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Traditionally speaking all couples getting married are in the same posture, all living the same emotions and united in the same symbols. The main one is the wedding rings set. Respecting the classicism and back in the history of this event the wedding rings are out of gold but not any kind and specific the yellow one.Yet modernism has a serious contribution nowadays and white gold is the trend. Wanting something even more different? Organic metal, recycled gold and sterling wedding rings are brought by Beth Cyr. This preoccupation has quickly transformed from a passion for jewelries into a business with success nowadays.Beth Cyr wedding rings debunk everything we had in mind as classic styles. And you’ll see why I said this. Let’s get now to the range of options.Striations design Beth Cyr wedding rings. Out of silver, of a 6 mm width this ring can be suitable for both of you, male and female. The design is actually like irregular lines in relief. As alternative there is a set with wavy lines, one in the middle of a smooth and shiny look among the rest of the same view as the rings just mentioned.Tooled with love is another set of Beth Cyr wedding rings. Now it is the palladium sterling silver set with 5 mm width for the men ring and 3 mm for the female. As design these rings impress in its irregular dots, looking like rudimentary.Gold is not missing either. With 14 k, the rose as color the female ring can be about 7 to 11 mm width. It has the boarders a wavy line and cracks as design.The inventiveness is the forte point at Beth Cyr wedding rings. A set of a nature inspired design is the edifying example in this way. Called Midnight Vine, from 2 to maximum 7 mm width, silver set. The design is about the wavy middle part line in a smooth and shiny view as a branch and from place to place a leaf appearing. Close to this concept is the simple ring, narrow and with one leaf in relief as front center embellishment.But even for those that are close connected to traditional side and want the simple bands offers are available too. Subtle as they are called in Beth Cyr wedding rings collection are the yellow gold rings of 14 k and 6 mm width.
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