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Join Black Friday & I For Lunch In Sydney!!! | Avelina De Moray

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Join Black Friday & I For Lunch In Sydney!!! | Avelina De Moray

Hey, every person it’s a unique day in these days due to the fact that I am right here with BLACK FRIDAY! We failed to actually do this one we met. No no it’s like oh my god yeah visiting is some kind of onerous even though what you are doing is some thing i know proper yeah you’re like why should you be sorry but I feel that’s the recycled air as well oh yeah shit yes that i don’t consider about banning smoking on airplanes yes now that air is like i am gonna consume you additionally consume a chip i want you scold i don’t even child i am so just right oh excellent i am hungry good this thing I consider huh the place’s the channel chitchat normal about yeah I’ve received some things I wish to chat to you about to get like your first impressions okay so this shall be interesting so essentially we just need to say thank you to every person that has pre Oded whatever that we’ve been working on the thousands of revenue it’s beautiful for me it is something for you yeah really it can be quite cool to peer humans’s graphics on Instagram and stuff like conserving the things like and so they they they look relatively just right like this they suit so many matters and yeah I realize it’s a it’s a particularly good feeling and that i just i’m hoping each person loves them their Black Friday is truely preserving the new sample full of ocean to grasp you can also detect some differences when you have ordered the variation one take hold of i really like this i know yeah I consider it’s i like the truth that it is wider so that you could match more stuff in dimension and has like that there’s a pocket within the middle being no longer there like you would match more stuff within so it is like a really capacious snatch bag I dare say it can be a greater version yeah and we may just now we have been getting a variety of requests to do a variant two with spikes so we wish to focal point on this little child now however possibly we are going to change it up right into a version three I would even appear a little weird with the spikes on considering the fact that it is wider i do know I notion about that after which after I sweet you know I idea about having two roses oh my gosh flash but I imply just like the wallet would fit in right here proper it does without a doubt i love i am using this men and women I actually had been utilizing the Black Friday purses which i do not are aware of it’s fairly particularly closer looks like that at designing things thank you i like the crimson i’m in love with the pink oh yeah it is a color I understand it’s fairly bright yeah it can be beautiful yes so it does match so significantly better and so they in shape like precisely it is quite cool it’s like if I was once gonna you realize i have my identify on any product i’d say it is something that is brilliant particularly it can be quite it’s relatively cool it can be very elegant yeah whenever my tech carry the grasp bag around I get compliments on it oh that’s cool yeah I have to say that due to the fact this is normally a funny conversation like that occurred to where I take it out and folks like oh wow I such as you again the place did you get it from after which I have to say well it is truely mine virtually I designed it yeah but the rationale i am assuming they’re like yeah you fucking idiot I know it’s yours where’d you get it from it is super complicated dialog designed it uh yeah I gave you all the credit I just mentioned i like these matters and also you made I adore it was one other stripe really yeah so this one can also be worn i am shorter i do not believe I’ve completed the video on my channel yet but this no omit bag but so this possibly part of it higher which you can wear it like a shoulder to shoulder bag or which you could completely like put on it crossbody and undo the chain wear it lengthy with the first one however certainly I in no way even let the would love undertaking i’m now not perfect bastards Boston we’d like British accent this is a Boston bullet and you realize for this bar stated now we have had 323 orders i know thanks bastards I thought this fantas seem too like that it can be very foamy right here in Australian these are as a result of be finished manufacturing on the end of April so it can be often going to take three weeks for me to get them after that since they must be despatched to me and then they’ve bought to get by means of customs and the whole lot so I estimate they will begin to ship to consumers someday in may so i will maintain you all up to date with that that is valued at ready for Shane there’s like there is no manner she’s a little pace up on the mercy of you know the gigantic businesses yeah i’m simply yeah i am so grateful that like all people has understood the pre-order approach so i am like ninety nine.9% of men and women which have ordered that internet site i’ve been relatively figuring out a patient yeah it’s a lot of money like we’re looking at like 20 grand to get 500 of my luggage probably we will be able to so I desired to talk to you I’ve bought just a few suggestions about like some quite distinct collaborations ok so people which might be expecting like luggage and stuff hmm however i’m like we now have completed probably the most epic purse like mm-hmm where where else can we go from there there is nowhere to head so a different thing I due to the fact that I’ve bought whatever in intellect myself which I consider could be beautiful cool for you k a pair of glasses oh my gosh now that is a fab thought yeah I wish to take like a web page out of an additional manufacturers ebook a link it later anyway I purchased a pair of sun shades they usually got here at a coffin shape case oh cool yeah certainly they’ve finished a purse at SkyDome totally say hiya this case is encouraged via them I offered them to it so don’t like you already know simply sure that is authentic however i would have got to be read in black yeah pair of sunglasses i don’t want to give away my ideas but i am gonna whisper some shit to Freya ok guys cool that sounds pretty fashionable it is first-rate yeah any such first-class idea you guys in here i like her but what do you love in sun shades i’m beggin ya would lifts the intellect play really significant like mmm I like the type of cacti ones in tow so there is like books ugly beasts a psycho yeah I believe you’re foolish but yeah yeah stylish but distinct i have some thing you could had already truely had a dream about it okay yeah I posted it on Instagram like a existence Instagram with you guys and said i’m gonna design a pair of sunglasses considering I had a dream last night time yeah Thursday they’re in my head that is what I stated to you yes i’ve it but the case I feel would be really cool so that may be something particularly specified that whatever that’s the sort of just right thought and distinct from a bag and that i believe folks would be expecting that a different thing i do not I don’t know if i can do this however I really relatively elegant cropped leather-based jacket oh my god studs with blood red inside no fucking one has the crimson within and in the