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Hiya everyone Avelina De Moray right here welcome back to my channel! In these days it’s gonna be one other video i am just variety of gonna assist you to are aware of it’s been going down in my lifestyles and a bit of update about my upcoming American commute and just some other stuff that I rather did not think it used to be worth making an complete video for so i’m just form of like shoving the whole thing in here and you revel in okay so first things first me my husband Vaughn and these are my fine friend are heading to l. A. On the 14th of April which is let me assess present day date Wow so confidently this video might be on-line fairly a couple of days before that so we can be situated in Hollywood and one can be staying with us for a week and then he has to fly back residence to be right with the youngsters cuz they’ve in no way been without us so i’m slightly worried about how they are going to go together with that due to the fact that this so little you already know like metal’s 3 and a 1/2 London’s almost two it is gonna be scorching I mean they may be with my mum my mum and my dad so there used to be acquainted people but it’s nonetheless no longer the equal is it so yeah god bless Skype we will be utilising that a lot I suppose and having said that i have never been away from long the longest has been two days my pondering no clearly I inform a lie the longest used to be three days and that close to killed me I used to be on a meals and wine cruise with my mum and that i neglected him terribly we were up to now out at sea that theme the networks what i’ve been working so i couldn’t leave out a jam nothing I was relatively weird so as a minimum i will have my exceptional buddy Lisa with me and attending to the next subsequent pleasing information is that Maxine i am so excited to fulfill this attractive girl shall be becoming a member of us for I suppose it can be three days we have now obtained an incredible condo in Hollywood i’m relatively enthusiastic about that location we just observed it on Epping child nevertheless it’s rather it sticked out rather nicely it cost a little bit bit extra money but considering I need to movie plenty of videos at the same time i am there i’m adore it’s just conducive of creativity it is nice and crimson and it makes me need to get bought up and film some movies so my have seen is founded in Canada if you do not know that already and i designed the red bag that you will have obvious floating round on Instagram lately and the matching pockets for her so please go and investigate out her bag if you haven’t visible it already for little replace on pre-orders I suppose we’re on 15 for the pink purse which is relatively cool and i feel it is in regards to the equal for the wallets the pre-orders are coming in slowly but steadily and we can have got to get to in regards to the 70-seventy five mark so we are going to get there hopefully this weekend that we spend collectively will you realize enable us to drum up various advertising for the bag and sales and things like that so now we have made up our minds to do a meet-and-greet in Hollywood i’m personally rather anxious about this cuz i’m like dude i’m too small no one’s gonna quilt don’t be so embarrassed so i am gonna Collette them a 1/2 soon plus Evelina the next day opening quality so if anyone is placed in Hollywood and want to come and say hello we’re going to be Hollywood Boulevard we are meeting there at 12 o’clock lunch time on the 22nd of April if you are within the subject please come and say hi we’d love to fulfill you may have seen and i’ll submit extra details concerning the assembly excellent as we get towards it just to remind you of it so if you’re capable to return to that simply ensure you seem out for these men and women in case the time or place or whatever like that changes k the following factor I wish to chat about is my birthday it’s coming up very quickly while you get previous 30 you type of stopped counting so we don’t have got to comprehend 30 what just 30 low thirties early thirties anyway it’s my birthday could 28th i’ve began a desire record I i’m no longer like please send me things however i’ve been getting plenty of requests be it from YouTube subs on Instagram or simply emails and stuff and normally it is no longer even for me repeatedly men and women are like whats up I saw this adorable little horror shirt I need to send it to steal and i’m fairly taking it again when that happens you know in many instances it’s humorous however yeah i’ve been a bit of hesitant to like open up a box and try this however I do not know like why no longer you only reside after I’ve noticeable ash Costello do it and a few different women on Instagram I think it can be only a particularly high-quality solution to connect so again you don’t need to send me anything but in case you had been excited about it and you desired to and that makes you joyful and in turn makes me joyful through all method I’ve put together a want list of some matters that i have never yet purchased i do not precisely comprehend the way it works it is not the Amazon wishlist it enables you to add