The Launch Of My Black Friday *LARGE AF* Handbag!!!!!

Good day everyoneAvelina here, the way you guys going? I am so excited to film this video for you today, I sooner or later received all of the samples (when you watch my earlier video you might have seen the 1/2 filmed unboxing – considering my camera died). Today I will do a full video on the lovely Black Friday handbag! Oh, this thing is unreal. The one predicament and i will be wholly sincere with you guys that i’m having with all of those luggage that I’ve designed is that they may be so lovely i don’t want to definitely use them all right so present day video is just gonna be about me speaking concerning the features of the bag and show you how so much shit which you could in reality match within this man what it’s made from if you can use the strap with it blah blah blah I get comfy and we’ll get straight into it all the materials are vegan friendly everything is like fake leather-based for patent leather-based and all that kind of stuff all of the bags for Evelina de Moria are i like to only begin with that so if any of you might be questioning I would just answer that straight off the bat so it is customarily product of three substances as I stated you could have obtained this fake leather-based which is the identical leather-based as the wallet and the clutch so if you are looking to collect like somewhat set it can be all of the equal material this phase here is patent leather-based and it has padding so it style of will get that three-dimensional raised look that identical deal because the grasp variant one i am version two that you may order this purse with or with out the sigil of Lucifer so that’s wholly up to you once I did the snatch there was a little bit of bewilderment some persons left it in the notes that they didn’t wish the sigil some folks just emailed me afterwards and it was once a bit of a nightmare for me so what I’ve accomplished this time is I’ve made a designated list for the no sigil version so if you are going to order this bag and you want the no sigil simply ensure you’re on the right list otherwise she just calls me more forms and i hate forms you don’t want to try this to me so the handles will sit down should you attach the lengthy strap to put on it crossbody and i love that the rivets go the entire manner across so when it’s sitting like that it simply appears so beautiful so if you are carrying it how I customarily wear it the handle will duvet these prime studs there this prime part right here with the rivets is all velvet it’s so lovely and soft and in addition points the same border on the again that the same beautiful rivets the back of the bag i know you guys are like can you simply show me the within of the again be patient please i am attending to it yeah that is the equal zipper pull as the clutch I wasn’t equipped to make use of that on the pockets on account that it is just means too big approach manner way too large the within pocket here let’s have a look at if you will see it’s lined with crimson satin it is in order that beautiful yeah and that’s a particularly helpful pocket Savior you recognize you’re on public transport or something like that yeah that you could similar to put your snapshot identification or your bus go or anything yeah let’s talk concerning the spikes i’ve been getting a heap of emails however a few emails from ladies pronouncing can they order it without the spikes at this factor like I mentioned fairly creatively in my final video i’m simply gonna say no for now they may be placed in a method the place they are now not going to hurt you right here let me exhibit you there’s nowhere near your fingers in the event you put on the bag like this the spikes are right here the spikes are in the again even while you go to open edit this spikes on at any place close in order that they are now not actually going to spike you if you’re conserving it like that then there’s nonetheless no approach that they’d spike you and should you also wear a crossbody essentially I’ve thoughtfully put them so they are now not going to come involved along with your physique we just wish to keep in mind it of me correct due to the fact that like i do not rather need my buyers to be impaled when utilizing my merchandise that’s not cool okay so let’s talk concerning the inside of the back to open the bag i have two zippers on so you go that means and that these giant you know I wish to get into my lodge handbags instantly so I wanted large zipper pulls that you simply would just take hold of and open up cuz I do not have time to appear for that shit okay look at that the red isn’t even displaying up how lovely it’s can you see that it’s the identical first manner that was once used on the pockets and the clutches so again it can be all thoroughly matching which was super predominant to me because they’re a matching set there may be a lot space in there it is silly so on this aspect which may be the entrance aspect of the bag I simply ought to verify you may have received two little sachets with a quite best black patent piping oh that is a mouthful they are really good for like your corporation’s or lipstick or matters that you simply have got to