out how to do a rolling burnout! The final phase is on, the so called toe safeguard, it is nonetheless a prototype we must do some alterations however I’m going to experiment it now. It’s so cool to have this in view that when you crash it protects your toes from the chain so you do not cut them off. Lots of you ask the place my Duke 125 is And guys we have now developed a lot in the final weeks and I have received an update for you all of the parts are measured, some of them have been 3D printed and the blue prints are already on the CNC computing device and laser reducing. That implies we’ve alredy did the rough section on the grounds that the development takes up various vigor and time and we only want the elements to be delivered back after which we will construct the 125 again collectively.


This can be an adjustable wheelie bar i have not ever noticeable one I’m now not definite but I feel we will be able to be the primary ones It will be adjustable by means of the size Now you can not see it might be, but with the correct components Dominik, we need to hurry, the sun will go down and we must train and movie easy methods to do the rolling burnout! Let’s burn some rubber! Dominik, i am feeling right here, it’s the top of the season however I ought to say everything is working and I am ready for Thailand. So now let’s show you tips on how to do a rolling burnout. First tip: The rear tire must be at 2 – 2,5 Bar.


Harder the tire, easier the rear wheel will roll. Tip 2: find a huge empty position without stones and sand, you need to have much grip. Earlier than you begin, you ought to shut off the ABS start to roll with the bike in first gear and that’s primary seeing that it is so much less complicated to balance the bike when you go into the rolling burnout.


The next tip is super most important – the physique function. You have got to switch your body weight over the wheel so the front tire will get much more grip and you are not able to slip away. With smaller bikes that you can lean in somewhat more, and with bigger bikes you don’t’ have to lean in as a lot but not ever go into the traditional driving function. Good enough, should you received these first steps, which wasn’t so rough but now we come to tip number three that is the essential so let’s start – 3 matters here an excellent essential – the brake, the grab and fuel. You have to maintain the brake a bit add fuel and we’re nonetheless rolling with the bike but inbetween squeeze the clutch and release it so you think the back tire to roll. You must combine 3 things – slowly hit the brake add somewhat gas, then press the clutch and slowly unencumbered. The again tire will to roll. While you learn the burnout, do it with an old tire when you consider that this trick eats much rubber! Our new filming vehicle – excessive creation price! Guys, that’s it for in these days, i hope I would instruct you something and this was the basics of tips on how to do it.


It’s getting dark and we will have to go residence, what do you say? However, first, I’ve obtained some thing for you Dominik, supply me the digicam Say whaaaat? I have information for you- After 7 months, we’re going to reach a hundred.000 subscribers! What do you say? That is the reward for all the difficult work! What will have to we do to have a good time? I’ve obtained a notion – A vlog in hindu! Haha, we is not going to do that Guys, share with us your crazy ideas for celebrating our followers. Comment below and let us know! Thanks for your help and till next time but you have to keep alive, so no crazy stuff! That’s right! See you subsequent time, RokON! .

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