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[click_to_tweet tweet=”SCP-1123 ‘Atrocity skull’ item magnificence: secure object #: SCP-1123 object class:” quote=”skullssales”] safe special Containment approaches: To prevent degradation of SCP-1123 and its markings, it is to be kept in a hermetically sealed container in an argon gas environment while not being tested. throughout checking out and garage, light publicity need to be restrained to 50 lux, temperature between 20 and 24 degrees Celsius, and relative humidity at 55%. SCP-1123 must handiest be transported in its container, and must now not be dealt with except in the course of a managed test. whilst not being examined, it is going to be saved in a secure climate-controlled locker at web site 19. Description: SCP-1123 is a human cranium missing the lower mandible and all its enamel. throughout the exterior squama frontalis is contemporary Khmer script, written in human blood, that translates as “bear in mind.” each skull and blood were definitively dated to 197█, and genetic trying out confirms that both are from the identical individual.

SCP-1123 become determined in 198█ with the aid of Colonel Hu ████ of the Vietnamese humans’s army inside a collection of human stays inside the custody of the ████ █████ ███████ Museum in █████ ████, Cambodia. SCP-1123 became intercepted by means of foundation agents because it became being added to Hanoi. The Khmer script is wrongly dwindled, and invisible to most subjects past 5 meters distance. but, while a topic procedures SCP-1123 they will file the script turning into steadily extra seen till, at less than 1 meter, they may document it performing as if freshly drawn.

a few topics at this distance file the writing is “still moist.” This impact isn’t always reproducible with optical device. To file the script photographically calls for optical enhancement or UV lights. (The latter isn’t always permitted to be used with SCP-1123 because it contributes to the degradation of the object.) topics at this distance will often also document other anomalous sensory phenomena, consisting of smells (inclusive of cooking meat or ashes), sounds (which include gentle crying, low heartbeats or respiration, or distant footsteps), and tactile responses (which includes grit inside the eyes, ants crawling on the returned of the hand, or glass splinters in the only of the foot.) while subjects contact the floor of SCP-1123, they will revel in a dissociative fugue country. Initiation of the fugue kingdom appears immediately and is not laid low with cessation of touch with SCP-1123. signs and symptoms of the fugue persist for 90 minutes to six hours. The fugue is characterised with the aid of confusion, disorientation, and adoption of a new identity and recollections which encompass information, along with language, previously unknown to the problem.

all through the fugue the concern will lose all memories of their previous identification. topics have shown various reactions to this, ranging from near-catatonia to tries to break out or assault basis personnel. because the fugue country subsides, the subject will regain reminiscences of their earlier identification, but can even retain memory of the brand new, imprinted identity and all the information associated with it. subjects have said that it changed into “as if they lived a whole different life as a few different individual” in the period between touching SCP-1123 and getting better from the fugue. submit-fugue interviews have provided sufficient corroborative information in ███ of ███ studied instances for researchers to find historic documentation confirming the imprinted character’s correspondence to a selected man or woman who had lived at some time prior to the subject. There seems no connection among the beginning of the imprinted persona and the identification of the issue based totally on age, genealogy, gender, ethnicity or national origin.

Imprinted personalities proportion the following characteristics: The imprint died earlier than the challenge’s start. (Dates have ranged to as early as 90 years prior, to less than 1 12 months.) The imprint become a victim of subjugation, torture and/or imprisonment. The imprint typically died via violence, typically murder. (from time to time loss of life has been because of secondary elements, which includes starvation or contamination.) The imprint’s death changed into the result from being focused by using a political mass motion, most usually with some form of country sanction and/or complicity. subjects go through no obvious anomalous aftereffects due to exposure, but will display psychological consequences common to the forms of trauma experienced by the imprinted character. Grief, survivor’s guilt and depression are common. Suicidal ideation is rare, but has befell in a small fraction of cases. It should be referred to that in remedy of these aftereffects, use of amnesiacs has now not shown any mental benefit, and has regularly proved to be dangerous. Addendum 1: experiment Log 1123-A take a look at 0003 Date: ██/██/19██ situation: White male of mixed Irish and French ancestry.

