Yeah, thank you say that however don’t put your fingers in correct areas, Or I won’t be competent to communicate, you are not able to see what is going on on down right here. [click_to_tweet tweet=”Good day everyone its Avelina right here with my husband Von, he’s a newbie to my channel, simply I suppose that is my cameo yeah the swimming video” quote=””] yes you’ve been particularly requested so here is in these days we are going to talk about our lovely gothic marriage ceremony I’ve made somewhat slideshow of the entire graphics that had been taken and we’re just going to speak by way of it i have never checked out them in a while what we will do earlier than we that’s I’ve obtained my wedding gown down right here i’m going to take a look at it on and see seven years later if i will be able to nonetheless match into it so i am now not carrying an excessive amount of apparel proper now let’s examine if that you would be able to get it on me i have been saying I wanted to do that for see you later I consider I threw out the herps factor you know that is a co-worker I have no idea what the legitimate title is the item that goes on to the gown to keep it like quite poufy and maintain its form yeah try that out ring a bell in me to speak to you all about how so much my costume used to be they cannot in reality see what’s taking place alright i will exhibit you the backside of the costume i’m in that’s excellent I wish my hair used to be this long surely ah how is that feasible after 2 youngsters that is on the grounds that they steal all my food oh I cannot eat can you exhibit the back we’ll begin with the zip we style of sunshine it up like a quarter yeah that’s gonna damage two hours oh my god we do not ought to that no we tired you must dress me keep it up it can be now not it’s IQ it can be like absolutely city that is why men do not need up corset are you able to get it tied up yeah hold going keep going preserve going hold going there’s no more that’s it two bits of corn good i am in it it clearly st.


Lucia yeah I wish mine was i do know we’re 87 all proper so yeah it seems I’ve misplaced some weight this used to be quite a bit tighter I imply it is no longer executed up entirely it is obtained all these beautiful beadwork right here the Saturn is so thick it can be beautiful and it appears it appears method higher with that little hippie thing beneath it it’s acquired beadwork here I just felt like a princess look on the path I got a trailer or making an attempt tail tail I have no idea yeah it was alright so let’s go by means of the photos now and spot what we are able to recollect about that woody Oh job my memory in no way to do that once more now not the marriage ceremony factor they’re wearing the dress in a really like closed discipline with live drum clumsy you guys I do not know if you understand this about me but i’m fairly clumsy particularly once I’m pregnant I how way more clumsy did I get you already know this isn’t that difficult yeah you type of like nontoxic filming so i am on this like lengthy gown and the trail of the train something it is is that maintains long and i am tripping over it things are flying a ruin okay so now we’ll go by means of the images and i’ll somehow provoke modifying put the equal snapshot up so you realize what interest aneurysm rather i couldn’t get what used to be I consider I wore ring over the black satin gloves that I had on I bear in mind kicking my mom out of the room due to the fact that I used to be doing my eyeliner and it is so humorous that identical factor just occurred now that is why my eyeliner is so beat at present it stored getting higher and larger and higher considering that I walked in and you realize when it’s moist and it hasn’t dried but and then she came in and i regarded up after which i like I almost died considering that I purchased water resistant the whole thing considering that you recognize I used to be gonna cry and i did cry it’s particularly a couple of times I had water-resistant eyeliner everything and i am like how am I gonna fix this so then I needed to get like makeup remover and redo it and yeah she failed to come however I used to be now not a bride Nazi political movement they must be utilized to become a member of the parade country you do not say i am sure it is like a Hungarian punk band or anything it is when females go off the rails and they fail to remember the factor I failed to do any of that I didn’t quite have bridesmaids or whatever like that I just cuz i do not give up all of them ran away screaming I requested my sister she was my ones bridesmaid however no attire and their fittings nothing like this just put on what you need is something that’s black that is what we mentioned just wait and i suppose I had my mother as the maid of honor however they failed to ought to do some thing you know it was once fairly convenient okay the place any on the third cell that is people oh i do not kiss you with your therapeutic massage that used to be heavy that was once so keep it was once enormous pretty cool I suppose they sprayed it like a bit bit so it was darker as good oh that is so that’s how enormous the costume looks when you put that might be factor below it that’s pretty cool what a poser there will be quite a few posing here you variety of seem like you are competent to love appear out on the stage they haven’t performed that in a at the same time back to it you recognize the last time you probably did it was eight years in the past k for yet another my makeup looks flawless tattoos beating up my costume let me see doing that move and you do not know that either you might have transformed your facial hair lots I made certain to love even close although yeah i admire if in case you have bowls for your face oh right here we go again soar into the honeymoon honeymoon events after which your mom moved in with this that used to be the honey way no no no he used to have when he first acquired the snakebites he had balls and that i was once that’s just just right uh I can’t come up subsequent I suppose you’re always maintaining my hand on account that I was simply gonna like shuttle via about full up and say like that means laughing because you adore