SCP-021 Skin Wyrm | Safe class | parasitic scp / artistic scp

SCP-021 Skin Wyrm | Safe class | parasitic scp / artistic scp 1

SKULLSSALES                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          SCP-021 “skin Wyrm” Object category: riskless object #: SCP-021 Object classification: nontoxic particular Containment approaches: SCP-021 is an obligate parasite of the human physique. Containment, thus, is no extra problematic than containing an grownup human; most cells will suffice. Object is currently housed in detention cellphone 217-A on area D-139. Only type D personnel are eligible for webhosting SCP-021. So long as a given discipline survives as a bunch for SCP-021, he’s exempt from usual month-to-month terminations of sophistication D personnel.


Description: SCP-021 takes the type of a massive and complex tattoo of a serpentine dragon in the oriental variety, covering roughly rectangular meters of skin. This tattoo is wholly animate within the confines of its host’s dermis and behaves generally as a common animal would, albeit in handiest two dimensions. The tattoo’s action explanations constant soreness to its host, similar and an identical in persona to simultaneous tattooing and tattoo elimination on a giant scale. The organism tends to spend most of its time on and close the torso. SCP-021 shows no intelligence beyond a basic sample of feeding and locomotion, although surely measuring the intelligence of a two-dimensional existence-type has demonstrated unattainable consequently a ways. SCP-021 appears to feed completely on pigments in the host’s dermis.


This will incorporate melanin, where case the field seems to be affected by vitiligo. Nonetheless, the organism indicates a marked alternative for other tattoos and can search out and devour these earlier than resorting to usual pigments. It must be famous that the feeding method itself, past the sensation of action, is painless; typical tattoo ink simply vanishes as it is ‘eaten’. The organism continues a regular measurement, and no excretions had been discovered. The organism is in a position of clearing over rectangular meters of skin per hour.


One may ‘feed’ SCP-021 by using (speedily) tattooing fruits or small animals on the host. SCP-021 can be transferred between hosts by means of various types of bodily contact, with differing charges of success. Within the case of effective transfer, the organism effectively ‘swims’ from one character to the other. Sexual intercourse appears to be essentially the most nontoxic process of transfer, with a 93% rate of transmission. Nonetheless, as a result of the severe anguish concerned, that is lower than best. Contact between two open wounds is mostly ultimate. Transfer is extra complex in deceased topics, though no longer unreasonably so; the organism suffers no in poor health effects from the death of its host and continues to eat pigments. Transmission between species is unknown; previous assessments advocate it to be both inconceivable or awfully rare.


SCP-021 does confer some benefits to its host. The tattoo has been demonstrated to speed up the release and re-uptake of epinephrine and cut back lactic acid buildup, delivering boosts of force, confidence, and suffering tolerance in worrying situations and decreasing the traditional after-effects of weak spot and fatigue. In addition, the tattoo seems to have some valuable effect on the host’s immune process. Aggression profiles in hosts are often higher than usual, although whether this is a right away effect of the tattoo or readily a response to the steady discomfort remains to be visible. The symbiotic relationship is frequently limited by how long the host can tolerate such anguish in day-to-day lifestyles. This has culminated in suicide in a number of topics. In infrequent instances, hosts have also fallen victim to deadly skin infections. SCP-021’s origins and nature are a thriller. Tracing its transmission from host to host is hardly ever possible inside the confines of secrecy, and the organism could well be 1000’s of years historical, if now not more. Nevertheless, SCP-021’s captivity is without doubt one of the longest within the foundation’s history at virtually years, and has been very educational thus far.


Current research focuses mostly on observing the characteristics of existence in two dimensions. .

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