grasp like right away understand the place they are over on this facet i would like quite a lot of pockets in my hair luggage I do not know about you however one zipper wasn’t enough so I’ve obtained the again seat but you will see that with the little patch that says Black Friday by me yeah so in front of that may be one other open pouch and then you’ve got obtained one more zipper so there’s two zippers and one little patch in between the 2 zippers it’s thousands functional so i will just sit it beneath my arm like this i’ll maintain it open phone rings BAM you just open it up and you seize it out it’s super useful and the way that I’ve made it as well in the event you do not zip it up she does not get a fall out of it you are aware of it’s fine and risk-free zip it up that is entirely your correct to take action i need the right to have a room in case you guys do not know Monty Python that may have visible rather relatively random I’ve additionally been getting quite a lot of messages on fb Instagram pronouncing how a lot stuff can you slot in there well i’ll show you ways a lot stuff we will lay down there okay so is entirely empty at the moment I figure you’re definitely going to need to put the Black Friday matching pockets into this bag oh it can be k i’ll keep it open that’ll attempt to put the stuff in so one can find what i am doing maybe you want a 2nd pockets hi there that you could buy my dying candy pockets so as to most likely fit in that one my outsized I might say coffin sunglass case make-up case primary that is an iPhone eight plus with a ridiculously enormous case on it this case is by using damaged whoop I love it it appears a speaker that’s not the point of this video that is also going in there geez hand sanitizer and we are starting to push the boundaries however it’s totally sensible to place that so much width in this bag so i am simply doing up firms I want I would say that it is heavy but historic that went in comfortably huh that feels particularly comfortable it can be regularly gonna offer you a backache to hold around that a lot crap with you however us women tend to do that don’t we so yeah that’s how it looks and sits when it is entirely full again respects it in a lovely area whether they are now not going to hit then you definitely little teeny tiny miniature spikes so do not worry about it and if you’re simply going to keep on to it like that that works as good once more convenient entry no to get into it from these zippers you would simply maintain it open or shut it up it’s SuperDuper functional that may be a giant bag so once more to recap on the whole thing so you can find it coming out of there all of that stuff which I deem wholly important fit throughout the bag conveniently i’m so pleased that i’m competent to do better baggage considering that i do know clutches on every day bag say our occasional baggage and once I started relaunching my business quite a few the suggestions I used to be getting from you females was once we’d like higher bags and Logano’s had been simply so pricey I was in reality scared to do them so I consider like it was a clever option to form of with smaller items spend a yr to construct up my company somewhat bit after which given that i am having a greater attain now and with the help of the women that i am working with of path we’re in a position to at ease those pre-orders and even supposing the costs are somewhat zero because the luggage are better the income are coming in so we’re capable to get them manufactured hmm it does come with a strap the strap is a little unique it’s not the equal as the one with the take hold of it is the equal for leather-based that’s featured on the bags that each one suits after which just has a nice trade you just attach it to this the ceilings after which body its go physique it’s lovely easy it’s just a great gentle secure strap and of direction you may have the choice of completely taking it off if you do not need to use the strap at all now if you already know me you understand that I hate math so i haven’t certainly discovered yet how many pre-orders we’d like i will just say 75 since it is super complicated to begin with it will depend on if we sell greater than 200 once Freya does her launch video due to the fact then obviously we must order greater than 200 lengthy story short i am just gonna say we have got to get 75 we’ll simply stick with that to have these manufacture i do know we’re already on about 45 and neither of us like i’m filming this video now so i am extremely joyful i am absolutely thrilled that we have secured that many pre-orders earlier than it can be officially being released that’s tremendous cool i’ve mail this sample and the variant 2 seize sample to Freya in New Zealand and that i just got a notification truely that it arrived so generally by the time this video is on my channel she would have had hers and also you might see some photographs of her with it in the following couple of days once the video hits Freya’s channel i’m definite we will comfy sufficient pre-orders that i’m in a position to get manufacturing began straightaway please keep in intellect that it’s still an 8 to 12 week for manufacturing once we