I simply tripped over and also you caught me he like yeah we did a variety of posing focusing but no kissing cuz it love it looks higher more commonly Terminator yeah I really like that image that is the swimsuit appears relatively excellent to rather see the back of the dress do I seem distinct there six seven years ago this thing my make-up looks excellent does not it I did it myself that is an additional thing I wasn’t gonna have lights um usually bought myself so that is my seize the it bought out the first bag of items that I designed I sincerely designed that full the wedding on account that I wanted something fairly specific and i couldn’t find some thing hosing with the aid of the Quran pew I did get a make-up buzz to do my my contour i believe uh so though back then i do that doesn’t my pop up and then my mom variety of sporting the equal historical past I simply squeeze my mother’s neck that is why she appears style of funny seeing that she doesn’t recognize the right way to casually smile a so I said oh i am absolutely pinching her neck she pulled it collectively for the day i am like the place’s the food i am hungry bitch god I ran away right now I consider we have been having a bit of of a meltdown yeah yeah since the celibate was once supposed to come decide on me up and she didn’t flip up and he or she used to be an nice fund she would determine how one can get me there leap within the car and snatch you sir additionally which is not what I wanted to do in view that you understand that’s stress and that i simply in the end acquired by means of to her and i’m like the place the fuck are you adore I thoroughly spoke to her like that i am like you’re speculated to select up a bomb like 1/2 an hour in the past the wedding begins in quarter-hour and my groom is Julia and he or she’s a cop sorry we’re simply having so much fun redecorating and this candelabras all over and i simply so superb i am like that is fine come and get my fucking husband she under no circumstances did considering you are already there and she or he couldn’t say my identify correct we are going to get to that Connor even the photographer he mentioned she’s where did you find that one she was once first-rate except the day i know she was once misplaced ships she misplaced her shit the marriage ceremony was once simply to love designated I believe and like I don’t know but she gave the impression really frightened she had one Joe i do know I read the papers okay that’s mean watching pretty I suppose you would left through now you already know logia so i am getting competent to get within the hole send Carrie who’s staying at a particularly satisfactory lodge in these days so I made all the pictures rather nice made my dad once more just about to get oh wait that’s a quite lovely person who suggests off my gown i am so joyful now we have these given that the entire day went so rapidly matters with the police officers now yeah we didn’t even get date oh I I just consider it can be cake which remains to be upset about no we got the cake and the limousine definitely would not get that little dessert factor which it seems that used to be rather good throughout the carriage now it used to be fairly rough to get into heels a crazy gown like that has helped a girl from like the 16th century so yeah the situation we bought married that is horizontal holders it is like a fort used to be a condo yeah surely wealthy loved ones so it looks like Cinderella is so gorgeous appear at that that carriage ride went fairly quickly with my dad like what simplest ten minutes away i’m sorry um however yeah it used to be it was once a first-class little second for me and my dad to participate in so he gave me away to the satan I consider we were late too seeing that the photographer was once just having a lot about taking photos what are you standing there for a while no no mm-hmm you as a rule just go down yeah I consider I only just got that a few minutes earlier than you do a variety of portraits earlier than hitting in on me with the horse they have been lovely strikes a chord in my memory of London now animal noises you say any animal copy you it’s the cutest factor ever all right we have now just had transformed over to my portraits since this video is gonna be like four hours lengthy longer than the rattling marriage ceremony if i am if I show you every single 0.33 this one is my dad lifting again my veil which was type of heavy I had a headache at the finish of that day such the ideal place for us final night moody suicide yeah read the lighting is ideal so it was in a what was a wine cellar so it was quite like type of a dungeon which they’d just lately renovated for small hobbies and things like that so I waiting we now have 30 visitors so viewed as virtually hit rose petals sprinkled on the purple carpet I bought my gown willow all over big ceeze that used to be essentially how large the room was and every guest had a candle mom or the rings don’t forget when the have fun began studying from the flawed web page punch it the stuffing pass sorry i am on the wrong page so that is customarily who you see that one does not even seem like they really get that printed on canvas you’ll see the long costume and the pink carpet of smoke candles it entails bloodletting and leeches and also you seem really evil they’re like ha ha ha she did not observe the things I snuck into the vows I learn that great print I did not I will have to rather try this my mother dad also signing is that just as a witness Angelina javelina and she or he felt on my own with a certificate yeah I suppose you can say that it actually and i suppose that’s one more identify on the candles yeah Evelyn the de Moura opinion my gosh I fairly like that better – i admire that one that’s I do not know how that rings a bell in my memory of like Bram Stoker’s Dracula for some rationale perhaps that scene with a dancing with the candles and stuff very similar but she’s gonna red dress on Easter that’s my sister on the road oh i really like that take me I inspiration that’s normally all I don’t forget doing those graphics photos pix I consider my mother mentioned are you guys coming in uh I did like spend some time with the