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Losing My $60,000 Birkin While Buying Drugstore Makeup


What’s up each person? Welcome again to my channel! Hello, how are ya? Now in these days we are in a taxicab in a foreign country and we are so as to in finding some amazing drugstore make-up! Now I tried to do this video final year it didn’t occur so we’re trying it once more now you can also ask your self Jeffree why the hell are you in the UK? Good men and one in all my pleasant buddies Mmmmitchell we’re doing some makeup grasp lessons they usually’ve been potent you guys that is been so surreal to be again here in an additional country and simply celebrate our love for make-up so today we’re on the hunt for some robust drugstore finds! Possibly an mighty groundwork that price less than the fingernail I do not know what we’re gonna in finding at present however let’s hope and pray nothing ruins the epidermis for the reason that after that kindly ask interview woman I used to be about to retire sure there is actual makeup commercials on the taxi cabs here that is so cool I think at dwelling k so in the us we have Duane Reed, rite help Walgreens Walmart CVS thank you i’m lit and here there may be whatever called superdrug no it can be no longer the place you purchase a relatively good marijuana it’s like a cute little drug retailer but it’s a massive significant chain and then there’s whatever referred to as boots and no not like typical boots it’s simply called boots there is an strong drugstore finds and are we right here yeah oh my god we’re here so let’s pray they’ve some just right shit hi there world all proper the place the hell is ray oh my god okay right here it’s hopefully they don’t kick us out for filming let’s give it a whirl oh my god this entire aisle is all make-up timeless it’s like a playground k guys there is numerous stuff here oh my god this is an enabling groundwork I’ve virtually never tried so let’s provide it a whirl bourgeoisie is a drugstore manufacturer I’ve used these things in so long so let’s let’s grasp as so much as we can and let’s do happen there may be so many basis formulation i am like supply me the fullest protection one please k oh my god I practically knocked the entire show off Zach tolby Jesus gosh that is so weird okay let’s just keep going and make-up revolution is from UK but we’re as huge an American and their packaging is so full of a little bit boring it also be a lethal weapon if anyone tries to do k so Barry M is a drugstore brand that they don’t have in the us so we’re simply gonna seize a bunch of stuff and particularly test it out we’re gonna just get each colour as good now Mitchell sincerely used to make use of this concealer on me rock I rather adored it and i used to be like what is that this and he is adore it’s seven bucks we just got to take a look at it i don’t have got to have a concealer here let’s pray the usa for makeup like all drug store whatever lovely that we would not have something you can not unfastened it like drugstore we have berry thanks yeah what do we obtained what can we got oh that you may the Tia spell I consider it has come from Walgreens the Bhoots Walgreens okay but i would honestly on no account heard of it ok i’ll snatch just a few just continue sure i like a just right low-priced fine k so this manufacturer is on hand in the usa now however they may be from UK and they have some merchandise here that i am obsessed with that is an OG highlighter you simply on my channel a couple of years in the past so that’s so cool that is your a beautiful is on my channel i like that we now have bought it provide it a whirl again that is the girl began the gasps honey k let’s clutch a brush oh it’s just right a peachy one Mitchell but various peachy moment thank you so much does it ever end i do not consider so you’ll be wondering why are you making an attempt the make up but well we landed Saturday night it is now Monday afternoon and there is no baggage so all the makeup that we purchased 5 seconds in the past on this video by the way we decide your Sunday you recognize came dwelling Saturday night time which can be right here Sunday yep still can’t evaluate the make-up yeah hoping the beige we must gonna exhibit up that didn’t occur KLM airways i am slightly shook at you oh okay actual speedy Zack you are virtually gonna die considering your luggage is misplaced right yeah k so I have no idea read Dutch but um look our little baggage i know i’m like where’s mine ah so it can be no longer simply us it’s a whole bunch of folks and then recollect our friend from morphe hit us up today and goes my pal was in your flight his bags lost and i was once like no what are the so I can’t translate this i am without a doubt gonna name nikkietutorials in view that she’s from Amsterdam and i am gonna have her translate this article but you guys will see whoo all proper guys