Age overdue 30s. process: challenge methods SCP-1123 and is informed to the touch it. effects: situation collapses upon touch with skull, begins screaming in Armenian. assaults foundation docs when they try to help, calling them “Turkish Butchers.” issue is sedated and disorientation subsides after hours. subsequent interviews discover the imprinted character as an Armenian farmer who became burned alive with approximately one hundred fifty other population of his village with the aid of the Ottoman navy in 1915. No facts exist of the character, but the occasion changed into documented in a 1919 affidavit supplied to the Malta Tribunals after international battle I. check 0508 Date: ██/██/19██ subject: Asian lady of chinese ancestry. Age early 60s. method: challenge processes SCP-1123 and is advised to the touch it. outcomes: concern expresses apprehension earlier than touching SCP-1123. After touching SCP-1123, situation does no longer pass for fifteen mins. Afterwards, difficulty sits down at the floor and is unresponsive for 2 extra hours. As fugue state subsides, subject will become visibly more distressed and starts weeping. next interviews identified the imprinted character as a 16-12 months-old Ukrainian lady who died in past due 1932 from a aggregate of malnutrition and the aftereffects of rape and beatings by way of members of a Soviet teenagers brigade in rate of confiscating grain from the Ukrainian peasantry.

check 1157 Date: ██/██/20██ situation: Latino lady of Cuban ancestry. Age mid-40s. method: challenge procedures SCP-1123 and is advised to the touch it. effects: before touching SCP-1123, concern complains approximately smoke nerve-racking her eyes. difficulty touches SCP-1123 and ceases all motion and responsiveness for a period of twenty-five mins. After twenty-5 mins, fugue state has concluded, however concern continues to be touching SCP-1123. situation does not withstand whilst foundation employees escort her from the take a look at location. After one week of being unresponsive to interviews, the problem gives facts on the imprinted character. The imprint changed into from a Polish woman of Jewish descent who died in the Treblinka demise camp in 1942. check 1815 Date: ██/██/20██ subject: Black male of Haitian ancestry. Age early 20s. method: issue procedures SCP-1123 and is informed to the touch it. outcomes: before touching SCP-1123, challenge complains about a “chemical scent,” and intense itching of the extremities. problem touches SCP-1123 and right away begins coughing. The coughing suit subsides and subject expresses confusion and misery, however seems reassured while he realizes that the muse employees gift are American.

situation communicates a Sorani dialect of Kurdish spoken in Iraqi Kurdistan. Fugue subsides after 60 mins. Interviews discover the imprinted persona as a 85-12 months-old victim of a mustard fuel assault at some point of the Iraqi regime’s Anfal campaign in 1989. word: First example of an imprint personality that postdates SCP-1123’s origin. Conclusions: After ████ checks up to now, a clear statistical pattern has began to emerge.

The probability of a topic receiving an imprint from a specific historical occasion is kind of proportional to the variety of victims that may be attributed to that event. for instance, ██% of imprints come from Communist China’s extraordinary jump ahead among 1958 and 1961, ██% of imprints come from Nazi Germany’s extermination efforts among 1939 and 1945, at the same time as only █% come from occasions consisting of the Armenian Genocide or the Iraqi Anfal marketing campaign where deaths are simplest envisioned within the 1 to 2 million range. .

SCP-1123 is a human cranium lacking the decrease mandible and all its teeth. throughout the outside squama frontalis is modern-day Khmer script, written in human blood, that translates as “bear in mind.” each skull and blood had been definitively dated to 197█, and genetic trying out confirms that both are from the equal character.

SCP-1123 turned into determined in 198█ through Colonel Hu ████ of the Vietnamese humans’s navy within a set of human remains in the custody of the ████ █████ ███████ Museum in █████ ████, Cambodia. SCP-1123 become intercepted by means of foundation retailers as it became being brought to Hanoi.