The Big Pavelski

 I am a huge hockey fan in general and I’m impressed with the play of the San Jose Sharks and their success this year in the 2010 Stanly Cup Playoffs. One guy in general that is on fire is Joe Pavelski. The name The Big Pavelski is a great nickname for Joe Pavelski. Right now there is no one hotter than Joe Pavelski, he is leading his team in points, leading all teams in playoff goals and second in playoff points behind Crosby.  San Jose has struggled in past years in the playoffs, mostly because the guys that needed to step up in playoffs haven’t in the past.  This year seems to be different for the Sharks, when having a guy like The Big Pavelski, playing as unreal as he has.  He helps take the pressure off of the rest of his teammates by playing as well as he has. This allows your big guys like Thornton, Heatley, and Marleau to relax a bit and play their own game.  I credit the recent playoff success of the San Jose Sharks so far to Joe Pavelski.

      Also I was surprised to see there was a T-shirt that said The Big Pavelski on it already. The T-shirt looks similar to the cover of The Big Lebowski the movie, its perfect.  I got my T-shirt outside of the San Jose Sharks gameFree Articles, but I also saw they were selling The Big Pavelski T-shirts on a website called 

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