it can be Tuesday now we’re virtually four days in and that i consider i have some good news to begin with after the day gone by we turn off the camera the airline did not tweet me for hours but they clearly replied eventually like y’all had been rather stepping into on them which the big name loved ones is the great so Calum wrote me and so they stated we express regret for the inconvenience that this has brought on you Geoffrey because of a gigantic malfunction at the Amsterdam Airport the bags system essentially is broken all day so the previous day you guys we heard like used to be that like 500 youngsters or by using major like my mom humans acquired affected proper I awoke this morning 14,000 passengers or more have been affected i’m like well i’m on no account getting my bag again so I had some insecurities they also mentioned that they deployed further employees who had been working day and night to get the remaining luggage of the passengers as speedily as possible okay good just right information is you guys allegedly the bag is one hour away Madison talked to any individual at first they have been like we don’t fairly be aware of we can not track them down and that i was like okay it’s a rap it is over no video no make-up no Birkins it’s over however it’s on the throughway and it allegedly shall be right here with quickly so oh incidentally it can be delicious birthday snack me and Nate obtained scrumptious I was our first dog together he’s four years ancient he’s dwelling okay you guys so the luggage is practically here and incidentally Zach inform them where all the drugstore makeup is absolutely my bag was in my bag so thank God Zach’s and Madison’s with mine as good so let’s pray the whole thing nontoxic oh boy mr.


Starr I swear the bags might be there at that is like sixteen I really need to review the make-up i’m like sitting right here my youtube channel is loss of life no person watches it anymore no person cares just kidding um however I particularly just need to play and make up and have enjoyable at present I had a facial in these days my dermis is glowing I need to quilt it cheap fucking make-up yes please ship them via good who does it was dumb thanks Delta it is like the president of Delta i’m so sorry mr. Starr Yeah correct I wish are you able to think so they’re here k they acquired to the protect yet you guys we deny them correct that is so funny he is a delta let’s pray the make-up and the Birkin is still within the bag is it the Birkin is invisible and you guys oh I’ve leged Lee oh my god oh my suitcase is broken this isn’t a good sign but we’re gonna pray quite hard earlier than we open it this has the united kingdom makeup Venice’s acts Sookie’s ate a minute that is Colin’s so your baggage missing yeah with all of the makeup in it that i am supposed to review correct now Wow no yeah we do recognize we had a combined up on the names oh my god tried to shoot the drugstore make a video last 12 months did I not Christian you did with Mitchell here we are once more at the most effective bag k is your bag dude dude how they go they verified Meadows mine like several designated that it was once line that was missing k that they had one marked down is lacking for us already we simply reports throughout the avenue and let’s examine if i want the make-up I was once identical to ten minutes ago they gave us the incorrect identify at least we bought calling bad factor yeah Christ but look at all this oh my god well that is obviously mine see what happened to Joe this oh i’m a easy ass bitch I simply desire a sturdy good suitcase oh my god out of the fund early case like anybody opened it up and looked at recognize I kept it 1/2 open so it failed to get squashed cuz I failed to get held by the netting oh my god ultraviolet ms Birkin 30 with palladium hardware oh my god ok anyway the place’s the fucking makeup holy Sh it’s right here sorry for the eleven minute intro y’all but this is a loopy ride and earlier than we even get on this bag an earthquake simply hit los angeles certainly San Bernardino County while we had been about to click on play and start this video as earthquake hit so it’s 4th of July incidentally now we have been filming this video all week our residence was once moving the whole thing was once shaking I was like good enough Christian i am traumatized good enough well let’s pray one more earthquake does not occur and if it does i guess will not get it on digicam ok so i suppose there may be only one factor to do is do this drugstore makeup very well after per week of suffering we sooner or later have the tremendous drug and the boots makeup oh my god i’m simply oh there is a lot stuff here so we’re simply gonna pull all of it out i’m simply gonna line it up and we’re just gonna try to do as a lot as we are able to to create a little full face and that i do not know what is set to happen i’m just like the