Having a Gucci shirt in the wardrobe is a dream of every man. When you purchase these shirts, it means you have spent a good sum because these designer attires are not cheap, rather these are quite expensive. It is for sure that you will not like to take any chances and ruin the fabric or let its color fade. Gucci shirts, like any other top branded attire include instructions for cleaning. If there is a mention to get the shirt dry-cleaned, then it is essential that you follow the instructions properly. Apart from the instructions that are mentioned by the manufacturer, it is essential that you follow some other instructions as well. What you should do is make the identification of the fabric of your Gucci shirt. A certain washing cycle is maintained for some particular type of fabrics. For example, rayon, nylon and other synthetic fabrics are to be washed by making use of warm water. On the other hand, a shirt made of natural fiber can be washed with warm or cold water. For the sensitive fabrics, dry wash is a suitable option. You have to maintain these things for the maintenance of Gucci shirts. You have to check the garment tag inside the shirt to find out if it is pre-shrunk or not. The pre-shrunk shirts do not shrink further after washing. The dresses that are made of natural fibers, which are not shrunk, can decrease in size when you keep it for a long time in hot water. You should also pay importance to keep the color intact of your Gucci shirt. Make use of a laundry detergent that is mild or use mild bleach so that the shirt can remain stain free and bright. If you are still worried of fading color because of dark shades, then use cold water to wash. Proper drying technique is as important as washing. When you put your Gucci shirt to dry then turn it inside out. It is also advisable not to put the shirt under direct sunlight because over drying may result in fade or shrink in color. Now, you have enough information on taking care of the Gucci shirts. One thing that bothers many people is the price of these attires. Gucci is one of the best renowned brands and its shirts are of premium quality and expensive as well. What is the best solution to get real Gucci shirts without paying the big price? The answer is online shopping. Look out for a relevant site that sells genuine shirts of the brand and offers attractive discounts. This is definitely a great deal to realize your dream of having some exciting collections of shirts by Gucci.
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