KTM Duke 390 Supermoto mode | RokON VLOG #37

What’s up rate freezing cold anyway it’s a brand new week and it can be time for a brand new vlog within the final one we tuned the cooling approach on the RC 390 but today gonna be all about that 390 duke and it’s supermoto mode now it is time to learn how to Bamm properly slide into the corner in a supermoto mode and for that we found a vicinity it is surely a training facility for studying easy methods to adequately write a car bike roller skates bicycle I don’t know something however we’re gonna gain knowledge of methods to correctly slide into the corner and for that I known as some reinforcements and this man is aware of the right way to experience a really perfect mannequin bike what’s up Marco let’s mark ccuta he is Italian supermoto Trophy champion and he knows how to drift the bike proper yeah hello i admire drifting but I do not know why I have got to slide into the corner why is that good it’s truly just right in view that which you could spoil later get on the throttle quicker and your lap times get better ok that sounds just right nice you appear cool k i’m still a bit of

worried i need first you show me some sliding after which i am warm-up and likewise provide me some rock and roll first please okay let’s get it sideways evasion is on I believe now it is my turn what do you say Marco yeah he’s gonna fail first or nail it I suppose it can be gonna be difficult he’ll get it on the finish of the day the 2 most customary errors are locking up the rear tire and not making use of the seize ample on down moving which outcome in rear-finish chattering I was going like a Italian champion proper one foot down nice within the curve however I simply failed to do the curve no longer even shut hearken to me I instructed you this is not a stunt bike ok you must hold it spinning and get it sideways if you block you are gonna crash okay appreciate what I simply understand that this bike has a slipper clutch so i don’t have got to use my snatch so simply do not shift and manipulate with a rear brake however now not locking there’s a KTM has made your life convenient k thank you KDM let’s put this 390 duke sideways supermoto type manipulate the slide you must effectively use 4 factors on the bike while you enter the corner you have to downshift as many gears as you need second you have to in finding the sweet spot with the clutch for those who pull it in too much you is not going to get sideways for those who pull it in too little you are going to get chattering in your rear wheel third the rear brake you need to use it alongside the engine braking watch out not to use it too much or that you could lock up the rear wheel use it regularly so you fill the again and become independent from and you don’t overdo it and last the front brake you ought to enter the corner at ample velocity so you should use the front brake adequate to dump the rear wheel which will make sliding the bike much less complicated what do you say Marco i’m getting closer yes sure you need some practice however you’ll get there yeah it can be like all of the methods don’t work in at some point correct exactly so I consider it’s your flip you should are attempting the 390 what you say you need to check out yeah i can are trying k and let’s use this nook we continuously switching corners right here we try exclusive patterns exceptional corners to discover more difficult one for more do you suppose they use slipper grab i don’t think so you are doing wrong sliding the take hold of and somewhat bit brake and this is the way you float the vehicle but they don’t scare supermoto mode so that they do not need a supermoto mode switching the motive force it’s tough to give your bike away to one more either whilst you comprehend that it’s a just right rider then it’s now not hindrance but I did the opposite factor is he gonna go over the restrict might be and lecture i am now not definite also it’s now not his bike so that is proper so it was satisfactory to have some crash protectors now we must add some crash gauge here when markers using now I was once going a bit of bit careful considering that I promised Cadia i will not spoil the bike i do know Marco can do it so Marco give us slightly bit turn up quite shiny boots for the sweet bike however do you wish to have to check out though proper adequate let’s give him time he wishes to get used to the bike rattling Rain Man no simply after we had enjoyable we need to quit this climate did you see that dude that was Marco sideways accurately so I was a rookie I showed you some rookie skills marker confirmed you some pro advantage anyway I had tons of fun they made the primary youngster steps into sliding and you had fun yeah plenty of enjoyable like what do you say concerning the 319 you i will be able to affirm the supermoto mode works very good so we’ve got a green light from the respectable supermoto rider so just right job KTM supermoto mode is working perfectly it was once additionally easy for me to learn the first steps and yeah follow mark on Instagram he has additionally various supermoto cool images movies what’s your Instagram for good love racing get low racing so comply with mark on Instagram drop some comments beneath if you happen to also are trying the super mode to mode on the on the Duke 390 and if you have some information what we probably disregard to claim drop the comments under that is it for this time see you next week except then rock on Nova Scotia today Ghana tasty was tiny Tiwari

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