journey to get right here could be very insane so let’s have a look at if now we have a primer to cure my nervousness all proper everybody what is about to happen I received my receipts right here and this primer let’s begin off with the primer you guys it is from a manufacturer referred to as gosh and of course I’ve never obvious this earlier than until I went over there this primer is $and it’s a Velvet contact foundation primer just from watching at it close to appears like the Smashbox one might be it is terrible filling but let’s have a look at what occurs oh my god actually feels like the Smashbox variety of like good enough ok that felt very style of like slippery I think it’s in my pores let me do a little look i’m like k pores are a little bit minimal now not too crazy no I relatively want some groundwork considering the fact that it is been an extended week and um i’ve been dying to take a look at this so I acquired two brands I do not know what i am gonna try I desire I might do a poll correct now however there’s a manufacturer this clearly was once in Sephora this company is known as bourgeoisie and they’re from Paris that is the healthy mix anti fatigue groundwork now it’s supposed to be 16 hour where there may be vitamins in right here what does that quite mean let’s supply it a whirl so i’ve a damp beauty sponge we had a foundation brush and let’s see what happens now this says flawless contemporary and a healthful watching complexion as much as 24-hour hydration yeah we will be able to no longer be wearing this for twenty-four hours oh ok so that’s what it looks like i am just gonna take my morphe Jeffrey star foundation brush and let’s simply do a tiny bit and see what occurs how is the coverage is just a just right suit i try to buy as many colorations as feasible to check out to check myself however you guys know the way it’s in the retailer regularly you simply acquired to try it at dwelling and see what happens k from mixing it in and effortless more light to medium protection but you guys know i’m not mad about that we’re all into layering however look at this making my discoloration and vanish seem at that yet another comp all right watching in the reveal and within the replicate it’s undoubtedly way lighter than i’m used to but i am now not mad at it it absolutely offers you that style of like healthful watching glow correct there you see it on the foreheadbone absolutely i am gonna do the sponge on the other facet however look at the difference i’m like wow hmm oh by the way you guys this groundwork is most effective eight greenbacks and forty nine cents i’m like Jesus curb that’s now not dangerous at all you realize it’s loopy though i do know if I are trying it with a sponge is simply gonna look much more sheared out so this is really cute it’s relatively pretty but there’s an extra foundation sitting right here that’s particularly piquing my curiosity considering that it’s the all night time long full insurance plan groundwork from a UK brand called Barry M now you can be like why have I heard of Barry M earlier than well mamma Mitchell has been on my channel of direction a few times my powerful pal an unique makeup artist from the united kingdom and he has used the Barry M concealer on me a few times this little man correct here and that i quite cherished it in the beginning we pulled it out I was once like what the hell is that this so they’ve a foundation I’ve on no account tried it the coloration is not my colour bitch however I purchased a bunch of coloration and i relatively want to try it so let’s provide it a whirl this groundwork is only $and the concealer $i’m like you higher work k let’s provide this a whirl so this is allegedly going to quilt everything up into the early hours delicate creamy easy to blend feels lightweight moisturizing diet E antioxidant okay now see what happens must we just go in with out a shade matching like let’s see how good i am at matching this in the store if it’s a flop you all can laugh at me collectively ok oh hello insurance policy goodbye discoloration mmm i like how this one smells more than the opposite one to be honest the opposite one wasn’t a bad perfume this one just style of smells a little bit more like mm-hmm okay now for fun hmm let’s go in with the sponge and combo this out ok this is blended out appear at my mess over right here um let’s talk about you guys so this aspect used to be the bourgeoisie after which over right here we’ve the berry and i do not know what to feel but I really like how the berry em facet appears over right here it can be absolutely little bit more glowy it is a bit bit extra variety of like cakey around my nostril subject it nonetheless appears beautiful all over else but it just sort of sat weird proper there this facet is watching a bit higher i am equipped for the barium concealer oh i’ve been trying to open this concealer for five minutes