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Hiya everyone! Welcome again to my channel. At present I inspiration i would just do some replace on when all of the pre-orders are going to reach and by way of pre-orders I mean any person that will have ordered the Black Friday handbag the Beatriz Mariano handbag the Mahafsoun handbag the Mahafsoun wallet, the Goblin queen purse and final however now not least the variant 2 Black Friday grasp. So to begin with I wanted to thank each one in every of you which have absolutely pre-ordered i do know some of you will have been waiting as early as January or February this yr so a huge thanks from me and the women that i am working with for believing in what we’re doing and sitting tight except the products genuinely arrived when you have pre-ordered whatever from me you may have lately acquired the e-mail that I despatched out asking every person to verify their addresses and letting you already know that i’m anticipating the shipment on or around December third fingers crossed can virtually pass my fingers with my claws however it should be almost certainly every week prior i do not wish to jinx myself for the reason that I normally tend to do that but they don’t seem to be a long way off so I inspiration i’d just run by means of all of the baggage which are virtually coming again very speedily and in addition ask any one that has ordered any of the aforementioned luggage that i am speaking about to contact me and simply affirm your address so December 3rd remains to be like 4 5 weeks away so what i will do is get all the paperwork done so i will actually ship the luggage out as soon as they arrive undoubtedly I ought to best assess them all with my method however the notion is that all the forms that takes me a super long time to do it would lengthen your cargo with the aid of per week or two since there may be hundreds of baggage to ship out i’ll get there achieved so that you guys don’t have to wait any more and fingers crossed you all get all of them by means of Christmas which must be beautiful as soon as the shipment clearly arrives and your parcel is on its approach you will obtain an e-mail and that will eventually have the tracking number so you guys can keep an eye on it you’re going to get a notification from my retailer as soon as it reaches your nation in case your global as soon as it’s out for supply and sooner or later as soon as it has been delivered so maintain an eye out for that i’m seeking to keep this video as brief as viable for the reason that it can be just a little replace for you guys but I did wish to show you all of the bags which might be in stock December 3rd so right here i have my creation sample of the Black Friday handbag the only thing that is extraordinary in this one – the one that i’m surely utilising day-to-day is the placement of the strap attachment so we have got to alternate that last minute for the easier now i will literally say it’s ideal for those of you that haven’t seen the inner on this one appear at that red just seem at that and it’s so lovely it sounds as if one of the vital delays with the order used to be jitter this bag that they had to order like 20,000 spikes or some thing like that and they’re all stainless-steel so they weren’t rust however a few of them had been tarnished and they ordered literally the whole lot that this bike brand had on the time after which once they discovered some that weren’t excellent sufficient to put on my bags they needed to order some worn three/four week prolong that this bag will promote out once it arrives in inventory I believe I’ve already sold 240 we only had 400 mate and most effective 100 I made with out the sigil and i suppose I already bought 70s so there is simplest 30 left with the brand new residual so please get in and pre-order this one ASAP so you don’t leave out out additionally arriving early December it can be the beautiful my Hatsune purse these are also greater than 1/2 bought out so please get in fast you could also grab yourself the matching wallet this may increasingly have the matching vampire on so just imagine what it’ll appear like with it on there this was once the primary construction pattern that we had made so it did not surely have that symbol on it and then my condo quickly and that i surely ran a bit poll on our Instagram debts to ask you in the event you would prefer having that image on right here too and all of you said yes and this one has fake leather-based however black velvet on the inside as well it’s rather beautiful these are also more than half sold out i’m finding that the majority folks are shopping this set so we’re lovely even on the tuition in regards to what’s left for these ones tour at present my variation to Black Friday grasp so the change between this and the primary one is without doubt the spikes this one does not have spikes however the width so one can find it can be nearly twice the width which you could match rather a lot and it doesn’t have that core compartment it is only absolutely open I find it a bit extra practical than the opposite one like as functional as clutches can also be due to the fact that they’re supposed to be small luggage now we do have whatever very certain to announce and that i will not be listening these except they virtually arrive in inventory my company had to remake one of the clutches with the spikes due to the fact that there used to be just some disorders with just a few anyway I shall be getting 17 of the version to Black Friday clutches however with spikes on prime so feel of this as like variation 3 they are