Motorcycle Club Targeted By The Feds

Mongols Nation still is distinct by using the feds. We get into it on this episode Demons Row tv! Oh, Yeah we Ghostin baby! And we kill you motherfucking police! Welcome to Demons Row television! The Holy Grail Of MC tradition! Had been to cover the whole lot motorcycle membership involved I’m Chopper Sosa your host for the evening and we’re going to get into the Mongols and why the feds cannot take anal like guys They bought whipped partly via the Mongols for individuals who do not know concerning the case years ago There was a colossal RICO case medicinal drugs guns all type of shit and a whole bunch of men and women went down they usually’re all locked up and they’re no longer even within the club anymore and nonetheless the Mongols are paying for it right now that’s just a little short little recap without entering too many data of what’s going on with that considering all people doesn’t recognize what is going on on but then They desired their patches.

Motorcycle Club Targeted By The Feds 1


They wanted to take their patches for them and they lost the case and what occurred? They dragged them again to courtroom after which now They hit them with a 5 hundred thousand dollar first-rate and that I spoke to a lawyer online and he mentioned that for the cases must have most effective been 250 in order that they slapped on a further 250 for causes who the fuck is aware of however what we all know do they want to bury them and make it where they may be able to you understand do something.

So clearly they’re like provide you with an obscene amount of cash or we’re going to take your patches anyway So sincerely they may be forcing them to position themselves in a problem To commit crimes to take a look at to maintain their membership alive. I imply, it can be it’s sickening what? I imply? Like I do not care and listen, I do not care what membership you in like I don’t even care in the event you a membership that has static with them like this shit affects us all I am worn out of telling individuals man this shit influences us all and so they treat them just like the mob like they may be no longer the mob they’re motorcycle membership Like I used to be at their annual in, big apple Like them typical niggas just like us and it and it suggests you it will possibly happen to anybody What’s happening to them is unamerican? It’s now not fair and I just recognize hear I hate police man I hate police man he’s CIA whatever the fuck you need to name them. I simply hate them all $500,000 what the fuck it is supposed to do to get $500,000 so you’re going to inform me they gained so they may be able to hold their patches, but We’re going to in finding you $500,000.

So what happens for those who are not able to pay it, we’re going to take your cuts anyway, correct? So that you guys you win regardless proper? Like why is it normally so stacked to the part of them winning? Like why? Why will we win the proper means? It’s now not simply the win they are able to hold dragging us back to the courtroom Now it has to go in front of the Ninth Circuit. So expectantly matters figure out for us once more, but I’m just ill of it man.

You do not realize, like they’re putting off our correct to be capable to like having our homes and have a good time and like What are they going to do treat us LA and fucked-up areas and begin doing that gang injunction shit If you realize about gang injunction if it’s like three or four you collectively is don’t forget the group and so they could just lock you up that’s what they’re pushing for. And the cause why they’re seeking to do it. I’ve defined in other videos if you happen to see in the video, I did in regards to the Mongols defeat the enemies of MC culture.

I speak concerning the identical topic There doing away with our rights in view that they comprehend motorbike clubs are too structured and there is too many veterans in these golf equipment that comprehend battle systems and if shit rather hit the fan We without a doubt stand a threat and there is enough of us so at any time when they hear you had a couple thousand individuals that scares them to demise due to the fact they used to like hood persons the place they you grab this one up his great friend’s gonna rat on him and there isn’t a structure Like no person’s gonna retaliate you already know, it is it can be they only fold up for the federal government but MCS we do not fold up for anyone as you will discover what the Mongols are doing, but it’s simply it is a travesty of justice and i wish to salute them brothers for fighting hard and it sucks that they gotta go through this shit man Cuz i know there may be good brothers in that club i know some brothers in my opinion no longer gonna say no names, however there may be just right brothers in that membership, man You police officers ought to get the fuck off their dick man and simply let brothers are living man left brothers live, man We need to stick collectively cuz they’re gonna lining us all up against walls Hitting us all with RICOS your brother over here does some shit you’re gonna get the whole club’s getting knocked for it Like what style of shit is that? You got folks in the club that don’t even are living within the equal state and then they’re announcing that Presidents are going to be going for walks around with probation officers and the whole lot So, within the next couple of months it can be going to be oh This one did that he obtained locked up this one did that he acquired locked up in order that they might build even more of a case it’s all a fucking setup my brothers, and we I don’t know what the best way is however we need to figure a ready to get out of this shit and stick collectively like we rather must name an assembly of the of the top golf equipment the entire heads and simply figure something out considering the fact that us collectively United is a fucking military a navy whatever the fuck you wish to have to call us man.

We have to get stick collectively And we are able to development very ways and we’re so unsafe to them they scared of us they may be scared to death of MC tradition and I’m telling you man Demons Row I name it the Holy Grail Of MC tradition for the reason that I plan to unite absolutely everyone every move i am making is Strategic and I’ll develop this shit and we’re going to be together. We’ll unite and i don’t mean just MCS I mean bikers lone wolf’s anything you wish to have a driving club the SC’s automobiles whoever anyone who throws on that reduce listen, we loved ones and we need to stick together.

We’re now not like these other folks. We reside with the aid of an additional code experience safe remark. Let me know the way you feel about this whole drawback Share it for the reason that I wish to unfold consciousness to the MC culture that that is detrimental what’s going on? And it affects all people that you simply can not just say I’m tired of individuals pronouncing Oh well that’s not my membership. So it doesn’t it doesn’t influence me man this shit impacts everybody in case you think that if All this shit goes down and so they go down that we’re all now not on the cutting block you are fucking silly as fuck. So, trip dependable guard your brother’s lookout for the person next to you your sister’s look out for your household.

Please trip riskless. Do not trust these police. Preserve them out your club Shout to everybody leave your comments. Let me understand how you suppose I realize it acquired real rant but I just desired to do a fast rant after which drop another speedy one given that I’m tired of this shit Its Demons Row tv! The Holy Grail Of MC culture. Oh, Yea, we Ghostin baby! Fuck the police! .

Motorcycle Club Targeted By The Feds 1

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