things from all exclusive internet sites which i feel is rather cool for the reason that i don’t personally use so i will link that down beneath which you could examine it out to peer what i have been ruling oh and that i do have a peer box I needed to open that on account that of my industry no longer so like receive items I simply wanted like a intelligent return tackle and Wow boring she that used to be getting out of manipulate assess that out if you need to i’m also serious about in the event that they have been adequate objects to unbox doing an specific video for youtube that would be cool if anything is distributed I undoubtedly will do an unboxing on Instagram like one hundred% and if i have enough items i would then you already know mix that into a YouTube video for you all cuz I suppose that is quite beautiful so that you can watch a fast replace on the Black Friday wallets i do know numerous you’ve gotten been getting edgy we’re accomplishing that point within the manufacturing where people are like where the fuck are they and the good news is is that by the time this video is online they may be often going to be finished my organization has instructed me April 14th or 13th they’re going to be shipped to me that doesn’t imply I obtain them folks that implies they are on the airplane and god no tell them that takes final time to acquire the Black Friday clutches it took three weeks for them to depart Hong Kong and get to me I have no idea fucking why once I paper specific it’s presupposed to be three to five days but we’ve got obtained to get them by way of customs and all these documents have to go backward and forward and stuff like that so by the time I return from la which is April 20 nights at the end of April I should have them well they will have to be very almost arriving so the good news there’s they’ll start to ship out early may now we have sold over 350 of them I’ve had five hundred made so if you wish to have one they’re nearly going to be in inventory they’re going to sell out so get one well which you can notably if you need that matching set of the hammock and the wallet which is simply glorious i have been using that every day it’s this kind of surreal feeling to have your favorite bag be some thing that you just designed it is really cool for the variant – Black Friday grasp i know a lot of you could have been waiting very patiently considering that sprayer hasn’t put her video on but I cannot the manufacturing on account that I have no idea how many orders were going to get so simply please be patient with me except that will get released she’s a little backlogged with movies you know being in New Zealand and then getting again to Germany if she appears to be getting on prime of that now with regular releases so i hope to peer the variation – seize liberate and the hair release relatively quickly which would be super and one among them will feature me due to the fact when she was in Sydney as you noticed 24,000 of you watched that video that was once tremendous oh yeah we did just a little video collectively so i’ll put that up someplace so that you could watch it if you haven’t already for the guys’s wallet I ultimately completed the design and earlier than i am going to america i will pay to have that sample began as good so i will simply get to mate instantly by the time I get back from the us once more i will frequently I might even get them to make that and send that sample wallet over with the females bullets and yeah ultimately i will to liberate products for you guys in view that i do know I get quite a few comments on my channel from guys and on Instagram and stuff like that they are like why are not you aiding the opposite gender and i additionally obtained the final samples for their as could la moths Hamburg i know a couple of of you’re really keen on that one that is the quilted patent one with the sort of stuff that is available in silver and gold anybody fascinated about that bag will need to be tremendous patient just considering as Mays profile he’s slightly bit smaller on YouTube she’s bought a enormous Instagram but she does not have that YouTube grants yet and neither do I stated we’re just gonna need need a little bit bit extra time to get that back available in the market good so she would not even have it yet so like what do we do so I consider that is the whole lot I received the whole thing off my chest that I wanted to I are not able to wait to come to the usa i’m dying for the Harry Potter ride i’m going to universal Studios 100% thanks considering watching please subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already hit that button down under when you do subscribe remember to press that bell see right here the notification of when I definitely do upload so you do not pass over it comment as always I revel in reading your whole feedback and did reply to quite a lot of them just lately it’s wow you guys wish to comment but that is good that helps my channel get higher so remark away i’ll see you within the subsequent video bye for now you


L.A Meet & Greet With Mahafsoun + My Birthday !!! | Avelina De Moray 1


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