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Pretty Zombie Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick 6 Hour Test

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Pretty Zombie Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick 6 Hour Test

Hey guys at present i am doing a further liquid lipstick 6-hour put on test task and today the weapon of option is beautiful Zombie cosmetics, in this color, which is ‘Dalia’. It can be a style of many established Brown, and it is a lot darker than the liquid lipstick i experiment out yesterday, which was once Jeffree Stars ‘Calabasas’. I am very to peer how a dismal components work, however obviously i go to do this with a referee big name one as good – as my concept of lengthy-sporting liquid lipsticks only kind of works on lighter colors/colorings should be tested on the identical company.


It can be not fairly fair to leap to an absolutely exceptional company and say ‘hiya this works fairly good or rather badly’. I’ve in no way accomplished this type of evaluation so I’ll scan out the whole lot that I own, & that’s going to take me just a few weeks just to get through them all, however I am pretty sure that it’s going to be a quite wonderful means for me to discover what my favourites. I’m feeling tremendous lovable today literally – the primary time I’ve platted my hair when you consider that like first grade. It is 12 o’clock – we are heading to lunch for my mother’s birthday that is the way it appears I’ve just put it on beautiful zombie cosmetics one in every of my favourite smaller I don’t know if there may be nonetheless in me I do not know what point a company would not end up India they’re a lot smaller they may be not sold at Sephora or whatever like that I suppose you need to provide them directly from their internet site or they have got a few shops one in Australia i can feel of is berserk it’s a very hydrating very very creamy formula and i’m pretty definite it does no longer flake at all that’s whatever I quite identical to in a lipstick as I acknowledged in my first video so let’s go consume anything and see how this child go it is six hours oh did you just say hey to you a daycare you’re tremendous adorable pal say hi steal drink of the day my dad is wondering what the hell my doing hello please subscribe to a channel i’m now not certain how that is watching in the daylight ok the time is now 2 o’clock and birds are colour on me eating lunch it’s still on my lips whatever that was very different to what I did the day prior to this with Jeffery stars one was the placement of lunch I literally put this on I drove to the cafe after which I ate immediately don’t know if that could be a drawback I imply you do not know when you’re going to devour I have no idea how constant i can be with that however with the day before today’s one I had it on for two hours after which I ate so of course it looks like that ones doing better correct now in comparison however it’s real not related unless I eat lunch even as so anyway expectantly we do not must be that finicky about it so it is sprinting slightly bit in the facets but it’s still keeping its shape beautiful good now we’re going to take the youngsters to children on have some fun they have got those watching beautiful tired so we have now determined on the proper although I used to be like sure i will be able to endure sweetheart are you simply trying out it out ok such as you wouldn’t harm you k so it is not too fatty I put this on again at 12 o’clock i’m practically to have my first scorching drink of the day a resort when I get to the bottom of the cup i will show you ways the switch goes oh fuck it i’ll simply minimal most effective lovely well at me we’re just leaving children on they’ve had a whole bunch of fun and all correct it is four o’clock I’ve just come again home from being out with the children and like I was once pronouncing in my first Jeffrey big name video this isn’t how you can use the product this is a scan on how lengthy wearing it’s if you’re caught in a tight spot and you can’t redo your lipstick for some thing rationale how is it going to perform alright to the perimeters slightly bit there it does it feels very creamy you know when some lipstick begins a flake off they think I was speaking about this the day past they suppose flaky they just flake off in little bits this feels it’s very moisturizing nevertheless it’s almost slimy i assume that is why it is coming off after I consume or when I drink matters like that it can be sort of sliding off it’s a way to provide an explanation for it the place i’m certain i will are trying one ultimately they are cracks to show you the difference it actually cracks off each time you contact the skin of something and truthfully in the proper light I think i can nonetheless get away with it looking lovely first rate scene it can be been on for 4 hours I’ve eaten I’ve had a cup of tea a milkshake and just some ice cordial so it is five o’clock i’m in my place of job seeking to make amends for some emails and doing some design work it seems like a you recognize given the keys to so it can be okay this it can be off to five hours yeah there is a bit of bit there but that is to be anticipated however the bulk of the color remains to be such as you can’t see me it is nonetheless on my lips proper and that’s what we’re seeking to experiment out at this point in time so i’m clearly rather impressed for in that colour the extra of these I do the more i’ll fully grasp the change within the formulas then I will probably be equipped to provide you with a better opinion headquartered upon my findings in the videos that I accomplish that this is only my second lip swatch however sure I thought i’m rather impressed so i’m gonna supply it a different 15 minutes and i might investigate back in with you guys on the end center of you can see is simply too bloodless sorry about that hiya guys the time is 6 o’clock now we have made it to 6 hours with one application of this one Smith is it still on yes would I say that this is long sporting sure like this is one application of it once I’m placing it on i’m actually utilizing the wand and i am getting the form that i want and i’m applying that you’re now not making use of the ones applicator the applicator wand so this is only a straight one in case you’re interested over my hand a so you will see that it it has a slight tip at the finish it’s more often than not the identical size because the Jeffrey’s toe so what are my ideas i’m very impressed like I knew the pretty zombie cosmetics were some of the quests that i have tried so far just in regards to the system so if you have not tried them please do the colors the variety is gorgeous and that i extremely recommend this one and how cute is the packaging adequate so we’ve acquired somewhat zombie in a coffin she’s only a sticky label on the label so not as fancy probably the most larger finish brands but that you would be able to realize why I’ve in there a small business that style of insane programs that the bigger brands have you realize they produce perhaps 500,000 and that is like handmade by way of any one so it can be very distinct and it’s worthwhile to aid manufacturers and truely doing really good stuff so again this is Dahlia I offered this on yet another girl in Instagram and i simply fell in love and do you try this thing where you buy a lipstick considering yeah I adored it on that man or woman then you definitely put on it and like so does it feel slimy yes can i lick it and it can now not come off on my tongue all my tooth yes has it come off onto my teeth at all no did it transfer to police officers sure but finally adequate the first time I drank it’s adore it transferred rather a lot after which it form of stopped transferring if I kiss at this factor on a so go and determine them out if you have not already if you have not watched my first video on this style of 6 hour put on evaluate sort factor it is on Jeffries does Carol so i’ll put the link at the finish of the video so that you would be able to watch that one can you say please subscribe to my channel that’s humorous yeah if you have not done so already please subscribe to my channel click on the press that little Bell so you get notified when I certainly add a video and i am having enjoyable making these i’m gonna keep the ball rolling i will do all of my lipsticks so i will actually say I’ve used every body of them and there was once a purpose a reason at the back of me without a doubt shopping them due to the fact what’s the purpose of a lipstick just a fucking wear it so I have got to do some wearing so that’s what that is about hope you loved this video and i’ll see you in the subsequent one you




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