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Hello guys welcome back to my channel for modern day video i do not even ought to offer you an intro why we’re right here I need to handle probably the most problems that my buyers are having with my first launch of my manufacturer jackin cosmetics and my lipsticks first and primary i would help you guys comprehend the groundwork i will be overlaying in the course of this video I need to talk about the melting trouble I want to speak in regards to the white fuzzies I need to speak in regards to the black holes and that i want to talk concerning the grittiness and the texture that you just guys are experiencing and give you advised important points of what all of these issues are what’s inflicting them and the way they’re going to be constant I just need to put that out there before now we have been leaping in to the exact video so that you just guys understand that i am not gonna run far from this and that i are aware of it’s taken me a couple days to get all my geese in a row and get this video out for you guys but i have been going through all the documentation and on the telephone with labs and chemists and the proprietor of my lab and my entire workforce for a number of days and doing a very in-depth investigation to figure out precisely what’s going on so i will give you the most advised information as a manufacturer owner the first thing that I want to handle before something else is the accusations that my lipsticks are expired moldy or hazardous in any respect form or form i’m gonna put up files in the course of this complete video so you guys can see the specific proof given that i am now not gonna sit right here and like learn papers to you guys i’m gonna put it right through the monitor so you can find proof so number one let’s with the expired accusation my lipsticks did not go into mass creation unless the same month that I simply launched my manufacturer it was once simplest a pair weeks earlier than a pair weeks previous to my launch that we started precise mass production despite the fact that I had been so in depth with my formulation my colors and approving all of that mass construction didn’t go in to construction until correct before my motel considering the fact that we desired them to be fresh we do not the mists possess shelves and on the grounds that my company has been pushed back so frequently I genuinely already went by means of the equal problem with an extra lab several years in the past I went into mass construction ended up having an hindrance while in mass creation and then didn’t launch my company and had to go to a entire new lab given that I didn’t want those problems to happen once more so I cancelled them and went someplace else i try to quilt my tracks I’ve dug but they don’t seem to be expired i know you guys have obvious portraits of my accessories all over the place my socials right here and there during the last couple of years i’ve been engaged on my accessories for 5 years straight to get it perfect but simply considering the fact that i have been engaged on a component you guys have seen that does not mean there may be an actual lipstick inside it that I saved on a shelf and offered to you guys simply need to put that available in the market and understand my intentions and what’s actual what’s no longer and provide the tips 2nd of all my lipsticks usually are not moldy they are not hazardous they aren’t contaminated they may be no longer hazardous for you by any means shape or form every single ingredient in my lipstick is new and it’s FDA accepted and again I provides you with proof right here in case you guys wish to look over these records in-depth and tear them aside you go correct forward and notice that they are not contaminated each single ingredient is FDA approved and they aren’t expired I wish to ease your minds with that before even coming into all of the nitty-gritty stuff of this video so that you are no longer sitting right here considering like oh my gosh is it true that if i use this lipstick that it’s gonna it can be gonna damage me by hook or by crook no that’s not the case and now you guys have visible that so let’s move forward all proper so the first thing I wish to contact base on are the little black dots or black holes that you just guys are seeing what these black dots are are certainly oxygen bubbles and they’re being lifted to the carrier when my lipstick bullet is being cooled off when it’s going from a scorching temperature fresh out of the VAT and it’s gonna go into my precise element and just be cooled down so that the factor cap can be put on top in that procedure commonly those oxygen bubbles do not make it all the way by means of and you’ll see little itty bitty practically like black like holes it can be no longer genuinely like black holes again it can be now not mildew it is oxygen and it’s a hundred% trustworthy it is not gonna hurt you but seeing these dots aren’t lovely and they’re not like you don’t seem at that component you don’t appear at that lipstick and matters like oh yeah I wish to put this on my lips so if you’re experiencing that please contact support at Jacqueline cosmetics comm exhibit us a photograph of your product we will ship you no longer handiest a full refund however we will additionally give you a company new lipstick that does not have any of those issues that you are involved concerning the second factor I wish to touch on is the texture and the grittiness that you just guys are seeing in your lipsticks now despite the fact that this is not taking place to every body it can be nonetheless going down and truly what this is caused from is the humongous vats it is almost like I continuously wish to use the phrase beaker however it’s now not like a beaker or smaller it’s like these immense giant vats there in labs like this huge thing that holds your entire lipstick and it like spins like this and mixes everything up that VAT will not be breaking down all my raw substances for the reason that we produce so many lipsticks so rapidly again the entire products in these vats are one hundred% FDA approved ingredients and absolutely excellent and dependable for you to use but they may be now not being broken down small enough and