[click_to_tweet tweet=”Hi, there guys, Avelina De Moray here, welcome back to my channel. So in these days i have something just a little unique for you.” quote=”skullssales.com”] I’m going to exhibit you the way I did this beautiful cool metallic blue foil and matte black nail seem I believe it looks lovely witchy… I imply I think we would get extra witchy so you understand with Halloween approaching I will probably be performing some creepier nail artwork tutorials however let’s with this one so I’ve already prepped my nails I used the Chiara sky tip method determine that out if you do not know what that’s um and right here i’m simply applying a gel base coat very interesting stuff don’t worry about that finger there with that pink spot I do not have some weird fungus infection it’s just the earlier crimson that I had on that i could not be lazy ass bitch okay so now in nuking for one minute here we’re relocating alongside rapidly to black caviar this is the company color me lovely i have been fairly joyful with their colors I’ve simply tried them they’re Australian as good so tremendous completely happy to support an Australian manufacturer and i am just hanging on the primary coat I speedy-forwarded it cuz like this is boring as shit who wants to see any one paint their nails quick ahead gets the enjoyable part ok so there we go it is on yep’s finished I want it took that long in actual time k nuking once more for an additional minute yay look how shiny it’s and we’re going to repeat the process again yes men and women two coats so there we go BAM there may be a second coat nuke it again one minute good day now up to the fun section so I purchased this you’ve got blue metallic foil for a buck on ebay i’m utilising now polish remover I failed to recognize you have got to do that sincerely to wipe off the backside of the foil see the way it changes how cool is that for those who are attempting to do this method and don’t do that step it won’t work do not do this so wipe it off keep wiping good oh my god why did I keep so long on that anyway now i’m folding the foil on the silver pot you suppose you need to do it on the other side however don’t that is not going to work at all I will not work so folded it in half and now i’m just dabbing it on my nail i will say the UV gel polish that i exploit leaves a sticky residue on the nail ordinarily for those who wipe that off with like alcohol it goes away however I’ve left that on so the nail is sticky don’t contact it since you’ll be able to go away your fingerprint however for this reason the foil is adhering in lovely weed patterns seem at that it took off the foil I find that so exciting sure so it can be sticking to it now we’re moving on to the economic system beautiful velvet topcoat oh is this too fast for you guys i am sorry that is like quite rapid you Tory portray that shit on particularly rapidly so that is going to behave as my topcoat however it is going to be matte so see how vivid it is at the moment sort of regret making it matte it looks like lovely nuking and once more oh my god I can not maintain up with concept right here we’re using some alcohol and i am just wiping it off wiping that layer off and it can be this is that is witchcraft I don’t realise how this works i do not need to realize it’s past my little mind ability right here however see the way it’s gloss and once I use the alcohol after I’ve nuked it for a minute so it is dry and the whole lot it turns to matte appear at that look do you see it i’m gonna provide you with a detailed-up in a 2nd it simply it blows my mind do we talk about my rings for a 2d there via kill famous person and brogue and wolf look at that shit it is turning matte bye-bye gloss k I will have to have speedy forwarded this hurry up i am bored subsequent k so look on the difference appear at that seem appear folks correct one is gloss the left one is matte that just that does my head in there we go there is a rather speedy tutorial there actually yeah I took me like two and a half hours but you get it in 4 minutes don’t seem to be you fortunate considering that i really like you guys so yeah pretty joyful with the outcome let me be aware of in the feedback what you believe about this appear would you do it your self would you decide upon the unique foil color that you would be able to get metal silver red yeah all these matte colours and it also looks rather great with my Black Friday pockets so go and investigate that out at my internet site that is it from me guys please comment and share this video if you loved it bye that is it for me guys please I you

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