Mens Bracelets And Accessory Nightmares

there! Today I woke up from a weird dream. I was in a shopping mall and all the
objects were supersized. At first, it was a huge boost for my ego to see that
only xxxs sizes would fit me, but  I was
shocked when I got to the accessories department and the smallest bracelet
would fit me only as a belt. What had happened?
Well, apparently, the renaming of sizes in order to make customers feel
pleased about themselves, even though they had put on some weight, had reached
dramatic heights in my dream.

When I
woke up, I was happy to see that I was still in my normal-sized pijamas and my
bracelets collection was in the right place and size. But what would happen if
we couldn´t wear accessories any more? How would we make out utfit unique?
Lucky for us, we don´t have to think about that, but only about how to make the
best of being able to use the multitude of accessories. But, at the same time,
we must make sure we don´t abuse this ”power”.
While, to some extent, wearing one too many accessories, although a bad
idea, can be accepted for a girl, for a man this mistake stands out more. For
example, one too many men´s bracelets and the wrong size or colour will put you
on the black list when it comes to fashion sense.

But since
the percentage of men that do venture to make a fashion statement is clearly [click_to_tweet tweet=”Mens Bracelets And Accessory Nightmares” quote=”skullssales”]
lower than that of women, if you make the right combinations of accessories,
you will be given as an example and your style will be highly  appreciated (prepare yourself, you might be
asked for style advices).

There are
a few simple rules that you must take into consideration when choosing your
mens bracelet:

silver, titanium make you look mature and sophisticated. It is advised that you
don´t wear them with a sporty outfit

– leather
doesn´t go well with a suit

”one-colour” outfit can be energised with a bracelet in a bright colour- red,
perhaps (it also symbolizes power)

bracelets made out of wood, beads, steel, rubber,wool and other interesting
materials go well with a casual outfit

-if you
want to have an edgy attitude and be interesting, you can add an amulet with a
special hidden meaningFree Articles,

I hope my advices will help you choose the
right accessories.

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