smoothly sufficient which I take full accountability for we made numerous product in an awfully brief period of time and despite the fact that all of us notion that it was gonna be superb and contemporary that is now not the case we move too rapidly and given that of that the elements should not damaged down i will say this you’re still gonna get the equal influence in your lips they’re nonetheless gonna provide you with a quality creamy system it is still gonna seem beautiful as soon as it can be utilized nevertheless it’s not pretty to look at and while you apply it many times that you would be able to suppose like somewhat bit of that texture that greediness and that’s so now not k and i need to make that right for you and once more i’m gonna reiterate it time and again and over to contact support at Jacqueline cosmetics comm of direction i will put that email within the video i’ll put it down below contact all of them you ought to do is exhibit them any proof a video a photo anything is and we will be able to handle everything for you and make it correct i know a number of individuals are like yeah what if humans are lying i don’t even care like I need to make this correct for my customers that is my first launch and it is very embarrassing i am now not gonna make it about myself in any respect and let you know how I think about this nevertheless it’s embarrassing for me to now not see you guys absolutely joyful and i’m so so sorry that any of you’re experiencing some thing lower than absolute perfection from my first launch and i’ll do whatever it takes to make it up for you i’ll ship you a manufacturer new lipstick i will pay for it myself i’ll offer you a full refund i don’t care i need you guys to expertise the merchandise that I approved the i love and what I want to create for my manufacturer going ahead next let’s talk in regards to the white fuzzies that is the object that gets me going so when I first heard the definition and the cause for these white fuzzies on a few of these lipsticks i one hundred% didn’t think it I received very upset and i was once like why are you mendacity to me why you looking to deal with me like i’m an fool this is ridiculous like i need a greater clarification but after thorough investigation we all know what the specific challenge is and i do know that various you guys don’t have a rough time believing this given that I did as well that is the reality due to the fact that my lipstick aspect is a silver bright almost metallic like fabric MyLab as a substitute of utilising a typical glob that they might use within the lab they decided to use white cotton gloves they are like fluffy white gloves due to the fact they didn’t wish the normal gloves to place any smears on this element to in any way have any style of prints on it so they wish to do a white fluffy glove first once I heard this I proposal but wait how are a pair persons sporting white fluffy gob gloves gonna put this many fluffy white little fuzzies all over my products that does not make sense correct well then after I started seeing movies I began seeing proof after which my crew in reality did our own investigation it truely made much more sense in my mind and i’m going to inform you guys precisely what that’s we now have a couple of men and women as much as 20 persons engaged on my lipsticks on the road every day as they’re being produced and every single of those individuals are sporting white gloves when I inform you guys how normally a day they have to alternate gloves and placed on new ones it is loopy every time I need to take a name they have got to step off the floor off the line out of the production subject they simply take off their gloves and so they must get manufacturer new ones once they stroll again in they have to take off their hair nuts they take off their beer nuts they’d exchange the whole lot after they come again in they don’t get to walk out go to the bathroom placed on the identical gloves and come back in so when you think about 15 20 folks engaged on a line all exchanging their gloves each 30 minutes 45 minutes hour hour and a 1/2 it’s various company new freshly white gloves coming in to that region that is spreading lint in every single place the product no longer applicable in any respect and the second we noticed this we transformed to exceptional gloves that is probably not giving this hassle whatever on high of that they had been cleansing my vats which is the massive humungous bucket that has my batches inside of it they had been cleansing those and vats with like this white fiber nearly towel going via it and that’s been taking place about as soon as a day they stated two usually twice a day depending how quickly we’re moving by way of batches so these two things combined that’s what you had been experiencing our little white cotton fibers coming off of their gloves and it is so beyond unacceptable and i’m so sorry this occurred to you guys and for apparent causes we can no longer be making to any extent further products with this lab seeing that that’s just not what you guys deserve so once more contact me and my group we can get you a full refund and a brand new best bullet that doesn’t look like that but let me just say this it isn’t detrimental for you this is not whatsoever detrimental it’s simply little white cotton fuzzies that come from a very sterile atmosphere nonetheless no longer k but as so much you guys understand that if it does not bother you it does not trouble you like I’ve had a couple of folks contact me they may be like oh i do not care it’s white and more often than not use it and i’m like that’s satisfactory however nonetheless it’s now not superb and it can be no longer what i want for my product so contact Jacqueline Cosmetics and we will figure it out and we are going to make it right last thing I need to talk about the melting hindrance and even though you guys are seeing quite a lot of stuff all of our social media like after I go surfing to social media i’m just like oh my god however from the backend of my brand and absolutely watching at emails the most important quandary and the largest complaint is surely the melting obstacle it’s definitely 80% of our complaints is melting and i realize it’s loopy correct you would