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Motorcycle Club Not A Motorcycle Gang

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Motorcycle club or motorcycle gang we get into it on this episode of Demons Row television First matters first. I wish to welcome you to an additional model of Demons Row tv. I used to be posed the question what’s the difference between a motorcycle membership and a gang. Or a bike gang and a motorbike club? You recognize plenty of MCs do not prefer to be called a motorbike gang for the reason that that’s not what we are being a club and once I first started interested by it I was like the variations are clear-cut but Being having experience of being in gangs and being in motorcycle golf equipment.


There’s quite a bit that is the equal to. So what makes the change. So I asked various individuals what they feel? Let me understand in the comments what you consider is the clear reduce change between a gang and a motorcycle club and the motive why I posed this query. Is on the grounds that plenty of men and women have misconceptions about gangs. The identical method they have got Misconceptions about motorbike golf equipment. Persons see motorbike golf equipment and they consider motorbike gang, Bar fights, you already know what I imply, you know the stereotypes So with gangs the stereotypes is automatic violence. What else you guys tell me in the feedback, but the fundamental point is Gangs have a misconception too seeing that a number of folks suppose considering the fact that you are a blood or a Crip that that suggests you are a gangsta.


I ask folks they usually had been like they suppose that it way you are quick to rob a person or you’re fast to battle or some thing and being in both worlds. I might tell you there are various bikers that I might way alternatively Get into anything somewhere. Then numerous these so-called gangsters or gang participants. Various they are scared to demise. So that is a kind of misconception about gangs What I think is the change is. I consider first off the differences in clubs is group motorcycle clubs are much more organized and The constitution of the way, it works president,vice-president Sergeant of arms, like every person has their positions in gangs.


You’ve got the tremendous home. You bought the little homies it is no longer too geared up more of a dictatorship One person variety of runs the exhibit. In a membership there may be a board you guys sit on the table and you compromise on stuff. Gangs is is Gangs you get jumped in so much well, I do not know about there’s so many unique gangs but I do know those that I was involved in you get jumped in. So it begins off high We’re proving yourself physically. We’re your at, so you get in the circle and that is how you get down. From what my experience is. Bike clubs are approach extraordinary. You prospect. Wash bikes you help installed I mean, it is determined by what membership you’re in.


You could be lighting fixtures men and women cigarettes, you recognize what I mean!! I was under no circumstances with that, but you understand what? I mean like, you know that you may shoot up you support out I mean, there is nothing mistaken with being a prospect both don’t don’t Ever believe that if and that is one more factor too simply to pause for a 2nd if you are going to join a club don’t feel like you are to love you’re like your balls is just too big to be a prospect like there’s nothing wrong with incomes something. It method a lot extra when you earn it.


Then simply having a passed to you. You recognize what I imply. Like in gangs you soar in 103 seconds whatever it is, some think your something your workforce’s quantity count in is boo-boo-boo-boo after which you’re in you understand what I imply! And Yeah, you bought to position in work and also you acquired to prove yourself, nevertheless it’s exceptional in a club you might be prospecting for a yr. Now i do know there may be quite a few golf equipment that do not do that and also you could be there for a couple of months and you know you are you’re wholly patch, you recognize what I imply? And that is an additional thing that’s unique about clubs that you could in a gang which you could false-flag which you can put on which you could go purchase a blue rag at the retailer or crimson rag on the store or something color your group is and that you could false flag, which means that which you can act like you are part of something that you are not MCS you get your stuff your stuff you get it out of your club and you cannot just go to a location where they stitch up your patches and simply say I need I want a three-piece patch You are not able to do that or whatever number of patches you have got in your club.


I am speaking from my standpoint we now have a precise spot that does all our stuff and you must go there to get it so you must okay from a Prez or a national for stuff like that. And that is an additional factor in an extra factor of the change between a motorcycle club and a gang is you have got countrywide Prez. That’s that is again to the organization thing you could have chapters which are affiliated with every different and absolutely are involved and meet up. In gangs you can be you’ll be in a collection over right here and haven’t any relation to a suite over there. It is very unorganized, I suppose these are the primary differences is group is a key to motorcycle golf equipment each like I stated before both have their misconceptions gangs have a number of misconceptions and motorbike golf equipment have various misconceptions, too simply let me understand within the comments what you believe are the most important variations between gangs and bike clubs and The police they seem at us the entire identical law enforcement officials appear at motorbike golf equipment the equal approach they seem at gangs.


They name us gangs, you realize what I mean. And the shit that’s corny is like Even the humans that do within the media that do Stuff like this like they put stuff on YouTube and stuff. They still, you understand, they are going to do an interview after which they will put you as whatever motorbike gang, like don’t do that. You recognize what I mean. Like if it is a motorcycle club, it’s a motorbike membership If they’re saying they’re a motorbike gang then that you can put it like that however just appreciate the culture and what you have to do to come to be an MC and there’s quite a few persons that put in plenty of work to end up an MC So just admire that whilst you do your blogs your interviews, anything it is that you’re doing out there and that i help all people also, I desired to present a speedy shout out to Raven Dixie line that’s just like the sister the Demons Row goes investigate her channel out. I’m going to put a link in the description exhibit love she’s in the market down south doin her thing you know i am sayin we on the East Coast Demons Row is East Coasten!! However we’re going to be far and wide soon just quickly because it warms up.


We’re going to hitting in all places however um, clearly yea inform me how you think within the feedback i like the the suggestions that I’m getting and the aid is fuckin strong Like this shit is growing so speedy. I am only like six seven that is going to be the seventh eighth video that I did and it’s just like the views are going up and the Subscribers and it is simply it can be amazing man. It’s fun I am having enjoyable with this and I simply recognize all you everybody that tunes in I tremendous respect you’ve gotten excellent night time Demons Row tv!!! .

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