L.A Meet & Greet With Mahafsoun + My Birthday !!!


Hi, there everybody Avelina De Moray right here welcome again to my channel! In these days it’s gonna be one other video i am simply type of gonna will let you comprehend it’s been happening in my lifestyles and slightly replace about my upcoming American trip and just some other stuff that I quite didn’t think it was once valued at making an whole video for therefore i am just variety of like shoving the whole lot in here and also you revel in okay so first things first me my husband Vaughn and these are my high-quality buddy are heading to los angeles on the 14th of April which is let me determine today’s date Wow so with a bit of luck this video will be online fairly a few days before that so we will be able to be situated in Hollywood and one can be staying with us for every week after which he has to fly back residence to be correct with the children cuz they have never been with out us so i am a bit of concerned about how they will go with that on the grounds that this so little you already know like metal’s 3 and a half London’s close to two it can be gonna be hot I imply they’re with my mum my mum and my dad so there used to be acquainted people nevertheless it’s nonetheless no longer the same is it so yeah god bless Skype we will be making use of that lots I consider and having said that i haven’t been away from long the longest has been two days my pondering no genuinely I tell a lie the longest was once three days and that just about killed me I used to be on a food and wine cruise with my mum and i neglected him terribly we have been thus far out at sea that theme the networks what i have been working so i couldn’t pass over a jam nothing I was really bizarre so as a minimum i’ll have my exceptional buddy Lisa with me and getting to the following next unique information is that Maxine i’m so excited to meet this beautiful woman might be becoming a member of us for I suppose it’s three days we’ve got got an first rate condo in Hollywood i’m fairly fascinated with that position we just determined it on Epping little one nevertheless it’s really it sticked out particularly nicely it fee slightly bit extra money however considering that I wish to film plenty of movies at the same time i am there i’m find it irresistible’s simply conducive of creativity it can be first-rate and purple and it makes me want to get sold up and film some videos so my have noticeable is headquartered in Canada if you don’t know that already and that i designed the crimson bag that you could have noticeable floating around on Instagram recently and the matching wallet for her so please go and determine out her bag if you haven’t obvious it already for little update on pre-orders I think we’re on 15 for the crimson handbag which is rather cool and i consider it’s about the identical for the wallets the pre-orders are coming in slowly however ceaselessly and we will be able to have to get to concerning the 70-75 mark so we will get there hopefully this weekend that we spend together will you realize allow us to drum up numerous promotion for the bag and sales and things like that so we’ve got determined to do a meet-and-greet in Hollywood i’m for my part fairly worried about this cuz i’m like dude i’m too small no person’s gonna duvet don’t be so embarrassed so i’m gonna Collette them a 1/2 soon plus Evelina day after today opening pleasant so if anyone is placed in Hollywood and would like to come and say hello we are going to be Hollywood Boulevard we are meeting there at 12 o’clock lunch time on the twenty second of April if you are in the discipline please come and say hi we would love to meet you may have noticeable and i’ll post more small print about the meeting satisfactory as we get closer to it simply to remind you of it so if you are equipped to come back to that simply be certain you look out for these men and women in case the time or place or whatever like that changes ok the following factor I need to chat about is my birthday it can be developing very quickly once you get prior 30 you type of stopped counting so we don’t need to understand 30 what just 30 low thirties early thirties anyway it can be my birthday may twenty eighth i’ve started a wish record I i am not like please ship me matters however i’ve been getting various requests be it from YouTube subs on Instagram or simply emails and stuff and typically it can be not even for me usually men and women are like hello I saw this cute little horror shirt I want to ship it to steal and i’m quite taking it again when that occurs you understand generally it’s humorous however yeah i’ve been a bit of hesitant to like open up a box and do that however I have no idea like why now not you only live after I’ve seen ash Costello do it and some different ladies on Instagram I believe it’s just a quite satisfactory method to join so again you don’t need to send me something however if you happen to were fascinated about it and you desired to and that makes you pleased and in turn makes me joyful via all way I’ve put together a want record of some things that i haven’t but bought i don’t precisely comprehend how it works it can be not