Ride to SBK Championship at Phillip Island Circuit

[social_warfare]Whoo-hoo…. So we’re keeping off.. Thanks for thanks for coming although after being this kind of B****last night Oh what do you bought, oh look at that ASR hoody…. Hear it consider it M***** ****** so the squad’s heading to the Superbike (SBK) Phillip Island..! That’s a very nice bike Braaaaaaaaapp..!! So this squads heading.. Seem at that sexy R1 look at that CBR1000, ye…… And we got a CBR as well with the Gixxer entirely carbon bro and a ninja 300. I think i am the one one subsequently right now… And what I’ve received? You all recognize what I’ve bought I just saw Kat fingering her bikewhat the hell look at that the beautiful R1 the squad’s in the back of me.. I have no idea why they do not take over however i go gradual ample for zhem to zhek over, zhek over please.. Come on you are able to do it, be a man, be.. A person seem at that appear at that it looks like a Royal Enfield bike however it’s like a restaurant racer….


Oh it’s Suzuki however it’s a cafe racer it can be a excellent watching bike however.. I have no idea, now we have misplaced one rider he went the wrong approach so…. I’m trying to send him my locations. I’ve sent hello vicinity 3 times no longer definite if his cellphone is equipped of deciding on up that, and so that he can make his way here. This is very bumpy bumpy little patch. I………. Do not know… What the heck that used to be like a avenue sign proper within the core of the road for riders to fall correct? Right here comes the tremendous DUKE aaa..




So….. We nonetheless gonna get to the destination wahh….. Ha ha we’re at Phillip Island we seem at the views that is a wonderful gorgeous view up to now the journeys been okay.. Ha…? Cops law enforcement officials Papo Papo Papo Papo Papo police officers police officers Papo Papo I consider we’regetting closer it’s 40 ok’s an hour right here Ooo.. Seem on the monitor Oooooh…Seem at that monitor do you adore my sound results? My historical past tune. Hi…!!! Aaaamm….!! Yeah i am certain that is on that PDF finished Guys… At the round abouts when your lead rider light up the again wheel and falls over… You’re all feel to follow my lead dude.. Fare out. Yeah i’v spun up alrite.. Have a appear i came in too difficult….


Too much gas.. And the thing just went, WOoooooooooo…. Yes, New helmet i got a worn ass cheek… Tell you what, my foot was getting f**king sizzling. Yeah i wager it’s… All proper where is every person…? All right let’s Go and park up….!! Yeah Oh….. FAIL..!! Oh….. Shi……. .



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