you guys you probably have nails who else i’m over right here like i am gonna stab my eye out all correct let’s try this full-insurance plan berry and concealer it is known as all night time long it’s $it looks like this packaging may be very simple there may be five milliliters in here and no fragrance fairly received it k cool let’s see if it can be gonna quilt what i need it to quilt no I selected the lightest shade you guys there used to be like 12 to twenty shades I just grabbed the three lightest so it goes on mild I keep in mind Mitchell like layering this on me and i was once like oh bitch k like you fairly laid it down so let me simply try one part let’s have a look at what happens so we don’t go overboard truely i’m impressed that you could rather see of path with my vainness tattoo how good it covers of direction we’re making use of the morphe beauty sponge so it will sure the way it i would like bit however I rather like it I believe it desires a bit bit more and Wow bitch is impressed with this components Wow okay as i’m blending out the other facet I did my chin in the nose it is a really excellent system for the fee i am like bitch for those who are living in the UK you higher be snatching this up when you consider that it is hydrating it looks quite beautiful and it’s not cakey like i do know right away when I use a concealer i am like k bitch I was once gonna seem – to sleep in my eyes this system is wonderful alright concealer is late now i did not find any atmosphere powder that I could no longer purchase in the us so we’re gonna go in with the enduring magic megastar of direction setting powder in translucent and Rose i love combining these they may be so good and if you want to set your life in a location bitch you know mama has you protected so let me simply do a quick little set and i will likely be right back k face is watching really adorable now we now have a powder foundation anti-fatigue again from bourgeoisie that is imagined to i am just gonna set the whole thing and give one more boost so let’s return in with the equal powder brush and appear that color appears a little lifeless looks slightly gray k seem at that brush hair my face k let me just do this a bit bit is it doing anything i’m like packing it on and i am now not fairly seeing anything okay perhaps it can be just calmly atmosphere everything don’t rather see a lot of a difference um let’s move on all right now there is no contour kits that I could find there is this little highlighting palette from gosh oh whats up there um okay we will supply her just a little whirl we also of course you guys revolution and makeup revolution is from the uk make-up revolution is so gigantic now an Alta and drugstore stuff however this is a sprinkles blush and a highlight palette I don’t have any notion what that’s going to look like let’s provide her a whirl okay packaging is a traditional drugstore it is cheap it can be cute nothing mind-blowing honey ok BAM let’s touch one flap else dry k i’m now not too mad at that does not have any pigment that had been pay off oh there we go a bit of bit I was over here I used to be like mmm lovable okay best and of course you guys noticed I bought the enduring highlighting palette from sleek i exploit this on my channel years in the past it’s so good it is rather blinding and they’ve exploded everywhere the united states UK all over so excessive sleek congrats are you guys my face is looking just a little dull now there isn’t a contour package there is nothing like that however we do have slightly bit of blush and a highlighting second so let’s highlight let’s use some blush I found this ex1 i don’t even understand what the fuck that implies but it’s referred to as pretty in Peach it is made in Italy bought in London work k we want a blush blush alright it is going up in slightly ancient-college iconic Mac now hiya repay but is it gonna look excellent on these cheeks let’s see Oh lovable hmm in reality love that it’s not like so extreme the place right away I wasn’t like screaming like good day yeah usually you swipe the cheek and you’re like oh my god this is definitely relatively lovely oh this is suitable blusher correct right here okay Wow its sheer it is adorable it let me construct and i sort of reside for it ok relocating on I believe it is most likely time to highlight i’ve method too many matters happening here so let’s simply see what happens here i am gonna go in with this little sprinkle second oh i’m now not mad at her oh wow how a lot oh my god this used to be for four greenbacks actually four dollars well lovable I get it oh I love it so much okay now let’s open up the sleek one this one is set line ding I recollect this colour being like otherworldly let’s examine if it nonetheless does the job oh yes i love this system it looks rather wet watching as good yeah whoa k Wow no I located these eyeliners and that i