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The wholesale belly rings segment is one of the fastest
growing markets. Popular designs include teardrop shapes, studs, spirals,
barbells, beads and navel rings with semi precious stones. For more information,

Wholesale Belly Rings


The growing demand for wholesale belly rings has brought
great opportunities for the body jewelry market, which is experiencing an all
time high. For teenagers, youths and celebrities, belly rings represent a very
powerful form of self expression, as it mirrors an individual’s sense of
sophistication in making certain lifestyle choices. They come in a wide array
of designs and there is something for everybody to choose from.



You can find wholesale belly rings in many popular designs
like teardrop shapes, studs, spirals, barbells, beads and navel rings with semi
precious stones. The choice of material can be anything, ranging from gold and
silver to steel and wood.


Wholesale Belly Rings: Transformation
over Ages


There is nothing new about body piercing as it was common in the ancient
times and mostly associated with religious rituals. The warrior tribes of
central and South America practiced wearing belly
to indicate a child’s ingress into adulthood. The Aztecs, Incas and
Egyptians also practiced belly piercing. For the Egyptians, navel piercing was
exclusively monopolized by members of the royal family.


Around the world, belly piercing was not part of mainstream fashion till
supermodel Christy Turlington sported hers at a fashion show in London. She began the
trend of bringing belly buttons into limelight. Later, Britney Spears sported
her famous ‘stars and moon’ belly ring at the MTV music awards in 2008.


Nowadays, the wholesale
belly rings
segment is one that is poised to witness tremendous growth as
it has transcended from a ritualistic practice of yesteryears to a high fashion
statement for today’s style-conscious generation.


Wholesale Belly Rings: Where, Why and
How to Shop


When one thinks of purchasing a variety of wholesale belly rings, Thailand
is the first destination that comes to mind. Thailand is one of the best known
hubs for wholesale jewelry.


All over the world, body jewelry
has become famous, owing to the abundance of precious metals too. So, don’t be
surprised to find wholesale belly rings that are manufactured in corals, glass,
plastic, wood and crystals. The use of infection causing metals like chromium
and nickel should be avoided, particularly as belly rings. It is important for
retailers, who buy wholesale belly rings, to provide an instruction manual
comprising safety tips for the buyer’s benefit.


In a nutshell, belly rings are popular
around the world, as a status symbol and a trendy fashion accessory. To find
the latest information and tips on the purchase and use of wholesale belly
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