event that they do its mother right colour right it can be proper sucks yeah you’re proper faux leather-based obviously do you like leather-based jackets I do i have one but it’s a welcome to my lifestyles it was yeah sure I bought like a vegetation three-quarter leather jacket with me however the hands are so tight that way mine i am like maybe one day continually sufficient technique to making like put this on just looks really nice on the hanger so it might be great to have one so honestly with the article it any features that you fairly like let’s do we’re open what do you prefer to be under doormat I most commonly do them up and like i suppose I’ve got a couple of kind of vegetation jackets one percentmm velvet %and velvet who knew that those had been my favorite things yeah and like you realize just have like a belt around the backside or something that type of sits effectively on the waist recollect the shape something that I quite accentuates the boobs we’ll see however yeah like darkish here like with the massive buckle like em on the waist make that make a little one first-rate and the shoulders like so many ideas would you need to place like whatever on the again like I’ve seen prints all studs yeah gosh however like which you could get so creative yeah okay i’ll take some desirous about it labored however i really like like sigilyph some thing rather cool i do not see me with yeah very important to me yes however i don’t worship the satan I don’t feel me however you realize what extra people are ordering the handbag with the sigil then without good it can be a optimistic symbol that is a excellent pattern it method just right – thank you I suppose it is simply misunderstood persons are like you recognize they may be afraid they are like you realize i’m not everyone is a cult stuff however the ones have got some balls the opposite thing was once the little compact oh yes yeah like a reflect or some thing yeah yeah and it’s something that folks that might be they are not able to have enough money the bag they’re gonna however plenty of yeah good as good yeah guys anything although yeah they are no longer they are not chasing a piston there but fancy like a little a little make-up compact yeah like I’ve had this hey Kitty one since it used to be might be sixteen oh my gosh I like it that is lovely lasted good yeah three months he’s lacking however I simply adore and it’s it’s quite excellent excellent solid so the two things like i haven’t designed this but but I was once thinking both coffin-shaped or like a bat or 1/2 bat so whilst you open it ah like wings we’re speakme about like Friday product what are you extra fascinated by like a wait can we now have too many back like matters good about it one of the vital matters I’ve discovered is you understand men and women are always looking to say you know what’s it that type of relatively holds the golf neighborhood together around the globe however try and find any individual who doesn’t like bats bats like this so culture is just not like images wheat pleasant creatures every person’s into like unique styles or particular track or whatever that little very a lot berries but all people likes that that is it’s would you need it to be silver we’ve like little like that more often than not or do you need to get like matte black with whatever to the black sounds first-class i know too matte black is I feel matte black with like at the deepest gloss uh-huh it’d be cool there maybe ice or like the small print and i mean these on this approach this fashion it like you and me enthusiastic about the same product correct now for you I see like three blobs like a black lump a light of black bloom a excellent love and could ever like this little bit difficult like Photoshop plan of a bad memory urged some thing it can be like every this the other sounds good oh however how about this oh they would be excellent that is just right too I have no idea I do not know I believe you’re easygoing they may be in most cases been that handy more than anyone I’ve worked with has been complex but you’ve stepped again loads not in a way that you’re uninterested however just in a technique that I believe you adore i know you quite do these you’re particularly excellent at it and every time you give you some thing upbeat impressed and like I’ve noticeable what I would be other things you have been designing i am just love it’s a relatively good americlean food later Oh a yr where does the Dagon I suppose we slipped it away oh my god i know yeah we took an hour and a half of map prior to filming time flies when you are having enjoyable mmm give me whatever to do some fine technique to spin spin my transient consult with unsaid things yes did you adore it I imply i’m going to show you a image of the higher condominium k officer from plan yeah that used to be first-class guys I just did not hear a few this areas like can help you suppose like we’re correct there they Lea Wow this huge flying computing device suddenly i really like about your channel there may be like I believe like i am touring the arena or at the least he wrote three oh yeah it is now not exciting s to so many one of a kind matters I wish to suppose like we’re taking anyone alongside on our trip form of like things that we must I might be being arrested you realize yeah I imply you’re pretty sucky at it you realize if I might make vlogs as excellent as Casey quality day or some thing with like dragons a little bit kinds of I imply Philippe’s satisfactory kind of starting like sweeping starting shots of like the city that you’re in there may be nothing yeah the avenue or yeah you might be a lot extra inventive but I’ve got a stick and one camera and like somewhat tiny tripod that i will kind of follow the foundations good you understand we are running you doing a satisfactory job for you now i do not suppose she like congratulates herself ample well I feel like in view that it could be higher well expectantly it’ll be but like oh yeah i know that like I would do better so i am like wow looks like they’re k I feel the videos like they may be k whatever that they could I believe that’s what’s noisy that’s my drawing outside I feel it is predominant to not feel like what you’re doing is like the Azolla and all in view that then we discontinue constructing right if you happen to feel what you are doing is already superb then you do not attempt to keep me there she just mentioned that’s so significantly better than I feel that is exceptional I gotta edit out what I mentioned all of it proper we have to like swap cameras now we’re gonna film a little video for her channel so as to be somewhat of chit chatting yeah thanks once more to every body that has purchased whatever to all people who’s like ordered this sort of matters i am hoping they attain you safely all correct i’ll see you guys soon thank you for staring at subscribe if you have not already head on over to this lovely lady’s channel if you’re not already all right i will see you guys soon but I get just a little bit anxious football oh yeah me guys I simply talk whole shit sorry i am not even fairly here i’m sorry Alicia yeah and i’m physically here my hate isn’t with my mind or someplace else so thanks once more thank you fuck fuck my cat’s paw oh yeah you



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