going to be very distinct so i will hold on for myself so there will probably be 16 up for grabs at my website very quickly so preserve an eye out for that it can be gonna be attractive this is nonetheless frequently one of my favorite baggage that I’ve designed thus far it simply it speaks to me on this type of deep hope and it is simply it can be received so much metallic on it it can be hardcore so this was designed for Beatrice Mariana there may be simplest 50 of those in existence and these are more than half of bought I doubt these will likely be getting made again in view that I was so costly for me the metal star yeah that’s metallic humans metallic was so costly and the spikes on the backside it literally sits on the spikes you see that so which you can be out and one can find your bag on the table appears so cool that one’s simply empty inside it can be black velvet it is so black it in reality steals your soul every time you open it so it is been rather rough for me to photograph the inside of that it’s so freakin cute each time I seem at this bag i have a kind of moments where i’m like ok the final one to be included in this big cargo is the goblin queen bag this is just divine the wallet is offered out this is sold out as well unluckily and rightfully so it’s only a gorgeous bag it is so sturdy it is enormously spacious considering the fact that I also wanted to be equipped to fit books in there has a replicate second to the Black Friday purse that is the biggest bag that I’ve finished you could fit an absolute bucket load of stuff in there but this one the Beatrice Mariano gained the Black Friday one and in general the most oh my shuttle um i have seen one there you can wrap the chain around like I did in the Beatrice one who I just showed you to make it shorter and put on it under the arm which appears tremendous adorable all correct whilst we’re giving updates let’s speak in regards to the Esme la morte bag that recently bought out I literally simply did the video on its launch and then it came in caught and increase they sold out so this was once to be had in silver and gold and the within of it is youngster crimson it can be the most softest wool and his wonderful will get acquired some top notch embroidery on the front there pronouncing Esme la mort by using Alina tomorry and the Wiccan got an emblem it is a pleasant little pentagram on the inside so i have some exciting news that i’m close to to launch this child on my website with a deep blood-crimson interior this shall be incredibly restrained and almost always most effective in silver DME should you do want to in gold i will make that happen no difficulty but if you happen to most likely love this bag as so much as I do this is typically one in all my second favorite bags by the time this video is on you will be competent to preorder the purple variant i’ll mention that that bag is made by using one other brand which means that i will be able to order it sooner so I simplest want about ten pre-orders for that after which i’m going to go forward and have the automate so the load will be so much a lot so much shorter than all of my different stuff ok a fast little replace on these two beauties so this being the guys’s Black Friday bullet and the girl’s Black Friday pockets so batch two was once launched I think it was very early may they literally sold out they actually offered out one batch one arrived at the finish of April and we’ve got been taking pre-orders for batch two ever seeing that this was launched possibly in July ekron exactly take into account anyway that the good news is as of about two weeks in the past we bought enough pre-orders for each of those bad boys to go into manufacturing the ETA that my manufacturer has given me for the completion of these two items is around December probably January these two items will not be shipped by way of sea they’ll be on planes so to be so much quicker for me to get them i will keep you updated on their arrival and thank you so much if in case you have pre-ordered either of those two oh it is only spring right here in Australia but i am melting today generally the fallacious alternative of outfit for modern video i am sorry if I appear somewhat rushed i’ve quite a bit to do at present however I relatively desired to get via this as swiftly as feasible and simply get you the expertise that you want it i am hoping some of you probably noticing just a little alternate on my Instagram I’ve decided to move more style of black-and-white and i have been altering it up just a little bit with my photography I purchased some new lights some new lenses so simply let me be aware of should you’ve seen a difference for those who like that adjust going somewhat bit more trend orientated i’ve a lot garb it feels just like the correct factor to do i’m also going to be promoting some objects from my closet on account that I simply I still have things with the tags on it so I idea i will shoot with it so i will be able to literally say I bought it for some intent i’ll shoot a great picture after which i’ll pop it up on my internet site if you’re no longer already following me on Instagram please head on over to my account it provide me a follow as in order to be the primary place that I record these gadgets k good I suppose like my face is literally melting off I’ve gotta go do another stuff thanks so much for tuning in please hit that subscribe button remember to press that little alarm bell so that you get notified when my videos are on and let’s get to 12,000 subscribers bye

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