kind of wish to either use it as an ice decide on for anybody’s eye or I don’t know perhaps some needs to sit down on this kind of but these are for a revolution myth eyeliner I can not think me like swiping this across my lid and dwelling for it so i will undoubtedly swatch these for fun oh wow mmm easy that system i’m not so sure about that one ok good next so for the primary time within the historical past of my channel i did not discover a fairly ailing eyes shadow palette you guys are more often than not like what are you out of your intellect i know however don’t worry i will be again there in a few months however I simply need to do a particularly simple effortless seem like mascara lip face contemporary BAM so that’s exactly what we’re gonna do today this is sincerely like merchandise that you can really get competent with in 20 minutes now mascara there was once various mascara in that nation Lord we now have revolutions the mascara the gloss k bitch the mascara and then we brought bourgeoisie eye-catching eye opening vol so these are low-priced like they’re fairly low-priced so certainly one of them is only ten dollars and certainly one of them is eight you better work k let’s are trying the mascara appear at that brush so much product is on there hmm it smells like common mascara however clumpy Jesus yeah the stopper is in there I was once looking like oh my god I simply seem at all that merchandise coming off oh k let’s supply it a whirl it can be like that is called Willy clumpy i’m scared hmm k honestly now not that unhealthy seem at that already clumpy the condo this is like for bottom mascara ooh i am being relatively smooth all proper now whilst you appear at the earlier than and after relatively adorable nevertheless it took a second to get there wait longer than usual the wand woman this proper here held away too much product so I had to be so soft that I did not bump below my eye let’s try the bourgeoisie eye catching what does this seem like Oh method unique and the product is not in every single place so let’s examine what occurs k you realize what’s loopy this one is extra like full it offers you extra quantity whereas this one is like queue nevertheless it’s no longer giving me the equal influence without doubt not living for this side i will be sincere what’s new i do know I definitely like this like extra that it can be so crazy the applicator was once a flop absolutely it received it on there it used to be just so however this it is okay it is adorable i’m simply now not living for it it’s now not giving me particularly what i need the backside one kind of that is alright but uh k I would really like to even take it there with more lashes after which fairly you guys we now have a lip left in view that the pharmacy used to be now not popping over there but honestly up to now so excellent my face is feeling fairly pleasant and fresh I would like to position on a lash and also you guys be aware of I used to be of direction it just abroad with Mitchell and Tati lashes who offered and hosted our whole tour and we had so much fun but Mitchell BAM he just launched new lashes with Tati this is his collaboration i’m so pleased with him he did a collab with them last year it received relatively giant and this can be a uk-established company and they are so powerful we had the exceptional time so thanks talk to you for web hosting our lessons now these are gigantic if you love a loopy full lash Mitchell has you covered but for at present i am gonna take out that glue and i’m gonna use it hello magic trick in these days as well but Tati has so many effective different styles of lashes and this TL three is an awfully hot vendor so let’s are attempting them on o.K. I’ve cut the band and now i am gonna put this lash glue on right here now Mitchell use this every day on me within the lessons and these lashes like his new ones the TL opt for every drag queens myth I wish to type of get the base down and i’m going to go in with tweezers everybody hi you probably have lengthy nails you understand tweezers are our quality associates and simply laying the lash down oh i like how fool these are principally with like no eye shadow it’s like giving me the whole thing i need hello all proper lashes are on oh i like these considering that now i like supporting indie manufacturers and indie organizations so if you want to support Mitchel and speak to you lashes i will hyperlink their web page down beneath k I believe it is time for a nappy now there is plenty of stuff here at bourgeoisie once more had lip merchandise they’d various rather lovely nudes liquid lips not the enduring driver store cosmetics liquid lip components but hi there you under no circumstances recognize this possibly sickening additionally there is a crazy 3d gloss from bourgeoisie they only had a massive retail space so I grabbed a bunch of it after which we have a lip oil