suppose that just like the grittiness and all that other stuff but no all of the different stuff is simplest 20% which is insane considering social media is so loud and in the market and it appears like it’s so aggressive and so horrible however in the back of the scenes of what i am seeing i’m like okay please contact me if you’re having an challenge attain out like I need to repair it for you you realize like I wish to prove myself to you and that i idea that I was once gonna do this after I first launched but I and i made errors and for that i’m so sorry but please enable me to support make this right for you in any case concerning the Melting drawback which is set eighty% of complaints like I mentioned individuals are receiving some lipsticks within the mail and then they pull them out they twist them up they swatch them they ruin they ruin within the core is you twist them up all the means they’ll spoil on the face which is beautiful normal even though you don’t have a melted lipstick when you roll all the method up and also you swatch it possibilities are if it’s an emollient base lipstick it will ruin on the base so make sure that when you use your lip sticks you don’t roll up wholly all the method if you find yourself using it only a part notice but what men and women are experiencing is it can be displaying up in the mail and it’s practically having like a little bit sweat mark like a little bit like round sweat mark or like little like sweat dots and then while you swatch it the lips it type of leans to the facet and then it is got like somewhat little line on it since it can be a very creamy very emollient founded product so that you really have got to be certain that it is completely cooled down before utilising it we did an extensive exams on my lipsticks and delivery from here to there and all this jazz but considering the fact that of the local weather correct now we’re delivery to a few men and women who’re in such scorching temperatures and such high measure that my lipsticks they’re not surviving it entirely my testing honestly got here out to about 140 levels Fahrenheit this means that that my specific lipstick can face up to 140 degrees before truely melting all the approach by way of which is an awfully excessive temperature but as soon as these lipsticks are getting onto vans which are you already know 100 degrees on the inside these americatrucks after which they may be sitting outside of individuals’s residences up their front doors even as they’re at work and then they arrive house they usually pull it out yes they’re now not thoroughly melted all of the way by means of and just like a puddle within but yeah they might have slightly sweat dots on them while you swatch them they could kind of lean to the aspect so please give your lipsticks enough time to thoroughly cool off before you go in and follow it we are working on an answer for that for you guys correct now though so that once more you are not dealing with some thing that’s gonna dis fulfill you love I just wish to make certain that you guys are completely satisfied that is all it matters to me and if there may be some thing i am now not covering in this video that i have never visible on social media please once more contact my crew and i and we can maintain you now that i’ve been like spazzing going by means of all of this in view that i’m in order that eager to get this video up I relatively simply need to take a second to certainly thank those of you who have reached out to me telling me what is going on on and every body on Twitter and Instagram who are simply sending me snap shots like asking me and worried i’m very grateful to your honesty i am very grateful for you coming ahead and telling me what’s going on considering I wish to repair this and i might never know if you guys failed to maintain me instructed so I want to say thank you very so much to everyone who has come forth given that I did an interview about my manufacturer a pair months ago and that’s what I mentioned on this interview I mentioned that my quantity one factor is i need my subscribers to be sincere with me i want them to inform me simply what they believe about my product in order that i will be able to i will be able to proceed to take your know-how and move forward with it and provide the best merchandise that you simply guys would receive like that is very important to me and i am very sorry that this launch used to be not most likely one hundred percent superb with a bow on it but we will be able to make it right for you and going ahead we will be able to not be experiencing these experiences that we are having and we’re taking drastic measures to vary that and make sure that the whole lot is amazing for you I actually have had to pull a couple of launches on account that I used to be doing them with this lab that I had arising and needed to trade labs on several specific products so there is gonna be a slight delay and a few things in a while however that does not subject like I just want to be certain that you guys are receiving the quality of the absolute fine so at some point although you decide upon to not be a Jacqueline Cosmetics consumer although you lose believe in me that’s okay like I understand I promise you guys throughout the board excellent products and not all of them were throughout the board a excellent product so I get it however i’m going to work very rough and i’m gonna work very diligently to make sure that within the next couple of months inside the next year you are gonna seem at my manufacturer and be like oh wow this sincerely is good like she sincerely corrupted her air and he or she discovered from her errors for the reason that it is precisely what i will do and i’m so sorry for any one who obtained whatever not up to ultimate I take full responsibility this is my brand with my identify on it and my group that I’ve created and i’m so sorry that you’ve got obtained anything that isn’t precisely how I describe it to you so that’s it i love you thanks for looking at thank you for listening thank you for figuring out contact aid at Jacqueline cosmetics calm and we can be back to you quickly i like you so much and i will be seeing you quickly



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