Natural Ways to Slow Mens Hair Loss

Men’s hair loss is quite common place, but unfortunately we still don’t know what really causes the problem. Research indicates that it may be caused by a lack of iron and an excess of the DHT hormone, and may even be caused by an under active thyroid gland.

We all know that hair is considered dead cells on our body, but it also indicates whether a person is healthy or not. So, men’s hair loss may be caused by illness, or a lack of some kind of vitamin and mineral. Dull hair and poor growth can be a sign of a zinc deficiency, Oily hair a sign of vitamin B deficiency and hair loss may indicate a lack of vitamin B1, or vitamin C.

There are medications you can take for hair loss and even surgery, but does this really solve the problem or does the problem go much deeper. Sometimes it is not medications we need but a natural alternative. In fact, some experts believe that natural hair loss treatments can give you some of the best benefits and make your hair grow in a healthy abundant way.

To better understand men’s hair loss, and how your health affects it,  you need to think about what you eat. Essentially what you put into your mouth is what is going to be good for your hair, or isn’t. To start minimizing your hair loss you have to eat a good healthy diet. One that is rich in whole grains, vegetables, fruit, fish, eggs, beans and nuts. Don’t skip meals, eat low fat meals, and start to get rid of the salt, coffee, sugar, and chocolate.

Stress is another factor that influences hair loss and if you, reduce your stress levels with techniques like meditation, exercise and yes, even yoga, you will retain your hair in a better way.

Herbs can be a Natural Cure for Hair Loss
Besides eating right there are some herbs that you can use to treat hair loss. these are totally natural and safe3. These herbs include:

•    Nettles – a root extract that is effective in preventing hair loss. They are rich in vitamin A and C and good at inhibiting the DHT hormone.
•    Others include green tea, horsetail, psoralea seeds, rosemary and sage tea, and ginger.
•    Saw Palmeto has some interesting properties and is also known to help with hair growth among other things. This is because it lowers the levels of DHT in the body.

Vitamins you might try include B complex, fish oil, vitamin c, Multivitamins and minerals, kelp ysine. Although these are not vitamins that treat hair loss per say, they do fight off illness and strengthen your immune systemNatural Ways to Slow Mens Hair Loss, which is an underlying cause of the problem in the first place.

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