from gosh after which a holographic lip topper from Barry M so there’s lots going on right here let’s are trying it liquid lip and we will put a topper over it let’s do that one yeah ok now this shade is known as velvet quantity 31 no it can be bloodless plant life beige bought it quite would not have a fragrance no longer dangerous I imply I don’t know i’m like I anticipated some thing wild normal the colour appears lovable very safe formulation all right now what i’m gauging from this system is that it’s not like a long-lasting liquid lip because it does say velvet on right here I feel it’s identical to literally liquid lipstick with out the staying energy but we’ll are trying it in a 2d all correct i’m gonna have Nate see if this can be a long-lasting components or a general ass good day dude over here thanks and appear in the digital camera it can be for your mouth beautiful color it can be just no longer lengthy-lasting which i’m not mad about man whats up appears forgot our luggage back yeah ok let’s swiftly try on this berry M holographic lip topper of direction it can be in this crazy packaging that I can not open Nate come back all proper Nate acquired the packaging off for me now this made in Taiwan work k let’s examine what occurs with this one what does it smell like whoa it smells like sweet like oh my god it smells so just right love that ok i am no longer getting a holographic and i inspiration it was gonna be far more blinding and i am variety of falling flat right now and it is doing away with the lip obviously it’s lip gloss however when you mmm you guys are speaking about this isn’t normally happening ok no longer dwelling for that one let’s go in with you bourgeoisie 3d outcomes gloss and shine elixir please work bitch oh oh we could have a winner hmm or the brush is so convenient hmm let’s do yet another dunk k manner better i like this hmm that is all that first-rate but the other one this one’s no longer so just right um besides that you guys i might best discovered a illuminating conclude spray from Barry M for make-up environment and body spray I failed to to find some thing else this one is supposed to be metropolis proofs they’re see is covered from filth and air pollution I think it can be only fair to set this house and give it a whirl girl let me get my Patricof fan bitch and this look is complete all correct we in the end got to finish and whole somewhat full face of a drugstore at UK and make-up now i love this that is like my style of every day wearable make-up lashes gloss high severe foundation and concealer so if you’re anybody that loves an everyday second like this woman there are some gem stones so all the stuff that isn’t jeffree celebrity approved we’re simply not gonna mention to any extent further bye you are within the graveyard we’ll so long girl now the whole thing that I rather adored i am gonna point out I do want to recognize though you guys ready for this Christian let’s zoom in correct here on my nose now correct right here of course this was the bourgeoisie side now there’s some cracking proper right here now not I imply it can be lovable it looks excellent i’ve just right epidermis so numerous foundations will wear out nice however we’re doing all of that no ma’am after which while you go on this side like barium groundwork honey it appears fairly pretty Wow k now apart from that the barium concealer I relatively like that as good so the all night time long basis woman it was once like a little bit watery when it was out of the aspect but it surely laid so fine the concealer this combo they did something right excessive work I cherished it besides that this random ex1 blusher I don’t know where you got here from girl I take into account grabbing you in one of the stores and it was once quite beautiful i’m gonna hold this on my station and use it we know sleek is that this shit we reside for them miss lip colour I suggestion used to be fairly beautiful no longer my favorite liquid lip system so virtually i’m gonna just style of go over that this final just about step this gloss is so wonderful and the one more thing surely is lashes I feel they variety of stole the exhibit – the concealer I quite love them they simply make me feel like somewhat doll and i adore it okay you guys it used to be a journey to get here excuse a protracted video I had no concept all of that was going to transpire all I desired to do used to be are trying some make-up as traditional let me be aware of what you guys consider about each single product down under what did you hate on me what did you’re keen on pontificate I wish to hear from you guys and thank you for gazing another overview I took a couple of weeks off considering the fact that journeying has been really extreme so I’ve officially again on YouTube and i’ll see you guys in just a few days mwah bye guys

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