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SCP-262 A Coat of Many Arms | euclid class |

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SCP-262 A Coat of Many Arms | euclid class |

SCP-262 Coat of many weapons objects category Euclid object No.: SCP-262 Object type: Euclid distinct containment procedures: presently, SCP-262 is underneath overview and research to peer whether it is usable with the aid of area proxies get in other SCPs. Use monitored with the aid of the authority stage commander is the satisfactory. It’s not endorsed to permit uncensored purchasers to use SCP-262 at the moment. When no longer in use, SCP-262 is kept in a local weather-controlled chamber at the website online, guarded by way of at the least two degree 2 safety personnel. Description: SCP-262 is a mild brown and European navy form coat from between Late 1500s within the early 1900s. It’s with none distinctive labels or indicators, leading to researchers suppose it The pattern has been the long-established prototype and is intended for submission to army officers Approval as part of a new standardized design. The sample was either rejected or misplaced, since it used to be under no circumstances implemented. It is fabricated from wool and runs under the knee in most individuals. The carbon fiber back coat has been inconclusive, placing the age of SCP-262 in variety from 6200 to 6400 years.


One rationalization is that wool was used to create SCP-262 and possibly thousands of years, but the coat itself was reduced, sewn, and not too long ago assembled. SCP-262 is unable to show many weapons from inside the parish inside lining. When worn, any thread wearing a SCP-262 needs most effective to open the coat realized palms And the weapons which are slightly beneath the field to manage. Most limbs are human in nature, range in epidermis colour, height, and force. A few noted incorporate: A tentacle reptile-like climb about four m (13 ft) lengthy four-arm like semi-transparent appendages fabricated from cellulose, greater than 10 meters (33 feet) lengthy, with 4 fingers, 2 elbow-like joints, no longer claw wrists claws giant shot, might be Cougar or Lion Mountain has a few feet and legs that show up randomly area underneath SCP-262 is considered to be non-Euclidean in nature and coat itself Differentiated from commonplace dimensions. In a single case, the experiment thread 402M was said to place the SCP-262 over his head. On it, the SCP-262 fell to the bottom as class D personnel disappeared underneath that. Later, he took fingerprints from objects that come into contact with the limbs Of the SCP-262 has identified probably the most weapons as that of the thread 402M.


the subjects correctly dressed SCP-262 are able to method these weapons with various amount Out of manage. The 301F experiment discipline used to be ready to participate in multiple tasks at the same time even as unaware and blindfolded, Senior researchers believe that the SCP-262 has both perception and awareness of its surroundings Even when the subject does no longer. Some suppose SCP-262 to be relatively mindful, due to the fact that of the SCP-262 monitor: playing the piano with two or extra hands, though the scan area has been no formal coaching In track, shield itself / area from more than one attackers. Several parties “combat” one another or even go against the need within the field. Frequently, when the field of smoking tries, one precise limb will remove cigarettes From the mouth of the field and then throw it away. Different times, one other hand will situation a cigarette within the field’s mouth and light So despite the fact that the area hates smoking.


SCP-262 got here normally company: buy care when the ‘supervisor’ gave up Owned the coat in the late 20 hundred years. Due to the fact that of his popularity, ‘supervisor’ is granted unique rights that comfortably Let him stay silent concerning the origins of the SCP-262, and how he got here to possess it, and how he used in the past. ‘Director’ released the SCP-262’s foundation, pronouncing, ‘in the correct hand, it can be very priceless. Within the unsuitable fingers, it may be very unsafe. In my hands, it grew to be totally dusty and moth-ridden and eating quite rather a lot house in my closet. ” Add 01: chosen notes from additional study on the traits of SCP-262 Case study 262-eleven: Reverse of SCP-262 Trial 7 – After sporting SCP-262 competently, -722-M thread makes an attempt to turn the proper arm sleeve from the within out as he gets rid of his arm. Many voices with nobody cry in obvious pain. -722-M thread is instructed to continue the heart of the sleeve. More than one weapons leave from within the lining of the SCP-262 communicating and attacking thread -722M.


seeking to put off the coat, Thread 722M tries to drag his arm however in doing accordingly, the inverted sleeve of the coat. The long cheering arm shows the reverse of the inner lining, currently informs about and even through Inverted sleeve, fists within the thread -722M caught hand, violently pulls and drive From which dislocates the subject’s shoulder in the arm and amputates the elbow. With the SCP-262 in a typical function, each and every pop-up dip palms and wailing audible sounds stop firing. Field wounds are handled -722M, and his situation is illogical. Case gain knowledge of 262-forty two: Placement of SCP-262 on a mannequin Trial 1 – SCP-262- is positioned on an anatomically proper male model wearing typical SCP staff garments. A number of minutes later, one human arm stemming from the internal lining of the SCP-262 attain up in the direction of the model’s face.


After several sticks of obvious curiosity, the arm retracts and any movement as opposed to Recorded at some point of the test. Trial 4 – SCP researchers put SCP-262 above the top and shoulders for the like, but one-of-a-kind A trend mannequin. A few moments later, the SCP-262 fell to the bottom with the overall experiment mannequin disappearing not up to that. Add: It has been found that a rigid wood arm resembles that of an experiment mannequin Have visible pop-up for SCP-262 as this basic. Case is trained 262-307: Placement of SCP-262 on a not too long ago deceased individual Trial 1 – research staff put SCP-262 on the body of the newly deceased classification D employees and lately terminated in experience with SCP- [crossed out]. The physique is entire, unscathed and established in a sitting role on a chair. A few moments later, one human arm pop-up from the inside lining of the SCP-262 reaches up closer to the face within the physique. After a couple of sticks of obvious curiosity, the arm retracts. After many moments, the body on which the SCP-262 starts to shake violently.


He heard shooting up and deciding upon up the sound and hands of the deceased and visible at the end Sleeves, go into reverse suddenly. Then the body stills. The human hand reaches up the deceased neck back of the collar and pulls up the top Upright. Many arms, hands crossed the chest, stomach and straighten the body. Up arms lulls down physique legs and ankles grip. SCP-262 pulls the physique into a standing function as other weapons of cellulose come down each what number of. SCP-262 continues to interrupt containment and overpower safety. On the time, MTF Epsilon-9 (aka “hearth Eaters”) was once a gift at the facility to furnish reinforcements. Discharge torch accelerators in for aggressive trend, they have been contributors of the MTF-E9 ready to entice SCP-262 in blind entrance. When cornered, the hands of the within of the SCP-262 pulled the highest coat on the top of the physique used to be utilising.


SCP-262 collapsed on the floor with the D-classification staff physique disappear underneath that. It is not known if the motive of the accident will SCP-262 or the desire of the physique Newly deceased employees of class D employed.



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