comfortable that many pre-orders in Black Friday’s case because she has this type of tremendous platform and any such huge fan base that occurs in two or three days oh and anyone reminded me that I need to put the size of this dangerous boy on my internet site i’m sorry I type of had a meltdown so many luggage got here that i’m like oh it’s so much work that I did not do any of this there’s still no know-how there is a couple of photographs on there but it’s coming very quickly as you will see that it can be tremendous enormous i might say that is like 34 centimeters probably 23 centimeters high and 18 deep however yeah i will like totally measure it and put actual facts on the internet site for yr I quite simply can’t wait to look Black Friday’s response to this bag I relatively quite hope she does some type of unboxing or something on the grounds that i really like seeing her response i am quite particularly rather happy with this bag I think it is totally designated this spikes incidentally are stainless-steel so they’re now not going to rust it ever you comprehend it’s quite demanding oftentimes whilst you buy like inexpensive jewelry or low cost bags that they use I feel it can be brass and some sort of material that goes like rusty or the coating simply type of goes bizarre that’s that’s not going to occur with this the price is $199 given that the take hold of is a hundred and forty within the 2nd seize which is larger is 150 i don’t feel that is too bad on the grounds that it is like six times the scale and if you happen to walk into like all style of purse save and also you seem at guessing like their baggage like two three 4 hundred dollars so I consider this is a really cheap price on the grounds that i get such small portions made and my company is just charging me so much unless I get to the factor the place i will order like enormous quantities of anything the costs are gonna be quite there I are not able to compete with out the manufacturers which are already heaps based if you happen to do have to leave out this stunning bag bear in mind there are two choices i’ll hold bringing up this in all the movies as well if you’re within Australia or New Zealand there’s after paid internationally at any place you’re which you can mounted a lay-via at my on-line retailer it is truly an association between myself and you and PayPal is the middleman and PayPal just units up installments you can do it for one month you can do the repayments over two months and it’s going to simply split your order into smaller increments for you so illustration in case you are a job that if you happen to lay by way of this bag over two months your fee would be $50 each fortnight i’m forgetting delivery so I what about 50 howdy $fifty five each fortnight it makes it much more unpractical for some persons in the market that would think that 200 is a little bit of a stretch for them i don’t make any cash off the lay-with the aid of I suppose the lay-by way of company that sets up the PayPal instalments takes one point 9 percentage off some thing the order total is so that is the simplest rate concerned and again that does not go to me that’s between you and them I’ve had quite a number of people lately try to established the lay-by using and when they’re on my repayments web page of their picking PayPal i can get the confusion there since i have stated lay-with the aid of is powered by means of PayPal but there is truely an alternative known as that lay-by using powered by way of PayPal and then PayPal is separate for those who select PayPal you are going to be directed to PayPal to log in and pay for this in full so if that is what you need to do opt for if you want to established the installments make certain you pick they purchase a powered via PayPal oh I suck at alliteration oh I forgot to mention that it additionally has toes seem at that really fairly high qualities and whilst you put it down it makes that little click on sound and i am just in love with it i’m hoping you females of it as much as I do i will transfer the digicam again now and simply exhibit you some pictures of the three exceptional approaches which you can put on it so you could get an thought of that thanks so much to all people that has already pre-ordered a bag it method the arena to me and the world to Black Friday that you are helping us as well and i’m certain you’re going to see Black Friday’s launch video on her channel very very soon so thanks for joining me i’m going to go and movie on the whole five other unboxings at present since they have got so much to get via it so i’ll exchange my outfit so i will be able to type of pretend that it was on another day and film all of those for you so you’ll be able to see me again very quickly please remark down under let me comprehend what you believe about this bag is there something you may trade is there some thing you wish to add or is it simply perfect the best way that it’s I suppose it maybe subscribe if you have not already and please share my video or aid me get to ten thousand i love that Kay behind my identify on every platform all right i will see you within the subsequent video

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