So hi what i would are people will come to our block 271 five to will client existence will come to my studio what i’m doing as you watch I do not know in case you watch department of this vlog however I will not focal point you we are making a institution you know a bomb at tuition and that is cool for children just pondering seeing that if I would turn the white into purple and that could be very exciting and this one in purple as well let’s supply it a try that’s cool however one factor in my intellect what’s there may be this simply this one thing or now we have the sun intriguing when it can be turn to pink I don’t know who will purchase institution and red ordinarily masculine a person can be extra interesting in the school than woman but whether it is it’s dicy if you know you already know what I imply it’s dicy which man will purchase a purple school you recognize what it appears quality so method this is a woman simply is that proper I have no idea ok let’s stick this cardboards collectively to reduce to switch the fundamental drawing the foremost photograph on that Brister cardboard after which we’re gonna reduce the colors it is going to be a move to border it begins to work there is one factor most important sincerely it’s that commission the concert hall make the stencil you recognize this cutting and the education earlier than we even spray something on the wall once we’re completed and so that you can make it as simple as possible cuz we can by no means need this variety of a paper once more it is huge it’s too huge its size notably to that wall we never understand if we want that any dimension once more sooner or later so but on this case we ought to switch the primary paper to Bristol cardboard on the grounds that it can be viable that some other purchaser may even have some like this so we do not wish to reduce we do not wish to prepare all of the matters again method the 2d fee of this work will probably be very effortless to do we do not need to reduce and stick Bristol you already know time and again over once more and we simply we we simply use the stencil the stuff that we have already got we just gonna spray it and that’s it so the primary one is the hearts phase to create the primary stencil and then in case you in case you are fortunate and we will get an additional fee from the equal work we can simply spray it over and this is whilst you to make money in this variety of fee k next query what number of Bristol’s do we need i’ll exhibit you the same how it appears like I best knew the sizes of this Bristol machine which makes this an argument in order I informed you within the earlier web publication it’s 90 centimeters through endless so this is less than 90 and if you are making it up 1090 no greater than ninety you ought to stick these things together and it is an excessive amount of so I already use the scale that i will use for this as well so it can be picked it is match thoroughly i don’t ought to stick covers together to to prepare a large you realize huge boy the enormous stance are you bored on the grounds that we didn’t make a mosaic for a even as but I do the whole lot i will to get mosaic orders and commissions it can be just this guys are acting like a brand new we had this one announcing in here it’s like why you act like a noob right within the apartment bride does this right just right whilst you get married is this a spoiler to the Brighton room if what I imply so the purchasers presently performing like a noob proper and in your house so they’re like you understand like mattress toss stepping back a little bit bit and that i do not know what is going on on with these guys I do the best mic that i will be able to we’re filming the whole lot what is going on on in the studio so for your stance right now now we have stance right now you understand it’s also the thing and the sector low in cost method there is not much money to spend truly on the arena right now that is why I can’t appreciate that mosaic orders at the moment and the whole world goes down like again iciness and that’s why men and women are targeted and more inventive and simplicity since they want to restrict to pay money for a lot of effort and work that workers have got to spend in community which can also be the mosaic numerous hours you must spend in that work so there there are nonetheless customers but now not that much than 10 years in the past what i can say okay standing multi-layer stenciling we want her cardboard we want a Bristol a black one a white one we’d like one for this grey that is number three we want additionally one for the dark grey which is right here and right here that is quantity 4 we need additionally one for this now for the letters okay let’s work with this flyers the very first thing i will do is as I mentioned before transferring the long-established drawing on a photograph to the Bristol protection for each and every colour now we have on the common one and what I quite often do is you realize we need we will be able to have a couple of Bristol auto boards with some drawings so that it will be app made for every color we’d like each and every vehicle board on the same point okay you’re going to fully grasp what I mean after I exhibit you what’s going on so i will take this on this desk first with this type of the tape I do not know how you can call that it’s like close to transparent here here switch an extra card k that is not doomsy right here we are saying in German method stupid Cupid warranty i don’t consider so so the point is this is the first attorney truely our first cargo the Bristol okay it is almost that is what I imply so what we should do right that’s a typical pad i am gonna market each and every a liar each bristle cardboard shall be marked at the same position at the equal factor it can be proper right here okay and one is over there it can be right there so if you’re gonna do this for each yeah i’m the wrong way up okay if you happen to do that for every cardboard for every layer and when you’re able to spray the equal somewhere you have to comply with these marks to have the identical that you’ve the right colour at the same place to get the entire factor on the finish so the primary one would be the black one and one factor I most of the time use this carbon paper to transfer this that is this switch paper okay that’s right so everything is on the right location now i can begin to power over the line the one thing you must do is pressure over the line appropriately that was once practically flawed however it’s perfect I transferred the first caller to flyer number one this is how it looks like this was a mistake due to the fact this is not black however I comprehend it so it can be k i am gonna write black rider one thing I must handle is that this white have been to say as you see maybe I didn’t paint over this two colours method when you put the lyre you know the cardboard you are gonna paint it immediately the whole thing right here in black after which he put one more layer which is for this colour oh man ok then you are gonna spray this over this black so we do not have to reduce out this thing right here let’s cool now it is time to alternate this Bristol announcing and put yet another one to paint the white one and gray one and many others i do not need to waste your time you understand how it works the factor is we by no means do forget this factor here you already know that mark thing is essential or else your layers will likely be you recognize move and stuff to have the proper view we’d like without doubt this marks which can be additionally as you see on this desk out right here any recommendations and from that cargo from the Bristol thing this these items needs to reduce it out and after we can in the end to make a painting with this thing


Multi Layer Skull  Stencil 1



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