wager what yeah this can be a photograph on the canvas sure and do not not ever leave leave classification none of that is photoshopped these Claire for the papers normally used to it is like simply relatively crooked in contrast to did make it straight just rotate it no it is ten degrees like so I made him try this before they printed in the e-book that is the entire company were little miles he was the only child in the loved ones at that time without doubt we didn’t that kids yeah ok I feel we would have another one say I know it sort of looks like I’ve acquired wings that really indicates up the bouquet that my dress oh seem my i love that one too Oh take me by way of the neck that’s a rather exceptional one in every of you to the wind just catching you jack these are very abnormal see via the tweaks the branches i really like them what occurred to these vampire glasses completed cinnamon use and after this we received a black limo to the shangri-la in Sydney which is a fairly pleasant hotel that’s wonderful very gothic is a night with their we’re like several that stained glass window in the bedroom I’ve nonetheless obtained that we’re not good I go away need to had been getting quite many at this factor oh I seem like a child there but now do i oh the meals is making me hungry it was once really k Wow I wish i’d bought more photos of that actually there may be a number of more coming up but yeah that used to be a pretty epic cake and it used to be so good as good speeches hmm my sister thinks whatever humorous to do that that is a exceptional image although i love that means mm-hmm I consider we danced simply up to this ok good that’s all the whole thing that was what I danced to it my dad we danced with insulation the 6/eight falafel in that followed on the market as the person who featured in Vampire Diaries which was on no account why we selected it it was simply so it was once 16 it was a just right style of like well sing neither of us relatively knew how to dance we simply winged it he’s now not gonna get lessons yeah it can be with my dad the next one I think we’re crying so we dance – uh i don’t shut my eyes Aerosmith what’s mom doing that’s a stunning image so literally my dad was once singing like he are not able to sing he sings as what used to be utilising me he does yes let’s be honest um yeah and like that just sings on this yeah I was in order that lovely after which we just we both teared up and stead of crying it does same time it used to be gorgeous Motley Crue thanks yeah he’s your household i love them at the back of their young me on you my mother and my sister oh my god the images not ever finish we’ve a bunch of persons coming out from the opposite rooms that autumn to look at a black marriage ceremony costume and they wouldn’t get out of the damn shot and there’s a entire bunch of men and women at the top of these stairs as well they usually all wish to walk down the steps after we have to form of stand there yeah seeing that it was once a quite colossal like reception area that they had might be three or four other weddings I had like three or four hundred guests after which Alice which was like the smallest of all of them most likely see a dress is so fashioned singing and we got that equal factor like yeah earlier than attractive the house venue is solely established full photography is gorgeous and fairly like we purchased in the weddi walking for like 15 grand I feel the venue was like 9,000 9,000 10,000 and that was once just like the room greater and the buffet and all of that possibly given that we had so few guests I suppose we spent three and a half of on the plant life and stuff like that they have been beautiful complicated photography to one other three miles then I cannot rely it yeah however my costume like each person is like Oh much mystery costume and it looks like it would have been like six grand or whatever like that but I would adequate some remark with some Bridal website at China 300 u.S.


Dollars so I just took a chance and suggestion what’s the worst that may occur if it can be relatively shit i’m going to simply purchase one in the community however I used to be making an attempt on a few bustling they did not have any black they usually had been like really full five six thousand bucks i am like for a costume you’re gonna put on once I’d alternatively buy myself a digicam i love that photo within the black memory edited in additional lights then that one is well I recollect we had been looking on the scene from Bram Stoker’s correct yeah yeah time so this is superb a limo now summed up in 100 pics it was going to be 500 versions a cut that shit down would you do it again yeah once more it’s about we should do it invisible hey maybe at 10 years in Vegas i don’t wish to like every gonna be administrative center know that we can get lifeless Elvis to do it k thank you well ten thousand of you better be there you higher send out the invitations sorry for taking someone for making this video it’s a bit of a chore to get him and me collectively within the same room after I’m filming in this day and age is not it with all of the work we now have been doing on the again yard that’s variety of slowed down and finished so we yeah we have now extra free time and i’m heading off to LA next weekend yeah gonna be with me for per week and then he is coming back with the youngsters just a little bit earlier so yeah I just inspiration let’s do it well whilst we can and at the same time I nonetheless fit in this gown because if i am hopefully pregnant soon i’d like to look that every one right on that be aware who say oh um let’s no longer finish it on balls or mm-hmm Nazis or anything like that right Nazis thank you for looking at i am hoping you enjoyed this video let me comprehend if you would like to look more movies with you want your normally i might subscribe i will go and assess do you yeah each it could be on YouTube you don’t even recognize are you speakme okay on that now please depart a comment let me recognize when you would wear black at your wedding did you enjoy did you revel in what I did for my wedding see you guys next time bye you



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