the Amazon wishlist it permits you so as to add matters from all distinct websites which i consider is really cool considering i do not personally use so i will hyperlink that down beneath which you could examine it out to peer what i have been ruling oh and i do have a peer field I needed to open that due to the fact of my industry now not so like acquire gifts I just needed like a wise return deal with and Wow boring she that used to be getting out of control examine that out if you would like to i am also interested by in the event that they were ample gadgets to unbox doing an genuine video for youtube that might be cool if something is shipped I without doubt will do an unboxing on Instagram like one hundred% and if i’ve ample items i might then you recognize combine that right into a YouTube video for you all cuz I suppose that’s particularly lovely so that you can watch a fast replace on the Black Friday wallets i do know quite a few you’ve been getting edgy we’re accomplishing that point in the manufacturing where men and women are like the place the fuck are they and the good news is is that by the time this video is online they’re more often than not going to be completed my organization has told me April 14th or thirteenth they are going to be shipped to me that does not mean I acquire them folks that means they’re on the airplane and god no tell them that takes final time to acquire the Black Friday clutches it took three weeks for them to depart Hong Kong and get to me I don’t know fucking why after I paper express it can be presupposed to be three to five days however now we have bought to get them by way of customs and all these records have got to go backward and forward and stuff like that so by the time I return from l. A. Which is April 20 nights on the finish of April I should have them well they must be very just about arriving so the good news there’s they are going to to ship out early may just now we have now sold over 350 of them I’ve had 5 hundred made so if you want one they’re almost going to be in stock they’ll promote out so get one good that you can principally if you need that matching set of the hammock and the pockets which is just wonderful i have been using that everyday it’s any such surreal feeling to have your favorite bag be some thing that you just designed it is fairly cool for the version – Black Friday seize i do know a number of you have got been waiting very patiently due to the fact sprayer hasn’t put her video on but I can not start the manufacturing given that I have no idea what number of orders had been going to get so simply please be sufferer with me except that will get launched she’s a little backlogged with videos you already know being in New Zealand and then getting again to Germany if she seems to be getting on top of that now with time-honored releases so i am hoping to look the version – grasp free up and the hair unencumber really soon which might be awesome and certainly one of them will feature me considering that when she used to be in Sydney as you noticed 24,000 of you watched that video that was once fantastic oh yeah we did a bit video collectively so i will put that up somewhere so you could watch it if you haven’t already for the men’s pockets I subsequently completed the design and earlier than i go to the us i’ll pay to have that sample began as good so i’ll simply get to mate immediately by the time I get again from the usa again i will most commonly I might even get them to make that and send that pattern wallet over with the ladies bullets and yeah eventually i will to release merchandise for you guys considering that i do know I get quite a lot of feedback on my channel from men and on Instagram and stuff like that they are like why don’t seem to be you helping the opposite gender and i additionally received the final samples for their as may la moths Hamburg i know a few of you’re rather keen on that one that’s the quilted patent one with the style of stuff that comes in silver and gold any individual excited by that bag will have got to be super sufferer simply considering as Mays profile he is a bit of bit smaller on YouTube she’s got a giant Instagram however she does not have that YouTube presents but and neither do I stated we’re just gonna need need a bit of bit more time to get that again in the market well so she does not even have it but so like what will we accomplish that I consider that is the whole thing I acquired everything off my chest that I wanted to I are not able to wait to return to the usa i’m death for the Harry Potter experience i’m going to common Studios 100% thanks keen on looking at please subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already hit that button down under whilst you do subscribe bear in mind to press that bell see here the notification of when I virtually do upload so you don’t omit it comment as constantly I revel in studying your entire comments and did reply to quite a lot of them lately it’s wow you guys wish to remark but that is excellent that helps my channel get better so remark away i will see you in the subsequent video bye for now you


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